List of bond market indices

List of bond market indices

Commonly used bond indices include:


* Lehman Aggregate Bond Index - a family of global and regional bond indices ( [] )

U.S. bonds

*Lehman U.S. Aggregate
*Salomon BIG
*Merrill Lynch Domestic Master
* CPMKTB - The Capital Markets Bond Index

Government bonds

* Salomon Smith Barney World Government Bond Index
* J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index
* Access Bank Nigerian Government Bond Index
* FTSE UK Gilts Index Series []

Emerging market bonds

* J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index
* JPMorgan GBI-EM Index

High-yield bonds

* CSFB High Yield II Index (CSHY)
* Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II
* Bear Stearns High Yield Index (BSIX)

Other fixed income indices include credit derivative swap indices, mortgage-backed securities indices and asset-backed securities indices.

Asset-backed securities


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