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Quick Draw McGraw

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show_name = The Quick Draw McGraw Show

caption = "Quick Draw McGraw" title card.
show_name_2 = Quick Draw McGraw
genre = Cartoon series
director = William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
voices = Julie Bennett
Daws Butler
Don Messick
Doug Young
country = USA
num_seasons = 3
num_episodes = 45
story_editor = Warren Forster
Michael Maltese
runtime = 30 min.
first_aired = September 19 1959
last_aired = October 20 1961
preceded_by = "Huckleberry Hound"
followed_by = "Loopy De Loop"
imdb_id = 0244156
tv_com_id = 20183

Quick Draw McGraw is the anthropomorphic cartoon horse starring in "The Quick Draw McGraw Show", the third cartoon television production created by Hanna-Barbera following their success with "The Ruff & Reddy Show" and "The Huckleberry Hound Show". The show debuted in 1959, voice actor Daws Butler performed the lead character, Quick Draw. Michael Maltese crafted most of the episode stories. Screen Gems originally syndicated the series, followed later by Rhodes Productions, Taft H-B Program Sales, Worldvision Enterprises, then Turner Broadcasting, and now Warner Bros. Television (through their 1996 purchase of Turner). Currently, the show is aired on the Cartoon Network's sister channel, Boomerang.


Quick Draw was usually depicted as a sheriff in these short films set in the American Old West. Each episode was approximately six minutes long; this allowed four episodes per half-hour program with commercial advertisements in between. Quick Draw was often accompanied by his deputy, a Mexican burro called Baba Looey (Desi Arnaz had a hit song in the 1950s called "Babalu"), who spoke English with a Mexican accent and was also voiced by Butler. In the Latin-American version, Quick Draw (Tiro Loco McGraw) speaks in a very English-influenced accent, and Baba Looey (Pepe Trueno) speaks in a very Mexican accent, so it was clear that Quick Draw was the alien, and there was no need to adapt any feature of the story.

Quick Draw satirized the westerns that were popular among the American public at the time. His character was well-intentioned, but somewhat dim. Often, Baba Looey was a more astute judge of the problem at hand than Quick Draw. Baba Looey would start to tell Quick Draw what he was thinking: "Queeks Draw, I theen...", whereupon Quick Draw would interrupt with his catchphrase: "Now hoooooold on thar, Baba Looey! I'll do the "thinnin'" around here, and doooon't you forget "e-it"!" Quick Draw spoke with a heavy drawl, as shown by his catchphrase.

It was clear, however, that Baba Looey was much smarter than Quick Draw but loyal to a fault, similar to the earlier Hanna-Barbera pairing of the whimsical Yogi Bear and his practical sidekick Boo-Boo. (Both teams vaguely referencing the classic team of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza)

Quick Draw was himself a horse caricature who walked on two legs like a human (as did Baba Looey), and had "hands" that were hooves with thumbs and could hold objects such as guns. This did not stop the show's producers from depicting him riding into town on a realistic horse, or, as seen in the show's opening credits, driving a stagecoach pulled by a whole team of realistic horses. This aspect was made light of in the 1980s made-for-television film "The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound", which featured Quick Draw.

In a series of episodes, Quick Draw would also assume the identity of the masked vigilante "El Kabong" (a parody of Zorro). As El Kabong, Quick Draw would attack his foes by swooping down on a rope with the onomatopoeiac war cry "KABOOOOOONG!", or, at times, "OLAYYYYEEEE!" and hitting them on the head with an acoustic guitar which is always referred to as a "kabonger", producing a distinctive "kabong" sound and usually destroying the guitar in the process. The "guitar" was usually drawn as a four stringed quatro. On the cartoon's soundtrack, the "kabong" sound effect was produced by a foley artist striking the detuned open strings of a cheap acoustic guitar. (Without the scream, the rope, or the sound effects, this would also be reprised by several professional wrestlers, referred to then either under the name of El Kabong or as the "Acoustic Equalizer".)

Quick Draw McGraw's supporting characters in "The Quick Draw McGraw Show"'s two other segments were Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, father-and-son dogs (the father played as a parody of Jimmy Durante), and Super Snooper and Blabbermouse, cat and mouse detective partners.


