The Nancy Drew Files

The Nancy Drew Files
The Cover Art for Secrets Can Kill, the first book in the Nancy Drew Files series

The Nancy Drew Files, or the Nancy Drew Case Files, is a detective fiction series started in 1986 and released by Simon & Schuster, New York. It is a spin-off of the original series of novels featuring Nancy Drew, with a greater emphasis on adventure, malice and romance. All the books have been written under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. This series has been targeted at readers who are age eleven and up. With a new book released almost every month, 124 titles were released in 11 years. More than 17 million copies are in print and the books have appeared on the bestseller lists of Publishers Weekly, B. Dalton, and Waldenbooks.


Series background

The Nancy Drew Files is a spin-off from the Nancy Drew series. The stories follow teenage detective Nancy Drew. Her father, Carson Drew, is a successful attorney and a widower. Their house is taken care of by their full-time housekeeper, Hannah Gruen. Nancy’s companions are usually her girlfriends Bess Marvin and George Fayne, no matter whether she is sleuthing or shopping. Her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson also helps her with investigations, especially when they involve any physical activity. Though Ned Nickerson is her boyfriend, she dates other people occasionally.

List of books in the series


1. Secrets Can Kill (June 1986)
2. Deadly Intent
3. Murder on Ice (Sept 1986)
4. Smile and Say Murder
5. Hit and Run Holiday
6. White Water Terror


7. Deadly Doubles (Jan 1987)
8. Two Points to Murder
9. False Moves (Mar 1987)
10. Buried Secrets Buried Secrets (Apr 1987)
11. Heart of Danger
12. Fatal Ransom (June 1987)
13. Wings of Fear
14. This Side of Evil (Aug 1987)
15. Trial by Fire (Sept 1987)
16. Never Say Die (Oct 1987)
17. Stay Tuned for Danger Heading your way
18. Fire Circle of Evil (Dec 1987)


19. Sister in Crime (Jan 1988)
20. Very Deadly Yours (Feb 1988)
21. Recipe for Murder by Nancy Bush
22. Fatal Attraction
23. Sinister Paradise (May 1988)
24. Till Death Do Us Part (June 1988)
25. Rich and Dangerous (July 1988)
26. Playing with Fire (Aug 1988)
27. Most Likely to Die (Sept 1988)
28. The Black Widow (Oct 1988)
29. Pure Poison (Nov 1988)
30. Death by Design


31. Trouble in Tahiti
32. High Marks Act
33. Danger in Disguise
34. Vanishing Act
35. Bad Medicine
36. Over the Edge
37. Last Dance
38. The Final Scene
39. The Suspect Next Door
40. Shadow of a Doubt
41. Something to Hide
42. The Wrong Chemistry


43. False Impressions
44. Scent of Danger
45. Out of Bounds
46. Win, Place, or, Die
47. Flirting with Danger
48. A Date with Deception
49. Portrait in Crime
50. Deep Secrets
51. A Model Crime
52. Danger for Hire
53. Trail of Lies
54. Cold as Ice


55. Don't Look Twice
56. Make No Mistake
57. Into Thin Air
58. High Pursuit
59. High Risk
60. Poison Pen
61. Sweet Revenge
62. Easy Marks
63. Mixed Signals
64. The Wrong Track
65. Final Notes
66. Tall, Dark and Deadly


67. Nobody's Business
68. Crosscurrents
69. Running Scared
70. Cutting Edge
71. Hot Tracks
72. Swiss Secrets
73. Rendezvous in Rome
74. Greek Odyssey
75. A Talent for Murder
76. The Perfect Plot
77. Danger on Parade
78. Update on Crime


79. No Laughing Matter
80. Power of Suggestion
81. Making Waves
82. Dangerous Relations
83. Diamond Deceit
84. Choosing Sides
85. Sea of Suspicion
86. Let's Talk Terror
87. Moving Target
88. False Pretenses
89. Designs in Crime
90. Stage Fright


91. If Looks Could Kill
92. My Deadly Valentine
93. Hotline to Danger
94. Illusions of Evil
95. An Instinct for Trouble
96. The Runaway Bride
97. Squeeze Play
98. Island of Secrets
99. The Cheating Heart
100. Dance Till You Die
101. The Picture of Guilt
102. Counterfeit Christmas


103. Heart of Ice
104. Kiss and Tell
105. Stolen Affections
106. Flying Too High
107. Anything for Love
108. Captive Heart
109. Love Notes
110. Hidden Meanings
111. The Stolen Kiss
112. For Love or Money


113. Wicked Ways
114. Rehearsing for Romance
115. Running into Trouble
116. Under His Spell
117. Skipping a Beat
118. Betrayed by Love


119. Against the Rules
120. Dangerous Loves
121. Natural Enemies
122. Strange Memories
123. Wicked for the Weekend
124. Crime at the Chat Café

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