call_letters = KOVR
station_slogan = Asking Questions. Getting Answers.
station_branding = CBS 13
analog = 13 (VHF)
digital = 25 (UHF)
other_chs =
affiliations = CBS
network =
founded =
airdate = September 5, 1954
location = Stockton - Sacramento -
Modesto, California
callsign_meaning = KOVR = covering all of Northern California
former_callsigns =
former_channel_numbers =
owner = CBS Corporation
licensee = Sacramento Television Stations, Inc.
sister_stations = KMAX-TV
former_affiliations = Independent (1954-1957)
ABC (1957-1995)
effective_radiated_power = 316 kW (analog)
760 kW (digital)
HAAT = 610 m (analog)
591 m (digital)
class =
facility_id = 56550
coordinates = coord|38|14|23.2|N|121|30|5.8|W|type:landmark_scale:2000
homepage = [http://www.cbs13.com/ www.cbs13.com]

KOVR, channel 13, is a CBS owned-and-operated television station licensed to Stockton, California, and serving the Sacramento-Stockton television market. The station is co-owned with CW affiliate KMAX-TV (channel 31), and the two stations share facilities in West Sacramento. KOVR's transmitter is located in Walnut Grove, California.


KOVR is Sacramento's oldest continuously-operating television station. It first hit the airwaves in September 6, 1954 from the California State Fair. Originally an independent station with a transmitter located on Mount Diablo, its signal reached the San Francisco Bay Area, hence the call letters KOVR ("covering" all of Northern California). It broadcast from a studio on Miner Avenue in Stockton. Art Finley hosted an afternoon children's program, "Toonytown", for several years, before moving to San Francisco's KRON.

As an ABC Affiliate

In May 1957, KOVR merged its operations with Sacramento's original ABC affiliate, KCCC (channel 40, which signed on a few months before KOVR). KCCC went silent, and KOVR became Sacramento's ABC affiliate. At ABC's request, the station moved its transmitter to a temporary site near Jackson to avoid interference with KGO-TV in San Francisco.

By this time, it was obvious that Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto were going to be a single television market. In 1960, KOVR teamed up with KCRA-TV and KXTV to build a new 1,549-foot tower in Walnut Grove. In 1985, KOVR and KXTV moved to their current convert|2049|ft|m|sing=on tower while KCRA moved to its own convert|2000|ft|m|sing=on tower; KCRA still uses the old tower as an auxiliary.

In 1959, John Kluge's Metropolitan Broadcasting (which later became Metromedia) bought KOVR and owned the station until 1964. In 1960, the station moved its general offices and news department to a new studio on Arden Way in Sacramento. In 1987 KOVR consolidated its operations into its current facility in West Sacramento.

Metromedia sold KOVR to McClatchy Newspapers in 1964. McClatchy ran the station alongside "The Sacramento Bee" and "Modesto Bee" newspapers, as well as radio stations KWG in Stockton and KFBK in Sacramento. McClatchy was able to own KOVR, KWG and KFBK because Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto are separate radio markets. McClatchy had established a trio of bee mascots (originally designed by Walt Disney, whose namesake company would eventually acquire ABC) of which Teevee the Bee was KOVR's official mascot during the years McClatchy owned the station -- short cartoons of the bee bookended KOVR's broadcast day, either ushering in or concluding the day's programming. ( [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNgecUK3SJA] )

After McClatchy sold the station to Outlet Communications in 1978, KOVR went into a gradual decline in terms of both ratings and programming quality (even as ABC became the country's highest-rated network), and has been in third place in the Sacramento ratings for most of the time since then. The station was then sold to Narragansett Television LP in 1986, then to Anchor Media in 1988. Anchor Media was merged into River City Broadcasting in 1993, and River City was purchased by the Sinclair Broadcast Group three years later.

KOVR does have its high water marks in local broadcasting: it was the first station in Northern California to use videotape (rather than film) for its newscasts, and was the first station in the Sacramento/Stockton area to broadcast in stereo.

