List of WindClan cats

List of WindClan cats

Warriors is a novel series written by Erin Hunter. The following is a list of characters whose allegiances are with "WindClan", as indicated by the allegiances section (character list) of the books.

WindClan cats live on a territory located on the open moors in the plains north of the forest. As such, WindClan cats are known for their speed and endurance, a skill that is imperative for hunting their main source of prey, rabbits.[1] WindClan have been driven off their territory by ShadowClan by the time Firestar enters the forest, but are soon brought back with the aid of Firestar and Graystripe.[2] WindClan are forced to deal with attacks from both ShadowClan and RiverClan throughout the series, as they are usually seen as being the weakest Clan. As a result, WindClan often allies itself with ThunderClan, a recurring relationship that has further repercussions in later series.

WindClan, along with the other Clans, undergoes a dramatic shift in territory during the course of The New Prophecy series. During the time that Crowfeather and the others are on their journey, much of WindClan's territory is destroyed as the twolegs proceed with their deforestation of the area.[3] Eventually WindClan and the other Clans are able to relocate to the lake territory, the WindClan camp of which is an area much resembling their old territory: wide-open hills and moors. A Twoleg horseplace (horse ranch) is located nearby, and occasionally dogs living there are set loose and chase the WindClan cats. The open hills give the greatest view of the surrounding area, and a WindClan cat is typically positioned on top of one of them as a lookout, able to detect threats much more quickly than in the forests. WindClan undergo a rather stressful period in leadership when Tallstar, their leader for the entirety of the series until this point, dies of old age and changes his successor from Mudclaw to Onewhisker at the last minute.[4]

By the time of the Power of Three series, WindClan have resolved to become completely hostile towards ThunderClan as a result of their being viewed as ThunderClan's "puppets" in the past. Onestar, once a warm and thoughtful friend of Firestar's, has completely withdrawn his previous relationship with the ThunderClan leader. WindClan cats often hunt prey near and over ThunderClan's borders, the reasoning being that ThunderClan is stretched too thin to defend itself. This attitude climaxes in Eclipse, when the entirety of WindClan sneak into ThunderClan's camp to start a huge battle involving all four Clans.[5]

Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar's Prophecy is a super-edition which was about the time from Bluestar was a kit to when she became leader and her death scene.


Heatherstar is a pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes. She was leader when ThunderClan attacked WindClan and accused ThunderClan for their unjust act. She chose Talltail as WindClan's deputy, who soon became Tallstar.[6]


Hawkheart is a mottled dark brown tom with yellow eyes. He was once a fierce WindClan warrior but StarClan chose him to become a medicine cat. He killed Moonflower, Bluestar's mother, when Moonflower tried to destroy WindClan's herbs and threatened Bluestar when she was in the camp.[6]

Warriors (Original Series)

The original series covers events in the story from Into the Wild to The Darkest Hour. Many characters mentioned here were introduced in the original series, but play minor or significant roles in The New Prophecy and Power of Three series as well.


Onestar, a small, mottled-brown tabby tom, is the current leader of WindClan. When Fireheart and Graystripe brought WindClan home in Fire and Ice, Onestar, then Onewhisker, became close friends with Fireheart and still retained this friendship even when WindClan were angry with ThunderClan for sheltering Brokentail.[2] In The Darkest Hour, in the battle with BloodClan, Onewhisker was nearly killed by the BloodClan leader, Scourge, if not for Firestar saving him.[7] Later, in Starlight, Tallstar appoints Onestar deputy on the brink of death, which meant that Onestar was now the leader of WindClan, though Tallstar didn't use the right words for appointing a deputy,[4] a characteristic that Firestar shared in his own deputyship. At first Onestar is very timid about his new position, but after he receives his nine lives and name from StarClan, he becomes more confident and realizes that there can be no more friendship between WindClan and ThunderClan, and WindClan must prove itself capable of taking care of itself without help from others. He then assumes a more leader-like attitude and abandons his close friendship with Firestar. Rock states in Cats of the Clans that Onestar knows more than any other cat in the Clans about the loneliness that power brings and that he misses Firestar.[8] He mentored Whitetail and Gorsepaw.


