Mars (disambiguation)

Mars (disambiguation)

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.

Mars or MARS may also refer to:

  • Mars (mythology), the Roman god of war
  • Mars (astrology), a set of qualities and influences
  • MARS (oceanography), an acronym for Monterey Accelerated Research System, a cabled-based ocean observatory in Monterey Bay, California
  • Mars symbol, ♂
  • Jean-Baptiste Belley, also known as Mars
  • March (month), mars in French, named for the Roman god
  • A conjugation form of the verb "to mar"
  • Mars (Metra) a station on Metra's Milwaukee District/West in Chicago, Illinois


Businesses and products

Film and television

  • The Angry Red Planet (or Invasion of Mars and Journey to Planet Four), a 1959 science fiction film
  • Commander Mars, one of the Galactic Commanders from Pokémon
  • Mars or Scarface (Kinnikuman), a dMp choujin from Ultimate Muscle
  • Shari Belafonte
  • Mars (2004 film), a 2004 Russian film
  • Mars (TV series), a 2004 Taiwanese drama series based on the manga by Fuyumi Soryo
  • Mars (actor), member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team
  • Mars the Dog, canine star of A Dog's Breakfast
  • Mars (Biker Mice from Mars), the planet as it appears in the cartoon series
  • Keith Mars, fictional TV character
  • Lianne Mars, fictional TV character
  • Mars Blackmon, a character who appeared in She's Gotta Have It and commercials for Air Jordan shoes
  • Veronica Mars (character), fictional TV character




  • HMS Mars (1794), 74-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy
  • ITL MARS, a reflex sight made by International Technologies Lasers
  • JRM Mars, flying boat
  • Mars Automatic Pistol, a semi-automatic pistol developed in 1900
  • Memory Array Redcode Simulator, a machine that simulates a Corewar battle
  • Military Auxiliary Radio System, an auxiliary communications system of amateur radio operators for the United States armed forces
  • Operation Mars, codename of the Second Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive, a Soviet offensive during World War II
  • USS Mars (AFS-1), a supply ship in the United States Pacific Fleet
  • Mars (Swedish ship), a Swedish warship sank in 1564



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  • Fourth planet (disambiguation)
  • MARRS, the artist who produced Pump Up the Volume
  • Mars Hill (disambiguation)

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