List of City College of New York alumni

List of City College of New York alumni

= Notable alumni =

Nobel laureates

*Julius Axelrod 1933 - 1970 Nobel laureate in Medicine
*Kenneth Arrow 1940 - 1972 Nobel laureate in Economics
*Herbert Hauptman 1937 - 1985 Nobel laureate in Chemistry
*Robert Hofstadter 1935 - 1961 Nobel laureate in Physics
*Jerome Karle 1937 - 1985 Nobel laureate in Chemistry
*Arthur Kornberg 1937 - 1959 Nobel laureate in Medicine
*Leon M. Lederman 1943 - 1988 Nobel laureate in Physics
*Arno Penzias 1954 - 1978 Nobel laureate in Physics
*Robert J. Aumann 1950 - 2005 Nobel laureate in Economics

Rhodes Scholars

*James T. Molloy 1939
*Lev A. Sviridov 2005

Fulbright Scholars

*Vera Grant 1995
*Vivian Ka 2000

Truman Scholars

*Charles Claudio Simpkins 2005
*David LV Bauer 2007


*Matthew Goldstein, Current chancellor of the City University of New York.

Politics, government, and sociology

*Herman Badillo 1951, former Congressman and Chairman of CUNY's Board of Trustees, an architect of the University's academic rebirth
*Daniel Bell - sociologist, professor at Harvard University
*Bernard M. Baruch 1889 - Wall Street financier and adviser to American Presidents for 40 years, from Woodrow Wilson to John F. Kennedy
*Abraham D. Beame 1928 - mayor of New York City, 1974 to 1977
*Stephen Bronner - political theorist, Marxist, professor at Rutgers University
*Upendra J. Chivukula - first Asian American elected to the New Jersey General Assembly
*Henry Cohen 1943 - Director, Föhrenwald DP Camp; Founding Dean the Milano School for Management and Urban Policy at the The New School
*Felix Frankfurter 1902 - justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, January 30, 1939–August 28, 1962
*George Friedman - founder of Stratfor, author, professor of Political Science, security and defense analyst
*Nathan Glazer - neoconservative political pundit
*Irving Howe - coined the phrase "New York Jewish Intellectual"
*Henry Kissinger - Nobel Peace Prize and Secretary of State, National Security Advisor (did not graduate)
*Ed Koch 1945 - mayor of New York City, 1978 to 1989
*Irving Kristol 1940 - neoconservative pundit
*Abraham Foxman - National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
*Robert T. Johnson 1972 - Bronx District Attorney
*Melvin J. Lasky 1938 - anti-communist, editor of Encounter 1958 to 1991
*Guillermo Linares 1975 - the first Dominican-American New York City Council Member
*Colin L. Powell - United States Secretary of State (2001 – 2005; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989 – 1993) and U.S. Army General; National Security Advisor (1987 – 1989)
*{Sal Restivo} 1965 - Pioneer ethnographer of science, one of the founders of the sociology of mathematics, founding member and former president of the Society for Social Studies of Science.
*Julius Rosenberg - infamous convicted spy during the Cold War
*Robert F. Wagner Sr. - United States Senator from New York, 1927 to 1949
*Michele Wallace 1975 - a major figure in African-American studies, feminist studies and cultural studies
*Stephen Samuel Wise 1891- Reform rabbi, early Zionist and social justice activist.

The arts

*Maurice Ashley 1993 - the first African-American International Chess Grandmaster.
*Paddy Chayevsky - famed playwright and screenwriter, wrote "Marty," "Hospital" and "Altered States"
*Ira Gershwin 1918 - American lyricist, collaborator with, and brother of George Gershwin
*Marv Goldberg 1964 - Music historian in the field of rhythm & blues
*Hazelle Goodman 1986 - Stage, screen and TV actress, was the first African-American to hold a leading role in a Woody Allen film, Deconstructing Harry.
*Sterling Morrison 1970 - Musician, co-founder of "The Velvet Underground"
*Arthur Guiterman, humorous poet
*Ben Shahn - artist
*Luis Guzmán - actor
*E.Y. "Yip" Harburg 1918 - American lyricist ("The Wizard of Oz, Finian's Rainbow", others)
*Judd Hirsch 1960 - American actor
*David Margulies - actor
*Zero Mostel 1935 - actor
*Edward G. Robinson 1914 - actor
*Frank J. Sciame 1974- architect
*Richard Schiff 1983 - Emmy award winning actor and a star of "The West Wing" (his character, Toby Ziegler, also attended CCNY)
*Alfred Stieglitz 1884- photographer
*Eli Wallach 1938 (MA) - actor
*William Gati, AIA 1981,1982,1984 (BS, BArch, MArch) - Architect and Educator
*Ernest Lehman 1937 (BS) - Screenwriter ("North by Northwest," "The Sound of Music," "Sweet Smell of Success," "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?")