eason 1

* Scary Prairie / Foxhound Hounded Fox / Puss N' Booty
* Bad Guys Disguise / Watchdog Augie / Switch Witch
* Scat, Scout, Scat / Skunk You Very Much / Real Gone Ghosts
* Choo-Choo Chumps / In the Picnic of Time / Desperate Diamond Dimwits
* Masking for Trouble / High and Flighty / Big Diaper Caper
* Lamb Chopped / Nag! Nag! Nag! / The Flea and Me
* Double Barrel Double / Talk It Up Pup / Disappearing Inc.
* Riverboat Shuffled / Tee Vee or Not Tee Vee / Baby Rattled
* Dizzy Desperado / Big Top Pop / Not So Dummy
* Sagebrush Brush / Million-Dollar Robery / Fee-Fi-Fo Fumble
* Bow-Wow Bandit / Pup Plays Pop / Masquerade Raider
* Six-Gun Spook / Pop's Nature Pup / Motor Knows Best
* Slick City Slicker / Good Mouse Keeping / Slippery Glass Slipper
* Cattle Battle Rattled / Whatever Goes Pup / Monkey Wrenched
* Doggone Prairie Dog / Cat Happy Pappy / Gopher Goofers
* El Kabong / Ro-Butler / Impossible Imposters
* Gun Gone Goons / Pipsqueak Pop / Adventure is My Hobby
* El Kabong Rides Again / Fan Clubbed / Cloudy Rowdy
* Treasure of El Kabong / Crow Cronies / Snap Happy Saps
* Locomotive Loco / Gone to the Ducks / Lion is Busy
* Bronco Bustin' Boobs / Mars Little Precious / Laughing Guess
* The Lyin' Lion / Swats the Matter / The Case of the Purloined Parrot
* Chopping Spree / Snagglepuss / Poddle Toodle-Oo!
* Elephant Boy Oh Boy! / Hum Sweet Hum / Doggone Dog, Gone
* Bull-Leave Me / Peck O'Trouble / Hula-Hula Hullabaloo
* Kabong Kabong's Kabong / Fuss N' Feathers / Wild Man, Wild!

eason 2

* El Kabong Meets El Kazing / Yuk-Yuk Duck / Ala-Kazoop!
* Bullet Proof Galoot/ It's a Mice Day / Hop to It
* Two Too Much / Bud Brothers / Fleas Be Careful
* Twin Troubles / Pint Giant / Observant Servants
* Ali-Baba Looey / It's a Worm Day / De-Duck-Tives
* Shooting Room Only / Patient Pop / Big Shot Blab
* Yippee Coyote / Let's Duck Out / Big Cat Caper
* Gun Shy Gal / The Party Lion / Scoop Snoop
* Who is El Kabong? / The Musket-Tears / Flea for All
* Scooter Rabbit / Horse Feathers / Outer Space Case
* Talky Hawky / Playmate Pup / Bear-ly Able
* Extra Special Extra / Little Wonder / Surprised Party
* El Kabong, Jr. / Treasure Jest

eason 3

* El Kabong Was Wrong / From Ape to Z / Zoom-Zoom Blabber
* Dynamite Fright / Growing, Growing, Gone / Eenie Genie, Minie, Moo!
* Baba Bait / Dough-Nutty / Bronco Bluster
* Big Town El Kabong / Party Popper Pop / Chilly Chiller
* Mine Your Manners / Hand to Mouse / Gem Jams
* The Mark of El Kabong / Vacation Tripped / Person to Prison


Alphabetized by city.

*WXNE-TV / Channel 25• Boston, Massachusetts
*WCTU-TV / Channel 36• Charlotte, North Carolina
*KTTV-TV / Channel 11• Los Angeles, California
*KCOP-TV / Channel 13• Los Angeles, California
*WNEW-TV / Channel 5• New York, New York
*WPIX-TV / Channel 11• New York, New York
*WPHL-TV / Channel 17• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*WTAF-TV / Channel 29• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Popular culture

After the original show ran its course, Quick Draw occasionally appeared in other Hanna-Barbera productions, including "Yogi's Gang", "Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics", "Casper's First Christmas" and in an episode from "Yogi's Space Race".

In the "Fender Bender 500" segment of "Wake, Rattle, and Roll", Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey are the featured racers where they drive a padded wagon-modeled monster truck called the Texas Twister. Quick Draw McGraw was voiced by Greg Burson while Baba Looey was voiced by Neil Ross.

In "Yo Yogi!", Quick Draw McGraw (again voiced by Greg Burson) and Baba Looey (voiced by Henry Polic II) are seen as wild west entertainers.

Quick Draw and his partner have also been seen in episodes of other animated programs, produced by studios other than Hanna-Barbera.

Greg Burson reprises his role of Quick Draw McGraw when he and Baba Looey appeared in the twenty-ninth episode of "Samurai Jack" entitled "The Good, The Bad, and the Beautiful."

More recently, Snuffles, Quick Draw's dog, made a special guest appearance on an episode of "Johnny Bravo" in which Johnny follows a woman who he mistakes for his mother. In the episode, Snuffles is assigned by the police to help find Johnny - provided, of course, he is given doggy snacks along the way.

Quick Draw McGraw also made an appearance on "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" voiced by Maurice LaMarche while Baba Looey was voiced by Rob Paulsen. In "The Dabba Don," his severed head appears in Harvey Birdman's bed, an obvious parody of "The Godfather". In "Guitar Control," Quick Draw McGraw was arrested for carrying a guitar in a satire of American gun politics when he was about to use his guitar on some criminals. The voice used by Quick Draw appears to be a parody of that of actor Charlton Heston, who was president of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003. Quick Draw even paraphrases a line of Heston's from the motion picture "Planet of the Apes" ("Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty kids!").