As an ABC affiliate, KOVR preempted a moderate amount of programming, even the 30 minute soap opera "Loving". It also aired some ABC programming out of pattern: "All My Children" in the early years used to air at 11 AM. (Half the ABC affiliates air "AMC" at 11 AM to follow it with their noon newscasts; the timeslot is secondary compared to airing "AMC" at noon traditionally). In the mid-90s, KOVR moved the soap opera to air at 3 PM, a practice continued by KXTV by the network switch until the early 2000s.

witching to CBS

On March 6, 1995, KOVR swapped affiliations with longtime CBS affiliate KXTV (then owned by Belo Corporation; now owned by Gannett). Despite becoming a CBS affiliate, KOVR chose not to air "Guiding Light", a practice continued from KXTV during its CBS days (due to the show's below-average ratings in the area). Another CBS affiliate, WNEM-TV in Bay City, Michigan; also did not air the soap opera until the launch of its My Network TV subchannel in 2006.

A more notable oddity with KOVR's affiliation with CBS is that the station runs the network's primetime schedule an hour earlier than typical. CBS programming that is seen from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in other Pacific Time Zone markets (as well as many Eastern Time Zone markets) is shown from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (typically used by stations in TV markets in both Central and Mountain time zones) instead on KOVR. When KOVR was an ABC affiliate, the station had an 11 p.m. newscast like most stations on the coasts. Upon the network switch, the station followed the practice of now-sister KPIX in having a 10 p.m. hour-long newscast (KPIX later on moved the newscast back up to 11 p.m. in 1998). In recent ratings periods KTXL Fox 40 has been closing the ratings gap with KOVR. However, in the November 2007 sweeps period, KOVR has widened its 10 p.m. lead over KTXL, which made it the second-highest-rated late evening newscast behind KCRA's 11 p.m. newscast.

Gary Condit/Chandra Levy

In 2001, KOVR gained attention when it landed an "local exclusive" interview with Congressman Gary Condit regarding the Chandra Levy murder (Condit appeared the same evening on ABC, in an interview with Connie Chung). The station televised an interview on August 30 in which he claimed that he did not kill Chandra Levy after a visit with the slain intern. Despite numerous KOVR reports filed by reporter Gloria Gomez, the Condit interview was granted to another KOVR reporter, Jodi Hernandez. Much of the national interest in the case would be lost days later, in the aftermath of the September 11th terror attacks.

Becoming a CBS O&O

In May 2005, Sinclair sold KOVR to Viacom's television stations unit (now part of CBS Corporation), creating CBS' third California duopoly with O&O KMAX-TV, the local CW station. Viacom was forced to sell KFRC-AM in San Francisco as a condition of the sale, as the station's city-grade signal reaches Sacramento.


After the purchase was announced, some had speculated that KOVR would eventually move CBS's primetime lineup back to 8-11 p.m. and add "Guiding Light" to its schedule, along with dropping "The Jerry Springer Show". However, on August 11, 2005, CBS announced that the 7-10 p.m. prime-time lineup, the 10 p.m. local newscast and the 11 p.m. airing of "The Late Show with David Letterman" would remain in place. The success that the station has had with the early prime-time schedule and its 10 p.m. newscast is cited as the reason for maintaining the status quo. At that point, they also stated that "Guiding Light" would not be moving to KOVR for the 2005 season. The station did, however, change its on-air branding from the long-standing "KOVR 13" to "CBS 13" in compliance with the CBS Mandate. Coincidentally, WJZ-TV channel 13 in Baltimore, which has been owned by CBS since 1995, does not follow the CBS Mandate, instead using their call letters.

On July 31, 2006, the station received approval from the network to move the weekend lineup back an hour in order to maintain an hour-long 10 p.m. newscast throughout the week. The new weekend schedule, which began August 27, will, for example, have 60 Minutes airing at 6 p.m. on Sunday nights. KOVR is now the only Pacific Time Zone CBS station to run the entire network primetime lineup beginning at 7 p.m. Technically, it is also one of two TV stations in the Sacramento market and in the Pacific Time Zone to start their network primetime lineup early, as KQCA started airing its 2-hour My Network TV schedule from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, on September 5 that same year.

