Hell (disambiguation)

Hell (disambiguation)

Hell, according to many religious beliefs, is a place of suffering during afterlife where the wicked or unrighteous souls are punished.

* Hell in Christian beliefs
* Hell in popular culture
* Problem of Hell, a variant of the problem of evil
* Hell (Chinese mythology), Diyu, the realm of the dead in Chinese mythology
* Tartarus, the hellish component of the underworld in classic Greek mythology

Hell may also refer to:

Computing and technology

* "", a 1990s video game
* Hell.com, a website for web designers and artists
* Dependency hell, a term given to problems related to the installation of software packages
* DLL hell, a term given to problems related to Dynamically Linked Libraries
* The transmission mode of the Hellschreiber teleprinter
* Development hell, media-industry jargon for a screenplay, computer program, or concept being stuck in development and never starting production

Film and television

* "Hell" (film) ("L'Enfer"), a French film directed by Danis Tanović
* "Hell" ("Father Ted"), an episode of "Father Ted"


* "Hell" (novel) ("L'Infer"), a novel by Henri Barbusse
* "Hell", also known as "Inferno", the first volume of "The Divine Comedy"
* Hell (Honorverse), a prison planet in the People's Republic of Haven.


* "Hell" (album), an album by James Brown
* "Hell" (Venom album), an album by Venom
* "Hell" (Disturbed song)
* "Hell", a song by the Foo Fighters from "In Your Honor"
* "Hell", a song by Squirrel Nut Zippers from "Hot"
* "The Hell Song", a song by Sum 41
* DJ Hell, German house/techno DJ


* Hell, California, U.S
* Hell, Michigan, U.S.
* Hell, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands
* Hell, Norway, a village in Stjørdal
** Hell Station, a railway station at Hell, Norway
* Hell Creek, a place in Montana notable for Cretaceous dinosaur fossils

Other uses

* "Hell" (Bosch), a painting by Hieronymous Bosch
* Hell (crater), a lunar crater named after Maximilian Hell
* Hell Pizza, a New Zealand-based pizza chain
* Helles, sometimes called Hell, a light style of beer


* Carl Magnus von Hell (1849–1926), German chemist
* Maximilian Hell (1720–1792), astronomer
* Richard Hell (Richard Meyers; born 1949), American singer, songwriter and writer
* Rudolf Hell (1901–2002), German inventor
* Stefan Hell, (born 1962), physicist
* Thom Hell, Norwegian singer and songwriter

ee also

* Hell on Earth (disambiguation)
* Heaven and Hell (disambiguation)
* Hel (disambiguation)
* Helle (disambiguation)
* Halle (disambiguation)
*, a disambiguation page on Wikitravel for places named Hell

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