Literature and journalism

*Alan Abelson 1942 - columnist, former editor, Barron's
*Joe Cioffi 1982- Meteorologist. Initially worked at KRIS-TV in Texas and WVUE-TV in Louisiana later reporting on the weather for News 12 in Long Island and he is now currently doing weather for WPIX-TV in New York.
*Morris Raphael Cohen- Philosopher, lawyer, and legal scholar
*Oscar Hijuelos 1975 - won the 1990 Pulitzer Prize for his novel "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love"
*A.M. Rosenthal 1949, former Executive Editor of The New York Times.
*Mario Puzo - bestselling novelist, screenwriter "The Godfather"
*Walter Mosley 1991 MA, best-selling author whose novels about private eye Easy Rawlins have received Edgar and Golden Dagger Awards.
*Paul Levinson - author of "The Plot to Save Socrates" and "The Silk Code" (winner, Locus Award, 1999)
*Michael Oreskes 1975 - Executive Editor of The International Herald Tribune
*Henry Roth - novelist "Call It Sleep", considered one of the best novels on the Jewish immigrant experience.
*Upton Sinclair 1897 (BA) - Author ( "The Jungle (1906)" )
*Dan Daniel 1910 - Dean of American Sportswriters
*Gary Weiss 1975 - Investigative Journalist, Author ( "Born to Steal (2003)," "Wall Street Versus America (2006)" )
*Jack Kroll 1937 - culture editor, Newsweek
*Stephen Shepard 1961 - editor in chief, Business Week
*Robert Scheer
*Bernard Malamud 1936 (BA) - Author (won the 1967 Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award for his novel "The Fixer", and another National Book Award for "The Magic Barrel", also wrote "The Natural" (1952) )
*A.H. Raskin, former labor editor, The New York Times.
*Anatole Shub, editor and journalist specializing in Eastern European matters.
*Robert Sobel 1951 (BSS), 1952 (MA), best-selling author of business histories.

cience and technology

*Solomon Asch - psychologist, known for the Asch conformity experiments
*Julius Blank - engineer, member of the Traitorous Eight that founded Silicon Valley
*Adin Falkoff - engineer, computer scientist, co-inventor of the APL language interactive system
*George Washington Goethals 1887 - civil engineer, best known for his supervision of construction and the opening of the Panama Canal
*Dan Goldin 1962 - served as the 9th and longest-tenured administrator of NASA.
*Robert E. Kahn 1960 - Internet pioneer, co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol, co-recipient of the Turing Award in 2004
*Gary A. Klein 1964 - research psychologist, known for pioneering the field of naturalistic decision making
*Leonard Kleinrock 1957 - Internet pioneer
*Solomon Kullback - Mathematician; NSA cryptology pioneer
*Michael A. Liguori 1979 - listed among the New York area's 100 best primary care doctors by New York Magazine
*Albert Medwin 1949 BSEE - engineer and inventor, developed CMOS integrated circuit technology
*Lewis Mumford - historian of technology
*Charles Lane Poor - noted astronomer
*Howard Rosenblum 1950 BSEE - NSA Engineer; developer of the STU (Secure Telephone Unit)
*Mario Runco, Jr. 1974 - astronaut.
*Jonas Salk 1934 - inventor of the Salk vaccine (see polio vaccine)
*Philip H. Sechzer 1934 - anesthesiologist, pioneer in pain management; inventor of patient-controlled analgesia (PCA)
*Abraham Sinkov - Mathematician; NSA (National Security Agency) cryptology pioneer
*David B. Steinman 1906 - engineer; bridge designer (Class 1906)
*Leonard Susskind 1962 - physicist, string theory


*Jonathan Better 1949 - real estate investor.
*Robert Catell 1958 - CEO of KeySpan.
*Andrew Grove 1960 - 4th employee of Intel, and eventually its president, CEO, and chairman, and TIME magazine's Man of the Year in 1997, who donated $26,000,000 to CCNY's Grove School of Engineering in 2006.
*Stanley H. Kaplan 1939 - founded Kaplan Educational Services.
*Jack Rudin 1941 - real estate developer.
*Frank J. Sciame 1974 - architect and developer.
*Melvin Simon 1949 - real estate developer, co-founder of Simon Property Group.
*Linda Kaplan Thaler 1972, the CEO of the fastest growing ad agency in New York, brought us the Aflac Duck.


*Red Holzman 1942 - legendary basketball coach for the New York Knicks.
*Holcombe Rucker 1962 - organizer and namesake of the [ Rucker Tournament]


*Lennie Briscoe (unknown) - character from the TV show "Law & Order"
*Brian Flanagan (unknown) - character from the 1988 film "Cocktail"
*Gordon Gekko (unknown) - character from the 1987 film "Wall Street"
*Toby Ziegler (unknown) - character from the TV show "The West Wing"
*Nancy (unknown) - character from the 1971 film "Bananas


References and Further Reading

* S. Willis Rudy, "College of the City of New York 1847-1947", 1949.
*James Traub, "City on a Hill: Testing the American Dream at City College", 1994.
* Paul David Pearson, "The City College of New York: 150 years of academic architecture", 1997.
* Sandra S. Roff, et al., " [ From the Free Academy to Cuny: Illustrating Public Higher Education in New York City, 1847-1997] ", 2000.

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