"The Late Late Show" (which had been airing at 1 a.m.) moved up one hour, pushing back the Midnight showing of "The Jerry Springer Show" to a later time (which was seen on the station weekdays at 3 p.m. until September 8, 2006). On September 11, 2006, NBC Universal's "Jerry Springer" was dropped and moved to KMAX-TV, where it ran until 2007, when it was picked up by KQCA, who now airs the show at Noon and 2 PM. KOVR became the market's new home of CBS-owned King World's "Dr. Phil", which the station airs at 3 p.m. on weekdays. "Montel Williams", which continued to air at 2 p.m. weekdays. Despite being cancelled by co-owned CBS Paramount Television in September 2008, it continues to air in reruns at 9 A.M. weekdays, its old time slot now occupied by the Dr. Phil spin-off, The Doctors.

Until late 1999, "Live with Regis & Kelly" (then "Live with Regis & Kathie Lee") aired on KOVR, even during its affiliation with ABC. Since then, the show now airs on KCRA.

KOVR still does not air "Guiding Light" due to uncertainty about that show's future. The show's ratings are low to mediocre at best in most markets, and (according to KOVR management) experience shows that long running soaps that have not been seen in an area over many years have an uphill battle in gaining viewership. Also, KOVR management claims that most avid KOVR viewers have sent negative feedback at any prospect of bringing the show back. Only a handful of people have expressed a desire to see the show. The only possibility of bringing the show back would be on overnights and CBS itself would rather a show not air than for it to air on overnights (except for a local news emergency daytime pre-emption). Sacramento is now the only market that does not air "Guiding Light", and even with the cancellation of "Montel Williams" it is highly unlikely that "GL" will reclaim the 2 PM slot. Because of this, the station has never been highly regarded as a CBS network affiliate.

Even considering past ratings, it is practically unheard of for a network O&O to not air all network programs as all ABC and NBC O&Os now carry all network programming. In the past, though, after ABC was purchased by Capital Cities Communications, the newly acquired ABC affiliates continued some pre-emptions. The preemptions were the ABC show that was in the 12 Noon Eastern/11 a.m. Central timeslots. Also some 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. shows continued to be preempted. But these were widely preempted shows and various shows came and went from that timelsot until the View in 1997. It is unusual for even affiliates to preempt a long running weekday afternoon soaps much less an O & O. About half a dozen Fox O&O's along with some affiliates do not carry the children's program lineup on Saturdays). But Fox does not consider this true network programming and handles those shows as syndicated programming giving O & O's and affiliates the right of first refusal. In most of those markets the kids block airs on another station.

In regards to "Guiding Light", some viewers don't care if KOVR shows it or not because they can receive either KPIX-TV in San Francisco (which decently covers much of the southwestern portion of the market), KHSL-TV in Chico (which covers areas just north of Sacramento) or KGPE in Fresno (which covers areas south of Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto). Others feel they could at least make the program available to record on KOVR or KMAX-TV at some point in the day. As of September 2008, KOVR chooses to air Montel Williams "Best of" series reruns instead of carrying Guiding Light at 9am.

News Department

While under Sinclair ownership, KOVR had worked with a small-to-moderate news staff, which was unusual since Sacramento's dramatic growth during the 1980s had made it a top-20 market. However, with CBS' purchase, the KOVR and KMAX-TV newsrooms have been combined at KOVR's West Sacramento location. Personalities from KMAX-TV now also make appearances on KOVR and vice versa.

On February 1, 2006, KOVR debuted its new graphics along with new music, a new set, and a new main anchor team of Sam Shane (from MSNBC and KCRA) and Pallas Hupé (from Detroit Fox station WJBK). The evening newscast has instituted a three-anchor format. The program begins with Shane and Hupé anchoring the major news stories of the day, deferring to anchor/reporter Brandi Hitt for World and National News stories. The unique three-anchor setup remains during Weekend prime-time newscasts with rotating anchors.

The news department has also launched a daily sports segment during its newscasts with sports anchor Arran Andersen (from KOLD). KOVR had been without a competitive sports department since the departure of John Henk in the late 1990s.

Most KOVR personalities with the station during the Sinclair years have either been fired or have resigned. Dismissals of former lead anchors Paul Joncich and Jennifer Whitney were sudden and unannounced whereas personalities Marcy Valenzuela and Jennifer Krier were allowed to say farewell to viewers on air. Remaining on-air staff include Chief Weatherman Dave Bender, Investigative Reporter Kurtis Ming, Health Reporter Diana Penna, and field reporter John Iander.

