North (disambiguation)

North (disambiguation)


North is a cardinal direction.

North may also refer to:




  • Oliver North (b. 1943), former US military figure, television journalist
  • Oliver Danson North, 20th century automobile designer
  • Peter North (academic), 20th century scholar, former principal of Jesus College, Oxford and Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford
  • Peter North (pornographer) (b. 1957), pornographic actor
  • Peter North (politician) (b. 1960), Canadian politician
  • Roger North (disambiguation), any of several people of the same name
  • Sheree North (1932-2005), American dancer and actress

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  • Northern (country subdivision)
  • The North (disambiguation)
  • Far North (disambiguation)
  • North Region (disambiguation)
  • North River (disambiguation)
  • North Sea

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