1993 in rail transport

1993 in rail transport


February events

* February 21 - The Red Line (Howard-Dan Ryan) and the Green Line (Lake-Englewood/Jackson Park) rapid transit routes are formed by the Chicago Transit Authority after completion of a subway link between the Dan Ryan Line and the State Street Subway allowing the "Rail System Reroute".

April events

* April 29 - The MATA Trolley heritage railway streetcar system opened in Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A..

June events

* June 4 - Fremont-Centerville (Amtrak station) reopens.

August events

* August 1 - St. Louis-based Bi-State Transit announced the opening of its MetroLink light rail services.
* August 27 - The Green Bay and Western and the Fox River Valley Railroad are merged into a new Wisconsin Central subsidiary, the Fox Valley and Western Railroad.

eptember events

* September 22 - Amtrak's worst rail accident to date occurs in the Big Bayou Conot train disaster when the westbound "Sunset Limited" derails on a bridge in Alabama; the cause of the accident is found to be a collision between a river barge and one of the bridge's pilings knocking the rail out of alignment on the bridge.
* September 27 - California Northern Railroad begins operations.

October events

* October 31 - The Chicago Transit Authority's Midway rapid transit route (9.3 miles/15.0 km), now known as the Orange Line, opens on the Southwest Side between Chicago Midway International Airport and the Loop, using Morrison-Knudsen-built 3200-Series cars.

November events

* November 5 - British Parliament passes Railways Act setting out the procedures for privatisation of British Rail.
* November 13 - The Berlin U-Bahn reopens direct connections across the line that was formed by the Berlin Wall, reuniting the city's rapid transit system.

December events

* December 7 - Colin Ferguson opens fire with his Ruger 9mm pistol on a Long Island Rail Road train, killing six and injuring 19. The event becomes known as the Long Island Rail Road massacre.
* December - The STAR21 experimental train is operated at a record 425 km/h (264 mph) on Japan's Joetsu Shinkansen route between Tokyo and Niigata.

Unknown date events

* The Monongahela Railway is merged into Conrail.
* Milwaukee Road 261 is restored to operating condition.
* Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, operator of the Metro Rail system in Los Angeles, California, is formed from the merger of the Southern California Rapid Transit District (RTD) and the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission (LACTC).


April deaths

* April 9 - Robert B. Claytor, president of Norfolk and Western Railway (b. 1922).


* Lustig, David (May 2005), "Renaissance in California", "Trains Magazine", p. 72-76.

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