A clip of a "Quick Draw McGraw" episode can be seen in "Class of 3000" episode "Home", where "El Kabong" hits an impostor with a guitar. The channel is changed shortly afterwards and the same clip plays, supposedly in several other languages.

In the TV series "", in the episode "Zebra Donkey!", the villan, Sartina of the Dead, makes a plucking sound that sounds like Quick Draw McGraw hitting an enemy with his guitar.

Quick Draw McGraw appears in the "Robot Chicken" episode "Ban on the Fun" voiced by Seth Green. In a segment that parodies Laff-A-Lympics in the style of the Munich massacre, he escapes out the window and returns as El Kabong only to end up shot by a disguised Dread Baron

He and Baba Looey appeared in the "South Park" episode "Imaginationland Episode III". They join the good imaginary characters fighting the evil characters in the final battle.

There are references to Quick Draw in other television shows, stand-up acts and songs from popular culture. There are references to "El Kabong" in the TV series "The Critic"- Jay Sherman's father, Franklin Sherman, imitates El Kabong, swooping from chandeliers dressed similar to Zorro and hitting people over the head with a guitar. Quick Draw McGraw was mentioned in Dane Cook's stand up comedy, "the Chicken Sangwich/the Heckler and the Kabbash". Quick Draw McGraw is referred to in Busta Rhymes' songs "So Hardcore" and "Everything Remains Raw". The relevant lines are "Hardcore like Quick Draw McGraw / F*** what you heard you ain't heard this before." Quick Draw McGraw is also referred to in MF Doom's Viktor Vaughn song Modern day Mugging in which an old lady is said to have "pulled out and let off like Quick Draw McGraw" Lil' Wayne refers to Quick Draw McGraw in his song Fireman. He raps: "Been in that water since a youngin', you just shark food / Quick Draw McGraw I went to art-school". Quick Draw McGraw is also referred to in House of Pain's song "Boom Shalock Lock Boom (-Butch Vig Mix)." The song appeared on the EP, "Shamrocks And Shenanigans." The relevant lines are, "I'm quick on the draw / like the horse named McGraw / from the cartoon / Boom shalock lock boom." The Game's "One Blood (Remix)" refers to Quick Draw McGraw. T.I. raps, "I'm prepared, in the mall and all with two tools. You can call me Quick Draw McGraw." El Kabong can be seen singing with a group of celebrities in a "We Are the World" parody in the episode "Million Dollar Abie" of "The Simpsons".

Quick Draw's "El Kabong" alter-ego has made an impact in the professional wrestling world; the name "El Kabong" was first used by then-Extreme Championship Wrestling commentator Joey Styles to describe when a popular ECW wrestler, New Jack, used an acoustic guitar as a weapon during a match. The act is also used by former World Wrestling Federation employee The Honky Tonk Man and current Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Vice President and wrestler Jeff Jarrett.

The Executive Director of The Howard Stern Show, Gary Dell'Abate is eternally branded with the nickname "Baba Booey" after he mispronounced Baba Looey's name during a discussion of original cartoon cels. Dell'Abate was contemplating the purchase of a Quick Draw/Baba Looey cel, but kept referring to the sidekick as "Baba Booey." Stern and his cohorts poked fun at Dell'Abate for wanting to spend so much money on a character whose name he didn't even know.

Quick Draw was the mascot for Sugar Smacks in the early 1960s.

DVD release

A DVD release of the series was originally announced for 2006 but was later canceled due to the poor condition of the masters. In 2006 a Warner spokesperson said of the DVDs, "They were pulled because significant remastering work needed to be researched. [http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=5830] There have also been issues with music copyright ownership, meaning any sort of future DVD release is extremely doubtful.

"Quick Draw McGraw" in other languages

*French: "Grangallo Tirevite"
*Polish: "Quick Draw Macdraw
*Italian: "Ernesto Sparalesto"
*Brazilian Portuguese: "Pepe Legal"
*Spanish: "Tiro Loco McGraw"
*Japanese: "早射ちマック (Hayauchi Mack)"
*Hungarian: "Villámpata Sheriff"
*Finnish: "Salama-Santeri", later "Paukku-Polle"
*Dutch: "Texas Jim"
*German: "Quick und seine Freunde"
*Swedish: "Texas Jack"
*Serbo-Croatian: "At Strašnomlat"
*Serbian: "Rz Brzotrz"

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* [http://www.bcdb.com/cartoons/Hanna-Barbera_Studios/P-R/The_Quick_Draw_McGraw_Show/index.html Big Cartoon DataBase: The Quick Draw McGraw Show]
* [http://www.toontracker.com/huck/quickdraw.htm Toon Tracker: The Quick Draw McGraw Show]
* [http://www.toonopedia.com/quikdraw.htm Quick Draw's Toonopedia entry]

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