KOVR newscasts are now broadcast in High Definition.

CBS13.com Rush Limbaugh controversy

In May 2007, KOVR revamped its morning news program with an emphasis on its website. The 5AM to 6AM newscast, called "CBS13.com" featured anchor Chris Burrous, reporter Lisa Gonzales and weather personality Jeff James in a show centered around viewer feedback through the web, viral videos and news found on the Internet.

On May 7, 2007, CBS13.com reported on a song that conservative radio broadcaster Rush Limbaugh played heavily on his nationally-syndicated program called "Barack the Magic Negro." CBS13.com ran a poll asking people whether they thought the song was [http://www.cbs13.com/video/?id=20251@kovr.dayport.com racist] . Limbaugh, in turn, claimed KOVR was a part of the "liberal media" and called the Burrous-Gonzales-James team [http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_050707/content/01125108.guest.html "morons"] . In newscasts throughout the day, KOVR covered Limbaugh's lashout against the station, adding with a disclaimer after every story that KOVR [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6WXGWMdAs4 never intended to couple Limbaugh with the parody song] and admitting that the station found the song on video sharing website YouTube.

News Logo History

In the 1970s, KOVR-TV used a logo for "Channel 13 Action News". The logo consisted of a middle-sized word saying "Action", and a larger word saying "News". Below the words there was KOVR's 1960s-1970s logo, and arrows pointing both ways on both sides of the logo. In the 1980s, KOVR used a new logo for "NewsWatch 13". The logo had the italicized word "News" and the stylized "13" logo on the side, with the word "Watch" on the bottom. More information about KOVR's newscast logo history will be put up soon.

Current Personalities/ Joined Date


* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Pallas.Hupe.CBS13.9.415092.html Pallas Hupe] , Weeknight Anchor 5, 6, 10pm (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Brandi.Hitt.Reporter.9.479956.html Brandi Hitt] , World and National News 5, 6, 10pm (2005)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Tony.Lopez.News.9.479957.html Tony Lopez] , Weeknight Anchor 4pm/ Reporter (2005)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Sam.Shane.CBS13.9.479951.html Sam Shane] , Weeknight Anchor 5, 6, 10pm (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Ron.Jones.Reporter.9.479968.html Ron Jones] , Weekend Anchor/ Reporter (2004)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Lisa.Gonzales.Anchor.9.479959.html Lisa Gonzales] , Noon Anchor (2005)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Kris.Pickel.Reporter.9.479912.html Kris Pickel] , Weekend Anchor/ Reporter (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Reporter.CBS13.CW31.9.479907.html Steve Large] , World and National News weekends/ Reporter (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Chris.Burrous.News.9.479973.html Chris Burrous] , Morning Anchor (2005)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Stefanie.Cruz.Anchor.9.479966.html Stefanie Cruz ] , Morning Anchor (2004)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/ron.hyde.anchor.9.794558.html Ron Hyde] , Morning Anchor (2008)


* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Dave.Bender.Weather.9.415113.html Dave Bender] , Chief Meteorologist (1996)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Anny.Hong.Reporter.9.479925.html Anny Hong] , Weekend Meteorologist/ Reporter (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Jeff.James.Weather.9.479890.html Jeff James] , Morning/ Noon Meteorologist (2006)


* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Arran.Anderson.Sports.9.419784.html Arran Anderson] , Sports Host (2006)


* [http://cbs13.com/bios/9.593612.html Elyce Kirchner] , General Assignment Reporter/4 PM anchor (2007)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Kurtis.Ming.Buy.9.479961.html Kurtis Ming] , Consumer Reporter/ Fill-in Anchor (2003)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/John.Iander.Off.9.415398.html John Iander] , Reporter (1973)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Laura.Cole.Reporter.9.613958.html Laura Cole] , General Assignment Reporter (2007)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Edmundo.Aguilar.CBS13.9.479722.html Edmundo Aguilar] , San Joaquin Valley Reporter (2007)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Mike.Dello.Stritto.9.479927.html Mike Dello Stritto] , General Assignment Reporter (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/david.begnaud.9.658833.html David Begnaud] , General Assignment Reporter (2007)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Koula.Gianulias.Reporter.9.479883.html Koula Gianulias] , General Assignment Reporter (2006)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Diana.Penna.Weather.9.479964.html Diana Penna] ,Health Reporter Noon (1997)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/RE.Graswich.Editorial.9.479729.html R.E Graswich] , "The Scoop" Reporter
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Andrea.Menniti.Talent.9.593607.html Andrea Menniti] , General Assignment Reporter (2007)
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Andrew.Luria.Sports.9.637374.html Andrew Luria] , General Assignment Reporter (2008)

