Magic Cube (video game)

Magic Cube (video game)

"Magic Cube" is an unlicensed Nintendo Entertainment System game released by Sachen.


"Magic Cube"'s gameplay makes it very similar to "Tetris" or, more specifically, "Columns". The player must align cubes with random pictures on every of the figure's 4 portions in order to join 3 figures with the same color, making them disappear. Pressing Start on the system control will show statistics regarding the number of figures eliminated assorted by color. The game can be played by one player, two players, or one player against the computer.

Bonus items

Occasionally, the game will drop an item who will perform an action. Those are:
*Crown: removes all the figures of the color of the figure it touches.
*Dynamite: removes all the contiguos figures to the one it touched.
*Ice pick: removes an entire line.

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