Restoration may refer to:

In government / politics

A restoration is a historical episode whereby a previous government over an area or jurisdiction is reinstated. Restoration is inclusive also of the period immediately following that episode. For example, the restoration of the Union after Appomattox, i.e. the defeat of the secession under the Confederate States of America.

In the sense of undoing or reversing a revolution like that attempted by the Confederacy, the restoration would be counterrevolutionary. The book "Treatise on Twelve Lights" (2008) proposes, for example, a counterrevolution to postmodernism in order to "Restore America the Beautiful under God and the Written Constitution."

Historical examples

* The Restoration (English Restoration)
* Spain under the Restoration, the Spanish Restoration
* Meiji Restoration, a period in Japanese history after 1866

The French equivalent (the Restoration), or the European Restoration, are also used as umbrella terms for such restorations following the fall of Napoleon in 1814, such as:
* the Bourbon Restoration
* The Restauration (Switzerland), or Swiss Restoration

In the arts

Literature of the English Restoration period (1660 to 1700).
* Restoration literature
* Restoration comedy

In technology

* Antiques restoration
* Art conservation and restoration, returning a work to a better state
* Building restoration, work performed on a building in order to return it to a previous state of conservation
* Photo restoration, returning a photo to a better state
* Restoration or refurbishment of vehicles, furniture, appliances, equipment, etc
* Vehicle restoration, the process of returning a vehicle to a like new state
** Automotive restoration
** Restored trains
* Restoration ecology, the return of a landscape, ecosystem, or other ecological entity to a predefined historical state.
* Circuit restoration, in telecommunications, action taken to repair and return to service one or more telecommunications services

In medicine

* Dental restoration, in dentistry, the shaped replacement material for lost tooth structure
* Foreskin restoration, in medicine, the process of expanding the skin on the penis

In religion

* Restorationism is a religious motif, typified by various movements of the 19th century which sought return to the original pattern of Christianity.
* Restoration Branches, independent organizations that have left the Community of Christ
* "Restorationism" is a doctrine of universal reconciliation associated with Origen or some of his interpreters, especially in the theological school of Alexandria, revived among some nineteenth century Universalists under the name of "restorationism". Restorationists taught that every soul will ultimately be restored to fellowship with God, although some must suffer punishments due to their sins before they are reconciled.

Restoration Churches

*Church of God (Restoration)

As a title

* "HMS Restoration", the name of several Royal Navy ships
* "Restoration" (film), a 1995 film by Michael Hoffman, set after the English Restoration starring Robert Downey Jr
* "The Restoration" (film), a 1909 film by D.W. Griffith, based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky
* "Restoration" (newspaper), a Catholic newspaper published by the Madonna House Apostolate
*"Restoration" (novel), a 2002 novel by Carol Berg
*"Restoration" (Tremain novel), a 1989 novel by Rose Tremain set during the English Revolution
*"Restoration" (TV series), a BBC TV series in the UK highlighting buildings at risk

In other uses

* In criminal justice, restoration is another term for restorative justice
* Restauration (ship) - symbol of Norwegian immigration to the United States

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