Tallstar, a black and white tom with a long tail and amber eyes, was the leader of WindClan before Onestar. Tallstar and his Clan were chased off from their territory by ShadowClan under Brokenstar's rule until Fireheart and Graystripe brought them back. WindClan began a friendship with ThunderClan afterwards as a result of this, although it faltered when Tallstar became furious with ThunderClan for sheltering Brokentail, the cat who drove them out of their territory. When Bluestar suspects WindClan of allegedly stealing prey, Fireheart seeks Tallstar to talk with Bluestar in peace. In The Darkest Hour, when Tigerstar announces joining all four Clans and territories into a single alliance, Tallstar and Firestar both reject his offer. After BloodClan attacks, Tallstar and Firestar agree to fight them with the other Clans in a temporary alliance, called LionClan.[7] Tallstar loses his last life in Starlight with Onewhisker and Firestar at his side, making him the only cat to have served as a Clan leader throughout the entire original series. He switched the deputy from Mudclaw to Onewhisker on his deathbed, fearing that Mudclaw was not the right cat to lead WindClan after his death.[4] He mentored Morningflower. His warrior name was Talltail.


Deadfoot, a black cat with a crooked front paw, was the former deputy of WindClan under Tallstar, and was deputy when ShadowClan chased them out of their territory. Like Onewhisker, Deadfoot became friends with Fireheart when he and Graystripe brought WindClan home. Deadfoot wasn't seen after The Darkest Hour, possibly killed when TigerClan attacked WindClan, or killed during the battle with BloodClan.


"Wind" was a fast, sandy colored she-cat that became WindClan's founding leader, along with Shadow, River, and Thunder. She was said to be the fastest cat in the forest, and according to the WindClan cats, when she joined StarClan she scooped out a pawful of sand in the forest territories, making a hollow for her Clan to live in. Some of her descendants, such as Crowfeather, still live in WindClan currently.

The New Prophecy Series

The New Prophecy series covers events in the story from Midnight to Sunset. Many characters here were first mentioned in the original series, but had minor or insignificant roles. In addition, as with the original series, most characters listed here play minor or significant roles in the following series, Power of Three, as well.


Crowfeather is a muscular, smoky gray, almost black tom with blue eyes,[9] first introduced in Midnight as an apprentice, Crowpaw. He was chosen to be the WindClan representative on the journey to the sun-drown-place. Fiercely loyal to his Clan and sharp-tongued, he found it hard to make friends with the other cats on the journey. Amazingly, he got along best with Feathertail, and they both grew to love each other over the course of the journey.[10] However, she died killing the mountain cat Sharptooth to save his life and the Tribe of Rushing Water.[3] This only increased his hostility toward the other cats and made him feel utterly alone. He chose his warrior name based on her to honor her memory.

Not long after they reached their new home, his bad luck continued and he took another hard fall for Leafpool, the ThunderClan medicine cat. He revealed his affections in Starlight, when he saved Leafpool from falling to her death.[4] It has been revealed that his relationship with Feathertail was more like "highschool romance", and his relationship with Leafpool was the real thing. She returned his feelings and the two decided to meet on the border between their Clans, where a stream runs through. Eventually Leafpool's mentor, Cinderpelt, found out, and so the two ran away in order to be together. However, they weren't away for long before they returned and broke off their connections, as Midnight had told them about a plot her kin had made to destroy the Clans. Crowfeather moved on to mate with a she-cat named Nightcloud and had a son, Breezepelt. He is the father of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, with Leafpool being the mother. Crowfeather shows little affection to his mate and even less paternal love for his son, though there was one incident in The Sight when a den collapsed on Breezepelt and Lionblaze, and Crowfeather seemed very worried for his son's life.[11] Crowfeather even states that Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather mean nothing to him in Sunrise.[12] Crowfeather has also appeared in Outcast, when he and his son joined the cats from the sun-drown-place journey to aid the Tribe of Rushing Water in an intruder attack.[13]

Crowfeather is the son of Deadfoot and Ashfoot, and the brother of Eaglekit (as revealed in Secrets of the Clans).[1] He has mentored Heathertail, and was mentored by Mudclaw. He has fathered four kits: Breezepelt (WindClan); Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather (ThunderClan). His father's name is unknown. He also has a sharp tongue and has passed that down to Breezepelt and Jayfeather, and in Secrets of the Clans, it is revealed that Crowfeather is kin of WindClan's first two leaders, Wind and Gorsestar.[1]


Mudclaw, a mottled dark brown tom, is a WindClan warrior introduced in Fire and Ice of the original series,[2] and is the WindClan deputy from Firestar's Quest[14] to Starlight.[4] Typically, he is hostile and easy to anger. He routinely attacks cats he finds on WindClan territory without asking for explanations first. Mudclaw is the leader of the patrol that prevents Bluestar from reaching Highstones in Rising Storm,[15] causing her to renounce faith in and declare war on StarClan. Fiercely loyal to WindClan and highly aggressive to all other cats, Mudclaw was appointed deputy of WindClan after the death of Deadfoot. As The New Prophecy series continues, Tallstar continues to grow more ill and Mudclaw takes over many of his duties, often acting as a secondary leader.

