Dope may refer to:

  • Illegal drugs (commonly heroin, however, it may refer to cannabis, cocaine, opium, methamphetamine or other illegal drugs depending on exact region and time-period)
  • An idiot
  • Aircraft dope, a substance painted onto fabric-covered aircraft to tauten the skin
  • Pipe dope, a slang term in plumbing for a chemical sealant applied to pipe threads to ensure a leakproof and pressure-tight seal
  • Peg dope, a substance used to coat the bearing surfaces of the tuning pegs of string instruments
  • Dope (TV series), an upcoming HBO drama series based on a Sara Gran novel of the same name
  • Dope (band), an industrial metal band from Villa Park, Illinois.
    • Edsel Dope, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band.
  • The Straight Dope, a newspaper column
  • Dopefish, a type of fish used as an in-joke in the Commander Keen universe and games made after
  • Dopant, an impurity added to a substance to alter its properties
  • Discrete optimized protein energy, a method of assessing homology models in protein structure prediction
  • Information, usually not widely known. (American slang). In sniping the adjustments made to hit a distant target. A soldier interviewed on the first episode of the Military Channel show "Top Sniper" claimed that it was an acronym for "data on previous engagement" but that was likely a backronym
  • Soft drink (American slang).

Dope can also be a slang term used to describe something such as "cool" or "awesome".

See also

  • Doping (disambiguation)
  • Dopey (disambiguation)
  • DOPE

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