Elevator (disambiguation)

Elevator (disambiguation)

Elevator may refer to:
*Elevator, a transportation device also called a "lift", for the vertical movement of goods or people, typically within a building
*Elevators (drilling rig), a device used for lifting the drill string on a drilling rig.
*Elevator (aircraft), a control surface of an airplane used to control its attitude in pitch
*Grain elevator, a structure for storing grain safely above ground level
*Elevator (band), a Canadian band
*""Elevator"", album released in 1979 by the Rollers (Bay City Rollers)
*"Elevator" (album), album released in 2005 by the band Hot Hot Heat
*"Elevator", a song by Burning Brides from their 2001 album "Fall of the Plastic Empire"
*"Elevator", a song by Box Car Racer from their self-titled 2001 album.
*"Elevators (Me & You), a song by OutKast from their album ATLiens
*"Elevator (song), a song by Flo Rida, featuring Timbaland

ee also

*Dumbwaiter (elevator)
*Elevator music
*Elevator paradox
*Elevator pitch
*Elevator shoe
*Elevator algorithm
*Mood elevator
*Space elevator

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