When Tallstar is about to die, he abruptly replaces Mudclaw with Onewhisker as deputy, thus effectively revoking Mudclaw's right to become leader. His reasons for doing so involve Mudclaw's hostile demeanor, which he fears would lead WindClan into a state of chaos. Mudclaw is outraged by this and conspires with Hawkfrost of RiverClan in order to overthrow Onewhisker and take back the position he believes is rightfully his. Before his plan can succeed, however, Brambleclaw and a number of ThunderClan cats interfere, resulting in Mudclaw being crushed by a falling tree. The tree now serves as a bridge to an island where the Clans now have Gatherings. Mudclaw does not reside in the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars with Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Hawkfrost as a result of his revolt, as he truly felt he was doing the right thing.

Mudclaw has mentored Crowfeather and Webfoot.

Power of Three Series

The Power of Three series covers events in the story from The Sight to Sunrise.


A pretty, well-mannered light brown tabby WindClan she-cat with stunning heather-colored eyes, Heathertail develops a close friendship with Lionblaze during The Sight and Dark River.[11][16] Heathertail discovers a series of secret underground tunnels connecting WindClan and ThunderClan's territories and shares this knowledge with Lionblaze. The two then begin to meet each other during the night in the tunnels, pretending to be members of the fictional DarkClan, of which Heathertail is the leader. These meetings eventually take a toll on both cats' daily lives, and Heathertail is hurt when Lionblaze decides that they must put their respective Clans first and that their relationship can no longer continue. Heathertail's relationship with Lionblaze is further strained in Eclipse when Lionblaze, in a bloodlust caused from the Clan-wide battle started by WindClan, where he accuses her of betraying the secret of the tunnels to her Clanmates.[5] Heathertail denies this, but Lionblaze does not believe her and vows to forever be her enemy, thus shattering their friendship. Lionblaze might have realized what he has done, but when he attempted to speak with Heathertail and possibly say he was sorry, she acted as if she didn't want to be near him. In a Wands and World chat it is revealed that she feels no affection toward Breezepelt, and still loves Lionblaze. Crowfeather was her mentor. In another Wands and Worlds chat, one fan asked if Heathertail would make any significant appearances in the coming books. This was confirmed by Erin Hunter. In an Erin Hunter chat, it was revealed that Heathertail did not tell WindClan about the tunnels and that the kits who got lost in the tunnels did. In one of the Omen of the Stars books, Lionblaze takes catmint from her territory, and she confronts him, reminding him to not become a bully like his kin Tigerstar. She later takes Breezepelt as her mate, but she is still uncertain around the bossy WindClan tom who would have his own parents killed.


A black tom with amber eyes, Breezepelt, the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud, is a headstrong WindClan warrior first introduced as an apprentice, Breezepaw, in The Sight.[11] He often makes tactless remarks and is not afraid to voice his negative opinions. He has been shown to panic during times of crisis, and is quick to argue. Despite his grumpy demeanor, Breezepelt has been known to cooperate on a few occasions, losing his hostile attitude almost completely in favor of the task at hand. In Outcast, he joins his father and the other Clan cats on the journey to the Tribe of Rushing Water to aid them in defeating a group of intruders.[13] It has been revealed that much of Breezepelt's errant behavior stems from a lack of support from his father, Crowfeather, who shows little regard for his well-being. Crowfeather's reasons for rejecting his son are most likely due to his past (and still ongoing) love interest in Leafpool. He is also half-brother to Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze, because they all have the same father: Crowfeather. Mentored by Whitetail. When it is revealed, he takes the fact his father has three kits in another Clan very badly. In The Fourth Apprenctice, he follows Poppyfrost to the Moonpool.[17] He threatens to kill her when Jayfeather shows up, stating that he hates his half-siblings and would never forgive them for what their mother did. Ignoring Jayfeather's pleas, he attacks the two ThunderClan cats. Poppyfrost, who is pregnant, is unable to fight him off, so Jayfeather is forced to fight his half-brother himself. It is revealed that he is being trained by Dark Forest, and is part of the battle between StarClan and the Dark Forest.