panish Language Interpreters

* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Luis.Garcia.SAP.9.479805.html Luis E. Garcia] , Spanish Language Interpreter
* [http://cbs13.com/bios/Sam.Pinilla.Good.9.479976.html Sam Pinilla] , Spanish Language Interpreter (2005)

Former newscasters

*Eric Alvarez (freelanced at KPIX, now freelancing at KNTV in San Francisco)
*Stephanie Angelo (Reporter 1991 - went to KSAZ Phoenix Married anchor Troy Hayden (Alan Frio's Son) Now Interior Designer)
*Stan Atkinson (previously anchor at KCRA, now retired running local ads)
*Jon Baird (now freelancing at KXTV News10)
*Marianne Banister (now at WBAL in Baltimore)
*Ross Blackstone (now Public Information Officer in Texas)
*Susan Blake (long time morning anchor at KRON in San Francisco, now at HGTV)
*Serene Branson (reporter 2005-2008, now at (KCBS/KCAL-TV in Los Angeles)
*Chris Capra (Reporter 1998-200 - now Public Relations PG&E)
*Dan Christopher (Anchor 1980s)
*Noel Cisneros (reporter 1990s - now reporter for KRON San Francisco)
*Claudia Cowan (later moved to KRON, now reporter for FOX News)
*Angie Crouch (reporter KNBC Los Angeles)
*Tom Curran (former sports anchor and Kings broadcaster,now at WTVT in Tampa)
*Lynn Diehl (anchor/reporter 1997-2001 now with San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce)
*Ernabel Demillo (reporter 1990's now at Court TV)
*Pat De Silva
*Pat Davis (Died of Breast Cancer while noon show anchor)
*Jonathan Elias (now at WBZ in Boston)
*Patrick Emory (retired, lives in Florida)
*Charlotte Fadipe (reporter 1998-2007, now freelancing at KNTV in San Francisco)
*George Franco (now at WAGA in Atlanta)
*Alan Frio (now at WSMV in Nashville)
*Angelique Frame (meteorologist 2006-2007, now runs an online video business in San Diego)
*Gary Gelfand
*Dan Gray (now at KTVI in St. Louis)
*Gloria Gomez (reporter 1999-2005, now at WTVT in Tampa)
*Juliette Goodrich (now freelance anchor/reporter at KPIX in San Francisco)
*Kristine Hanson (meteorologist 2004-2005, now freelancing at KGO in San Francisco)
*Lois Hart (now at KCRA)
*John Henk
*Dewey Hopper (Morning Weather 1990-2003 - Retired in Phoenix)
*Jodi Hernandez (reporter, now at KNTV in San Francisco)
*Bob Hilton (owner, developer of Holy Cow cleaning products in Rocklin, CA)
*Dewey Hopper (now retired in Scottsdale Arizona)
*Jason Howe, Public Relations now
*"Stormin' Norman" Jacobs (meteorologist, early 1980s)
*Paul Joncich (anchor, 1990-1995 and 1999-2006, now 5 & 10pm anchor at WOIO/WUAB in Cleveland)
*Michelle Kane (morning and noon anchor,1998-2008,now working for the State of California)
*Jack Kavanaugh
*Bill Kelly (Weekend weather went to KPNX Phoenix - contract not renewed spring of 2008)
*Bora Kim (reporter 2005-2007)
*Reggie Kumar (reporter 2007-2008, now at KTXL FOX40)
*Kim Khazei (now at WHDH-TV in Boston)
*Jennifer Krier (now a stay-at-home mom)
*Kristina Lee (reporter 2007-2008)
*Patti Lee (anchor/reporter 2003-2006, now at KTVU in Oakland and San Francisco)
*John Lobertini (Recently laid off from KPIX CBS 5 from San Francisco as Sacramento bureau chief)
*Tom Loffman (now living in Placer County, co-owner of Loffman Realty with wife Debbie)
*Cristina Mendonsa (now evening anchor at KXTV News10)
*Jim Mitchell (reporter in the 70's, PROBE series, went on to ABC News out of LA, now living in Temecula)
*Stephanie Nishikawa (now owner of Paper Garden Boutique retail shop in the Town and Country shopping center in Sacramento)
*Keith Norton (sports reporter 2006-2007, now at KPRC in Houston)
*David Ono (now at KABC in Los Angeles)
*Craig Prosser (reporter 1970-2005 Retired)
*George Reading (later host of California Heartland on PBS)
*Susanne Rico (reporter in 1990's now Anchor KCBS Los Angeles)
*Stephanie Riggs (anchor/reporter 1990's Anchor KCNC Denver)
*Mark Saxenmyer (reporter now at WFLD Chicago)
*Murv Seymour (reporter 1990's now Comedian Tampa Florida)
*Dennis Shanahan (reporter 2001-2008,now at KTXL)
*Rebecca Somach (reporter 2004-2005, now with United Airlines)
*Steve Somers
*Don Strickland
*Bill Branch (reporter in the 1970's and 1980's. Now retired in Loomis, CA)
*Marcy Valenzuela (now at KPHO in Phoenix)
*Stephanie Vigil (Morning Anchor 1997 now Main Anchor at KHQ in Spokane)
*Bette Vasquez (now retired)
*Dave Walker (now at KCRA)
*Rafer Weigel (reporter 2006-2008, now at CNN Headline News)
*Jennifer Whitney (anchor 1990-2005, now freelancing specials on KVIE)
*Jim Wieder (reporter 1990's went to KGO, now owns Bay Area Ace Hardware Store)

