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Special Ops Paintball

company_name = Special Ops Paintball
company_type = TBA
foundation = North Salt Lake City, New Hampshire
location = North Salt Lake, Utah, U.S.
key_people = Jayson Orvis
Jared Orvis
Rory McCarthy
Brandon Fratto
Travis Cable
Greg Bishop

industry = Paintball
products = TBA
revenue = (2005)
operating_income = N/A USD (2005)
velocity=Light ball, ~ convert| 850|m/s|0|lk=on|sp=us|abbr=on rifle
~ convert| 800|m/s|0|lk=on|sp=us|abbr=on carbine.
net_income = N/A USD (2005)
num_employees = Around 50
homepage = [http://www.specialopspaintball.com/ www.specialopspaintball.com]

Special Ops Paintball is an innovative paintball manufacturer, distributor, and online retailer specializing in paintball gear for woods or recreational players. Their service mark "we are woodsball" goes a long way when describing this Utah based startup. Special Ops hit it big in the last quarter of 2004 with the launch of their "Brigade" website - its key purpose to provide online tools for paintballers from around the world to network and find free local paintball games. This website has received many awards and acts as an online hub for many paintballers.

In 2007 Special Ops designed the aesthetics for the co-branded Tippmann X7 paintball marker and created many new after-market parts for the Tippmann A-5 and 98-custom markers, as well as a line of innovative, new styles of paintball vests for beginning to advanced players.


Special Ops Paintball was started by Jayson Orvis, in the beginning he took on two partners, his brother Jared Orvis, and Rory McCarthy. Together they developed the A-5A2 Air-through Stock. From there they hired an Art Director, Brandon Fratto, and Web Developer, Travis Cable, who both later became partners. Brandon and Travis worked together to create the first online store and Special Ops Brigade, which launched officially in November 2004.

The Scenario Paintball Players League(SPPL) was created by Special Ops Paintball, and is the first to use a dynamic 3-flag format. The SPPL is a national competitive scenario paintball league.

Special Ops Paintball also created Recon Magazine in June 2006. It is the first magazine devoted to woodsball, and has since spawned the creation of woodsball magazines from other sources.


The brigade is Special Ops Paintball's flagship achievement. It is a Social network service for paintballers specifically. Users can create an account to view games within a certain radius of were they live, log the games that they have played to gain "Rank", and view other members profiles. It currently has over 120,000 members world wide. [ [http://www.warpig.com/newswire/prwire_releases/1172846126313.shtml Warpig News article on the Brigade] ]

Current Markers

Special Ops currently does not manufacture any markers, but does sell custom conversion kits for the AGD Tac-One, Smart Parts Ion, and the popular Tippmann Tippmann X7, A-5 and 98 Custom lines in addition to selling markers that are modified according to in-house configurations.

pecial Ops A-5A2 Hammer

This marker is created by combining two Tippmann A-5s, with a Double Trouble Firestorm Crank to pull the triggers. The Double Trouble Fire storm Crank works by toggling each of the triggers of the two Tippmann A-5s four times per turn of the crank, which fires a total of eight paintballs. An aluminum rail under the pistol grips combines the air supply of both guns to feed from one tank.

pecial Ops AGD Longbow/Q-Bow

Customized for the paintball "sniper", this maker is a Special Ops modified Air Gun Designs (AGD) Tac-One. The customizations include a horizontal 21 shot feed loader, and an air-through stock that feeds air through the stock rather than underneath the gun by the grip.

An alternate version of the Longbow is the Q-bow. This replaces the interchangeable magazines with a pod-loader style device called the Q-loader.

The longbow was discontinued after AGD revised the design of the gun's body. Consequentally, the Longbow body was unable to attach to the marker. However, Longbow kits are still produced for old style Tac-One bodies.

Blackcell Ion

Eventually, the Longbow kit was made for the Smart Parts Ion, marketed as the Blackcell Ion. Modified with a body kit, stock, longer barrel, and Longbow or Q-bow kit, this allowed similar feel and performance to the Tac-One version with a cheaper price tag and an electronic trigger. This is done to give a more woodsball/milsim feel to the otherwise Speedball-oriented Ion, although the marker remains internally identical to the original.

Tippmann X-7

While not strictly a Special Ops Paintball product, the X-7 was produced as a joint venture between Tippmann and Special Ops. The X-7 is internally identical to the Tippmann A-5, but features an improved Cyclone feed which feeds at a rate of 20 Bps, and milsim body styling consisting of picatinny rails and a clip used to house allen keys and oil, also the hopper has been completely redesigned creating a lower profile and a clear line of sight down the marker. In addition the marker receiver was constructed with a magnesium alloy - resulting in reduced weight and increased durability. The X-7 was built to resemble the SCAR assault rifle, although Tippmann and Special Ops have produced kits to alter it to resemble a number of real-world firearms, such as the G36, M4 and AK-47 assault rifles. According to Tippmann, the X-7 is reputed to be the most customizable marker ever made - with over a thousand possible looks.