A black she-cat, Nightcloud is introduced in The Sight as the mate of Crowfeather and the mother of their son, Breezepelt.[11] Her relationship with Crowfeather is depicted as somewhat distant, as Crowfeather does not seem to have any genuine affection for her. Nightcloud is clearly aware of Crowfeather's past relationship with Leafpool and is jealous of his ongoing affection for her, even though Leafpool is a medicine cat from another Clan and she can never love him. This implies that Crowfeather took Nightcloud as a mate only out of necessity in an attempt to either "move on", or, as Rock states in Cats of the Clans, to prove his loyalty to WindClan.[8] Nightcloud cherishes her son, Breezepelt, and is shown to be angered by Crowfeather's lack of affection for him. Later on in Sunrise, she gets furious when Hollyleaf says Crowfeather is also mates with Leafpool.[12]

Minor WindClan Characters

The following are WindClan characters introduced or appearing in the Warriors novel series, having small, less significant, and/or single instances in the story.

Minor Characters in WindClan
Name Pelt Color Description
Antpelt Brown with one Black ear Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[5] He was training in the Dark Forest before dying from wounds inflicted by Thistleclaw, becoming a permanent member of the Dark Forest. He is the mate of Swallowtail.
Ashfoot Gray Queen introduced in Fire and Ice.[2] Came back to WindClan and remained as a queen throughout the first series. Became deputy after Onestar became leader of WindClan and is the current WindClan deputy. Mother of Crowfeather and Eaglekit (as revealed in Secrets of the Clans), and grandmother of Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Breezepelt.[1]
Barkface Brown Medicine cat first introduced in Fire and Ice.[2] Predicts the death of Whiteclaw upon WindClan's return to their territory. Retains his duties as a medicine cat throughout the first three series. One of the three medicine cats from the first book who lived until the second series (the others being Mudfur and Runningnose). Due to his advanced age, Barkface died in his sleep in between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.[17] Mentored Kestrelflight.
Boulderpaw Pale Gray Apprentice mentioned in The Fourth Apprentice.[17] Mentored by Breezepelt.
Crowfur Black Elder mentioned in Forest of Secrets.[18] Is shown at a Gathering complaining about how much harder his life as a warrior was compared to cats today. Berates Firepaw for defending himself. Patchpelt reassures Firepaw, saying Crowfur would "find fault with StarClan" if he could. It is not confirmed how Crowfur dies, but he is assumed to have died during the original series.
Darkfoot  ? Elder mentioned when Leafpool came to give herbs to him and Morningflower.
Dewspots Spotted Gray Tabby Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[5] Mentored Sedgewhisker.
Eaglekit Gray Eaglekit is brother to Crowfeather and son to Ashfoot as revealed in Secrets of the Clans.[1]
Emberfoot Gray with two Dark paws Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[5] Mentored Sunstrike.
Furzepaw Gray and White Apprentice mentioned in The Fourth Apprentice.[17] Mentored by Heathertail. She is seen training in the Dark Forest in Sign of the Moon.[19]
Gorsepaw Ginger/White Kit/apprentice first mentioned in Fire and Ice as the son of Morningflower.[2] He was too young to make the long journey back to WindClan's territory, so Fireheart carries him most of the way. He becomes an apprentice to Onewhisker and is told of Firestar's kindness by his mother. Killed by Tigerstar in The Darkest Hour as an example to WindClan for not submitting to him.[7] Onewhisker is devastated at his death and confesses to Firestar that he was upset that he didn't get to mentor Gorsepaw until he was a warrior. Later reappears in StarClan. Morningflower avenges his death by fiercely fighting BloodClan.
Gorsetail Pale Gray/White Warrior/queen whose kits, Sedgekit, Thistlekit, and Swallowkit, get lost in the tunnels connecting ThunderClan and WindClan during the climax of Dark River, almost provoking a Clan battle.[16]
Gorsetail Tawny Tom mentioned in Dawn.[20] Captured by Twolegs while being chased by Mistyfoot.
