Vehicle restoration

Vehicle restoration

Vehicle restoration is the process of restoring a vehicle that is either partially scrapped or otherwise life expired back to its original working condition. Automotive restoration can be applied to many different eras of automobile. Heritage railways and railway museums aim to restore and operate restored trains. Bus preservation groups aim to purchase buses of various eras to restore them to their original operating condition. Trains and buses are often restored to the original authentic livery of their original owner.

Cosmetic restoration

'Cosmetic restoration of a vehicle (or building) refers to the restoration of its appearance, rather than its functionality or structure. For example, restoring the bodywork of an automobile, but not the engine or running gear. It is usually undertaken when the vehicle is destined for long-term static display, or (particularly for railway locomotives) when full restoration will take much time to complete and a coat of paint will help protect the metal from further corrosion. The term is also used where a fully functioning vehicle only needs its appearance improved.

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