List of professional paintball teams

List of professional paintball teams

This is a list of notable professional and semi-professional paintball teams that have played in a professional tournament. A professional paintball team is one that plays paintball with the financial, equipment or other kind of support of one or more sponsors, often in return for advertising rights. Several professional teams have different names in different leagues due to franchising and sponsorship issues.


Professional tournament teams

North American Leagues

  • Chattanooga CEP - Started playing professionally in 2011. Sponsored bye DYE Precision and DXS/Procaps paintballs.
  • Chicago Aftershock[1]
  • Chicago Legend
  • DC Arsenal
  • Control Freak - Started playing professionally in 2011. Sponsored bye DYE Precision, Sly, Style Supply, Fenix Corporation and Geek Media Group.
  • Edmonton Impact - Includes player Ryan Moorehead; the team won their first professional division PSP event in 2010[2] at the PSP Phoenix Open. As of 2011 sponsored by Planet Eclipse and DXS Paintball.
  • Indianapolis Mutiny
  • Los Angeles Ironmen[3] - As of 2011 sponsored by DYE Precision.
  • Los Angeles Infamous[3][4] - As of 2011 sponsored by Empire Paintball.
  • Oakland Blast[5] - Includes professional player Greg Siewers[6]
  • Omaha VICIOUS - Started playing professionally in 2010. Sponsored by Planet Eclipse, Empire Paintball, and RPS paintballs.
  • Portland Uprising
  • Russian Legion - As of 2011 is sponsored by GI MILSIM.[7]
  • Sacramento XSV - As of 2011 is sponsored by Empire Paintball.
  • San Antonio X-Factor
  • San Diego Dynasty[3] - As of 2010 is sponsored by Planet Eclipse
  • San Francisco Explicit[5]
  • Seattle Thunder
  • St. Louis Avalanche
  • Tampa Bay Damage - Won the NPPL and PSP series titles in 2010[3]
  • Vancouver Vendetta

European Leagues

  • Amsterdam Heat
  • London Shock
  • London Nexus
  • Art Chaos Moscow
  • SK Moscow
  • Frankfurt Syndicate
  • Ramstein Instinct
  • Paris Camp Carnage
  • Vienna United
  • Toulouse TonTon's
  • Marseille Icon
  • Lisbon Benfica
  • Breakout Spa
  • Outrage Valence
  • Toulouse Dagnir Dae
  • Copenhagen Ducks

Former European Professional Teams Now Defunct

  • Consilium Dei Zurich
  • Chili Peppers Riga
  • Budapest Bullets
  • Stockholm Joy Division
  • Antwerp Overdrive
  • Oslo Menace
  • Offenbach Comin At Ya
  • Stockholm Ignition
  • Vision PPC Grenoble
  • Manchester Kellys
  • Manchester Shockwave
  • Influence Montpellier
  • Moscow Caste
  • Moscow Phoenix
  • Helsinki Cyclone
  • London Tigers
  • Orebro Powertrip

Former Professional Teams Now Defunct

  • Ground Zero (New York Xtreme) - Winners of the Pro Division in the first ever Skyball Paintball Tournament which was held in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. [8]
  • Philly All-Americans - As of 2010 now defunct [9]
  • Joy Division Paintball - First European team to win a NPPL cup
  • New England Hurricanes - As of 2010, moved down at their own will with different roster to the PSP Division 1 RaceTo-5 level. Plan to move back to the professional level in 2012.
  • San Diego Aftermath (PSP)
  • Las Vegas LTZ (Xball)
  • Ultimate (Xball)
  • Drilldo Army (NPPL)
  • Image (NPPL)
  • The Enemy (NPPL)
  • Pasadena Bad Company (NPPL)
  • Houston Heat
  • Jersey Authority (NPPL)
  • Dallas Elite (NPPL)
  • Detroit Strange (NPPL, NXL)
  • Bushwhackers (NPPL, PSP)
  • Jax Raiders (PSP)
  • Bad Company (NPPL)
  • Baltimore Trauma (NXL)
  • Farside (NPPL)
  • Orange County Bushwackers - Includes professional players Ryan Podesta and NPPL All-star Jeremy Labiano; members of the team featured in the video game NPPL Championship Paintball 2009
  • Portland Naughty Dogs - Also played out of Seattle. Most of the roster now plays with Seattle Thunder.
  • Newport Entourage [10]

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