Harespring Brown and white First mentioned in The Sight as Tornear's apprentice, Harepaw.[11]
Kestrelflight Mottled Gray Mentored by Barkface and newest medicine cat for WindClan after Barkface's death. First mentioned in The Sight.[11] He was not able to attend a session at the Moonpool, which was Jayfeather's first, because he was sick. Later in the story he and Weaselfur come to ThunderClan asking for catmint. Since ThunderClan didn't have any, he and Leafpool had to go to RiverClan.
Leaftail Dark Tabby Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[5] Mentored Thistlepaw. In Fading Echoes, Breezepelt mentioned that he could beat both Leaftail and Harespring in training.[21]
Morningflower Tortoiseshell Warrior/queen/elder introduced in Fire and Ice.[2] Develops a bond with Firestar when he helps carry her kit, Gorsepaw, during WindClan's return to their territory. Refuses to attack Firestar during battle. Is enraged when Gorsepaw is killed, and uses her anger to fight BloodClan during the finale of The Darkest Hour.[7] Becomes an elder after the Clans reach the lake territory during the later half of The New Prophecy series. Was mentored by Tallstar.
Oatwhisker Creamy Brown Tabby Elder mentioned in Dawn.[20]
Owlwhisker Light Brown Mentored by Tornear. Mentored Whiskernose.
Rushtail Light Brown Elder mentioned in Starlight.[4]
Runningbrook Gray tabby Mentored by Tornear. Becomes warrior in Rising Storm.[15]
Robinwing Light Brown Mentioned in Dawn.[20] Mentored Thistlepaw.
Sunstrike Tortoiseshell Warrior/Apprentice mentioned in Eclipse.[5] Mentored by Emberfoot. She is seen training in the Dark Forest in Sign of the Moon.[19]
Tawnyfur Golden Brown Mentored by Tornear.
Thistlepaw  ? Mentored by Robinwing. Mentioned in Dawn.[20]
Tornear Tabby Warrior introduced in Rising Storm.[15] Often shown on patrol with Mudclaw, and similarly attacks all cats found on WindClan territory without hesitation. Aggressive to all non-WindClan cats (especially ThunderClan cats). Part of the patrol that prevents Bluestar from reaching Highstones in Rising Storm, causing her to renounce faith in and declare war on StarClan.[15] Mentions to Firestar that he thinks he will make a good leader despite being young in The Darkest Hour, though never really having liked him.[7] Mentored Runningbrook, Tawnyfur, Owlwhisker, and Harespring.
Weaselfur Ginger with White paws Mentored by Webfoot. In The Sight he and Kestrelpaw come to ThunderClan for catmint.[11]
Webfoot Dark Gray Tabby Warrior/elder first introduced in Rising Storm.[15] Often shown on patrol with Mudclaw and Tornear, starting as Mudclaw's apprentice, Webpaw. Similarly attacks all cats found on WindClan territory without hesitation due to his chosen mentor's attitude. Aggressive to all non-WindClan cats. Part of the patrol that prevents Bluestar from reaching Highstones in Rising Storm, causing her to renounce faith in and declare war on StarClan.[15] Also is one of the cats to team up with Mudclaw to kill Onestar, which failed and in the end killed Mudclaw. Mentored Weaselfur. Becomes elder between Sunset and The Sight.[11]
Whiskernose Light Brown Apprentice mentioned in The Fourth Apprentice.[17] Mentored by Owlwhisker. Becomes a warrior in Sign of the Moon.[19]
Willowclaw Gray Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[5] Mentored Swallowtail.
Sedgewhisker Light Brown Tabby Kit that ran into the tunnels almost provoking a Clan battle. Mother was Gorsetail and was siblings to Thistlekit and Swallowkit. Mentored by Dewspots.
Swallowtail Dark Gray Kit that ran into the tunnels almost provoking a Clan battle. Mother was Gorsetail and was siblings to Thistlekit and Sedgekit. Mentored by Willowclaw.
Thistlepaw White Kit that ran into the tunnels almost provoking a Clan battle. Mother was Gorsetail and was siblings to Sedgekit and Swallowkit. Mentored by Leaftail.
Buzzardkit  ? Kit mentioned in The Sight when dogs attacked WindClan.[11] He never spoke but his unknown mother told him to hush.
Reedfeather Light Brown Tabby Deputy of WindClan in Bluestar's Prophecy.[6] He was introduced in Battles of the Clans.[22] He was revealed as Graypool's and Willowbreeze's father, mate to Fallowtail and grandfather to Silverstream (Willowbreeze's daughter).


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