Midnight (Warriors)

Midnight (Warriors)
The first edition cover of Midnight.
First edition cover
Author(s) Erin Hunter
Cover artist Wayne McLoughlin
Country United States
Language English
Series Warriors: The New Prophecy
Genre(s) Children's literature
Fantasy novel
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date May 10, 2005
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 336 pp
ISBN 978-0060744519
OCLC Number 66296992
Preceded by The Darkest Hour
Firestar's Quest
Followed by Moonrise

Midnight is a children's fantasy novel, the first book in Erin Hunter's Warriors: The New Prophecy series. Following The Darkest Hour and Firestar's Quest, and preceding Moonrise, it was released May 10, 2005.[1] The novel centers around a group of feral cats living in four Clans: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan.


Plot summary

Six months have passed since the previous book, The Darkest Hour. Bramblepaw, Tigerstar's son, has received his warrior name, Brambleclaw. Firestar has had two kits with Sandstorm, named Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw. Squirrelpaw is apprenticed to Dustpelt, and Leafpaw is apprenticed to Cinderpelt, to train to become the next medicine cat of ThunderClan. While Leafpaw and Cinderpelt search for herbs, StarClan, the cats' ancestors, sends Cinderpelt an ominous warning in some burning bracken, a picture of a tiger running through fire, which she interprets to mean that fire and tiger will destroy the forest. Cinderpelt concludes that the warning must be about Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw, the daughter of Firestar and the son of Tigerstar, respectively. They share the warning with Firestar, who later decides to keep Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw separated.

In a dream, StarClan tells Brambleclaw, Feathertail (Graystripe's daughter), Crowpaw, and Tawnypelt (formerly Tawnypaw, Brambleclaw's sister) to listen to what "midnight" has to say. Eventually, they begin a journey in the direction of the rising sun. Squirrelpaw tags along and Stormfur insists on accompanying them to protect his sister, Feathertail, as the six cats trek into the unknown world. On their journey, they meet an old loner named Purdy who helps the Clan cats get to the sun-drown place (ocean). Eventually, they reach the sun-drown-place and enter a cavern inhabited by a highly intelligent badger known as Midnight, who reveals to them that humans will destroy the forest and that the cats must either leave the forest or die. She also tells them that a dying warrior will lead the Clans to their new home. The book ends with a short epilogue back in the forest, where the humans begin to destroy ThunderClan's territory.

The book that comes after Midnight is Moonrise.

Publication history

Midnight was first released in the US and Canada in hardcover on May 10, 2005.[1][2] It was released in the UK on October 25, 2006.[3] It was released in paperback on April 4, 2006.[4] It was also released for the Amazon Kindle on November 6, 2007.[5]

Critical reception

The reception of Midnight was mixed. Children's Literature gave a negative review. Points raised in the review include the demotion of Firestar to a simple spokesman, the huge volume of characters, and the "wimpy" group of traveling cats. However, the review did praise the character of Squirrelpaw.[6] On the other hand, Kirkus Reviews said the novel was "structurally solid".[7] BookLoons called the new generation "engaging".[8]

Inspiration and influences

The forest depicted in the book is based on New Forest, a forest in southern England.[9] The herbs that the cats use for healing is based on information found in Culpeper's Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper.[10]


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