Current Stocks

Special Ops Paintball has taken advantage of the removable pins and back plate of the Tippmann A-5, which allow for stocks to easily be added and interchanged. There are two different types of stocks that Special Ops makes, Air-through, and Non-Airthrough. Air-through is a set up that runs a hose called a macroline from the tombstone (Bottomline) of the A-5 through the stock with a fitting on the bottom end of the stock to hook up a high pressure air hose, or remote line, which allows players to wear their air tank on their back, creating a more ballanced gun. Non-Air-through does not feature this.


This stock was designed for paintballers that use stock markers and want to get their head down to use their sights. Currently with many other stock markers users can not get their head down to use the sight because the stock is in the way of the goggles. This stock is bent to allow the users' mask to drop behind the sight, allowing unparalleled sight line. All of the stocks listed here come in both Air-through and Non-Air-through variations.


The Commando, or A-5A2 stock is the original stock developed. It is designed like an M-16 stock, but with a groove cut out to allow an easier fit of the mask up to the gun.


Originally featured on the longbow sniper rifle, the longbow stock is a tubular stock that is light and compact. It is the smallest stock (in length) that Special Ops makes. They also manufacture a version for the Smart Parts ION.

M249 SAW

A replica of the M249 SAW stock adapted for the A-5, this stock is widely loved by mil-sim users, who model their paintball guns after actual military guns.

M98 Series

These stocks, made for the 98 Custom include the 249 non-air and air-through stock, the Commando stock, the Dogleg, and the Longbow.

T2W Stock

The T2W (tournament to woodsball) stock is designed similarly the Longbow stock, but it attaches to the bottomline attachment point at the bottom of most gripframes be means of a curved bracket. The bracket can be switched around to make the stock sit lower and farther back from the marker (low and long configuration), or higher up and closer in (high and tight). It is available in air-through and non air-through variants. The purpose of this stock is to allow most speedball style markers to have a stock attached, as most markers of this style do not have any attachment points for stocks. It is intended to have the marker run on remote air, as there is usually not room for a tank, or the point for the ASA to be attached is taken up by the stock.


Fusion Ultralites

The Fusion Ultralites were designed because current military camouflage sold for non-military applications is not designed with temperature in mind. The Fusion Ultralites have a breathable membrane, similar to a mesh material, designed to keep the wearer cool while playing in hot or humid weather.

Fusion Battle Jersey and Pants

The Fusion Jersey and pants are designed with woodsballers in mind, taking the common, brightly colored tournament jersey and changing it for a different style of play. Patterned with Special Ops' popular digi style of camoflauge, it also features elbow pads on the jersey, and knee pads on the pants. Very durable and specifically designed for paintball, the fusion battle wear is great for all terrains.

Marauder Jersey and pants

The Marauder clothing set is based more on military issue clothing than paintball clothing. It is slightly thicker, and has velcro pockets on the shoulders and thighs.

T-Shirts and other apparel

Special Ops Paintball also has a variety T-Shirts, and tight fitting camouflaged clothing similar to Under Armour. They also make beanies, caps, and hooded sweatshirts.


Special Ops makes a variety of vests that carry pods full of paint, so that players can reload during a long scenario, they also carry air tanks on the back, for people who use remote lines. They also have a [http://vestbuilder.specialopspaintball.com Vest Builder] , allowing customers to design custom vests for their needs.

Other Products

Special Ops currently sells air tanks, barrels, and produces and prints Recon magazine.



Currently Special Ops Paintball has a partnership with Tippmann to produce the X-7. Tippmann has links to Special Ops Paintball's "Brigade" website and currently sells Special Ops custom designed camouflage apparel. [ [http://www.68caliber.com/news/industry/story042047.php Tippmann and Special Ops paintball partnership from .68 caliber] ]

cenario Paintball Players League

The SPPL (Scenario Paintball Player’s League) is a ten versus ten national competitive paintball league that is centered on the fundamental principles of honor and camaraderie among players. The SPPL enshrines exceptional sportsmanship, as demonstrated by the League’s sportsmanship prize packages. At regional and national SPPL tournaments, participating teams and event referees vote (anonymously) for the team most deserving of the Sportsmanship Award. The prize package for Sportsmanship winners is equal in value to winnings presented to first place finishers.

The SPPL is more for those that enjoy scenario paintball over speedball, but would like to compete for prizes in a nationally recognized league.


External links

* [http://tippmann.com/videos/x7_video.aspx Video regarding Tippmann and Special Ops Paintball partnership]
* [http://www.scenariochallenge.com/ SPPL Home]
* [http://www.specialopspaintball.com/brigade/Brigade]
* [http://forum.specialopspaintball.com/ Forum Home Page]
* [http://www.specialopspaintball.com/shop/ Special Ops Store]
* [http://www.armchaircommandos.com/index.php Armchair Commandos]

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