News Directors:

*Al Jaffe (News Director 1981-1986 - now vice-president of talent at ESPN)
*Bob Yuna (News Director 1991-1993 now at Sakal Papers in Mumbai India launching TV Network)
*Jim Sanders (News Director 1993-1997 - last at KNTV San Jose)
*Ellen Miller (News Director 1997-1999- now Assistant News Director at WFLD Chicago)
*Rick Reynolds (News Director 1999-2001 now Hypnotherapist, Life Coach)
*Jim Lemon (News Director 2001-2005; now ND of WITI in Milwaukee)
*Steve Charlier (News Director 2006-2008; now corporate ND for Local TV LLC and acting news director of KTLA)
*Cameryn Beck (Current News Director)

General Managers:

*Michael Fiorelli - 1990's Anchor Media
*Rick Blangiardi - River City Broadcasting
*Robert Finke - Sinclair Broadcasting
*Dan Mellon - Sinclair Broadcasting, now GM of WSYX in Columbus, OH
*Bruno Cohen - CBS current GM

Digital television

Analog-to-digital conversion

After the analog television shutdown scheduled to take place on February 17, 2009 http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-06-1082A2.pdf] , KOVR will remain on channel 25. [http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/cdbsmenu.hts?context=25&appn=101233298&formid=387&fac_num=56550 CDBS Print ] ] However, through the use of PSIP, digital television receiver will display KOVR's virtual channel as 13.

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

*"The Sixth Hour Report/The Eleventh Hour Report" (1966-1974)
*"Channel 13 Action News" (1974-1980)
*"NewsWatch 13" (1980-1987)
*"KOVR 13 News" (1987-2005)
*"CBS 13 News" (2005-present)

External links

* [http://www.kovr13.com/ KOVR website]
* [http://www.cbscorporation.com/ www.cbscorporation.com]

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  • kövrəx’ — (Füzuli) böyrək. – Kövrəx’ kövrəx’lixdə olur …   Azərbaycan dilinin dialektoloji lüğəti

  • kovr̀tāč — m 〈G kovrtáča〉 spravica koja se sastoji od kotačića i drške i služi za rezanje na stolu razvučenog tijesta; radla …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • kovr̀čati — (što, se) nesvrš. 〈prez. ām (se), pril. sad. ajūći (se), gl. im. ānje〉 činiti da što bude kovrčavo; postajati kovrčav …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

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