Timeline of British history (1000–1499)

Timeline of British history (1000–1499)

This article presents a timeline of events in British history from 1000 AD until 1499 AD.

Timeline of British history (Before 1000) Timeline of British history (1500-1599)

1000 AD - 1499 AD

11th Century

* 1034 Death of King Malcolm II of Scotland, Duncan I accedes to the Scottish throne
* 1035 Death of Cnut
* 1040 Death of Harold Harefoot, his brother Harthacnut accedes to the English throne
* 1042 Death of Harthacnut, Edward the Confessor accedes to the English throne
* 1066 Death of Edward the Confessor in January, Harold II accedes to the English throne. Norman invasion and conquest of England, Harold II is killed and William the Conqueror becomes King of England
* 1086 Work commences on the Domesday Book
* 1087 Death of William the Conqueror
* 1093 Death of Malcolm III of Scotland in battle against the English
* 1100 Death of William II, Henry I accedes to the throne of England

12th Century

* 1135 Death of Henry I, accession of King Stephen to English throne
* 1137 Beginning of a civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda over the succession to the English throne
* 1154 Death of King Stephen, accession of Henry II to English throne
* 1164 Constitutions of Clarendon, a set of laws which governs the trial of members of the Church in England
* 1170 Assassination of Thomas a Becket
* 1189 Death of Henry II, Richard I accedes to the English throne.
* 1192 Richard is captured by Duke Leopold of Austria whilst returning from the Crusades
* 1194 Richard is ransomed and returns to England
* 1199 Death of Richard I, King John accedes to the English throne

13th Century

*1209 King John excommunicated by Pope Innocent III
*1215 Signing of the Magna Carta
*1216 Death of King John, Henry III accedes to the throne of England
*1237 Border between Scotland and England established by the Treaty of York
*1263 Scotland defeats Norway at the Battle of Largs
*1264 Simon de Montfort leads rebel English barons to defeat Henry III at the Battle of Lewes
*1266 Scotland and Norway sign the Treaty of Perth under which Scottish control of the Western Isles is acknowledged
*1272 Death of Henry III, Edward I accedes to the English throne
*1277 England annexes Wales a state of affairs which lasted until 1283
*1279 Statute of Mortmain
*1282 English conquest of Wales
*1297 William Wallace and the Scots defeat the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge

14th Century

* 1305 Capture and execution of Scottish resistance fighter William Wallace by the English on a charge of treason
* 1307 Death of Edward I, Edward II accedes to the English throne
* 1314 Decisive victory for Scotland over England at the Battle of Bannockburn
* 1327 Edward III usurps the English throne in January, Edward II is killed in September
* 1328 England recognises Scotland's independence in the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton
* 1338 Edward III claims the throne of France, initiating the Hundred Years' War
* 1348 The Black Death first arrives in England and ultimately kills c. one third of the population
* 1356 Battle of Poitiers
* 1377 Death of Edward III, his Grandson Richard II accedes to the English throne
* 1381 Peasants' Revolt of 1381
* 1392 Great Act of Praemunire
* 1399 Henry Bolingbroke usurps the English throne becoming Henry IV

15th Century

* 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury
* 1413 Death of Henry IV, Henry V accedes to the English throne
* 1415 Battle of Agincourt
* 1422 Death of Henry V, Henry VI accedes to the English and French thrones
* 1461 Edward IV usurps the English throne, Henry VI continues his fight
* 1468 Last great acquisition of territory by Scotland when Orkney and Shetland come under Scottish control
* 1470 Henry VI is restored to his throne in October
* 1471 Henry VI is murdered and Edward IV is restored to the English throne
* 1483 Death of Edward IV, Edward V accedes to the English throne. However, in June Edward V is declared illegitimate and disappears. Richard III accedes to the English throne
* August 22 1485 The Battle of Bosworth Field ends the Yorkist reign of Richard III and ushers in Tudor reign over England, with the reign of Henry VII.
* 1487 The Battle of Stoke is fought between Henry VII and Lambert Simnel a Yorkist claimant to the throne. It is the last battle of the Wars of the Roses

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