Volume (disambiguation)

Volume (disambiguation)

Volume can refer to:
* Volume, the amount of space an object occupies
* "Twenty volumes", a non-scientific description of the concentration of a solution of hydrogen peroxide. It indicates that one volume of solution will evolve 20 volumes of oxygen.
* Volume (in acoustics), related to:
**Sound pressure
* Volume (compression), a computer file that has been compressed and split into different parts
* Volume (computing), a storage area with a single filesystem, typically resident on a single partition of a hard disk
* Volume form, used in mathematics
* Volume (book), a single book that is part of a collection
* Volume (journals), a bibliographic identifier
* "Volume magazine", a music magazine which was published in the early to mid 1990s
* The Volumes, an American one-hit wonder

ee also

* Volume One
* Volume Two

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