Stay Tuned for Danger

Stay Tuned for Danger

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title = Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger

developer = Her Interactive
publisher = DreamCatcher
designer =
released = 1999
genre = Survival Horror
modes = Single player
ratings = vgratings|ESRB=Everyone
platforms = PC
media =
requirements = 16-bit color
*Minimum of 640 x 480 resolution
*Either Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000
*Pentium class CPU required
*16MB of memory is required to run this program
*Recommended Install requires 230 MB of free disk space
input =

"Stay Tuned For Danger" (1999) is the 2nd installment of the Nancy Drew PC game series created by Her Interactive.

"Stay Tuned for Danger" (abbreviated STFD or ST4D) is a first-person whodunit from the viewpoint of Nancy Drew in New York, New York. The game features longer gameplay and improved 2D graphics compared to the previous game, Secrets Can Kill. It is based on the book "Stay Tuned For Danger" of the Nancy Drew Files Series.


Mattie Jensen -- Mattie is a friend of Nancy's Aunt Eloise, and star of the soap opera, "Light of Our Love". She is the one who calls Nancy out on the case. Mattie is very worried about the threats her co-star, Rick Arlen, has been receiving. She is renting out Aunt Eloise's apartment in New York.

Rick Arlen -- Rick is the one who has been getting death threats, although he's not worried about them. He, along with Mattie, stars in the soap opera, "Light of Our Love." Rick used to have a relationship with both Mattie and Lillian. His name and looks are most likely taken from the American silent/talking movie actor Richard Arlen.

Dwayne Powers -- Dwayne is Mattie's agent and runs a talent agency. He has a strong dislike of Rick Arlen.

Millie Strathorn -- Millie is an eccentric old lady that is the owner and prop room master of World Wide Web. She also has a special dislike for Rick.

Lillian Weiss -- Lillian is the director of "Light of our Love" at World Wide Web. She is known to have a temper, and attends anger management class. She was Rick's girlfriend at one point, but broke up with him.

Owen Spayder -- Owen has recently been employed by the Dwayne Powers Agency.

Bess and George -- Bess and George are Nancy's best friends, and are phone friends in this game. They can be called to get hints on puzzles and/or what to do next.

Ned Nickerson -- Ned is Nancy's boyfriend. Like Bess and George, Ned can be called for hints.

Plot Summary

Mattie Jensen is a famous soap opera star in Light of Our Love, a Worldwide Web Studio television star. When her co-star, Rick Arlen, begins receiving death threats and poisoned chocolates, Nancy is called upon to put a stop to whoever this is before worse things happen.


Within Stay Tuned For Danger and other Nancy Drew games, there are a number mistakes or accidents you can make.

*Not disabling the bomb in time
*Clipping the wrong wire
*Trying to leave the room when bomb is there (This is only fatal if you already possess the screwdriver)
*Not getting away from the culprit
*Pulling the fire alarm when there's no emergency
*Getting caught in the studio at nightHowever, if you make a mistake, the menu will automatically pull up and you have the choice of using the "Second Chance" option.


*Lani Minella -- Nancy Drew / Millie Strathorn
*Moriah Angeline (Moriah Seebold) -- Mattie Jensen
*Ryan Drummond -- Rick Arlen
*Jeral Fontaine -- Lillian Weiss
*Bob Heath -- Dwayne Powers / Ralph Guardino
*Roger Jensen -- Owen W. Spayder
*Ryan Campbell -- Ned Nickerson
*Katie Denny -- Bess Marvin
*Lindsay Newman -- George Fayne
*Frank Martin -- William Pappas

"Note: Series has nothing to do with the plot but it does make finding the Easter egg (media) easier."


*There are many Her Interactive logos on different things.
*In the trash on the computer, there a deleted script which mentions Blackmoor. This is a reference to Curse of Blackmoor Manor, the 11th game in the series.
*There are references on "Vampire Diaries" and "McKenzie & Co." in this game, they are the following:
**On Lillian's bulletin board, there is a poster of Vampire Diaries.
**On Lillian's shelf, there are boxes of Vampire Diaries and McKenzie & Co.
*Even though he has a voice actor, Owen W. Spayder cannot be spoken to by phone or even heard.
*Double-clicking on Mattie's cabinet will take the player to Dwayne's office.
*In the Prop Room on top of the piano, there is a piece of music with some notes highlighted in blue. These notes spell out "Catch a bad egg ace" if read.

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