Car (disambiguation)

Car (disambiguation)

A car is a type of vehicle, most often in American English an automobile.

Car may also refer to:



* Railroad car, a vehicle on a train that is not a locomotive
* Archaic for:
** Chariot
** Carriage
** Cart
* The cab of an elevator
* A vehicle on a tram (trolley)


* Canadian Atlantic Railway, a Canadian and U.S. railway existing from 1988 to 1994
* Canadian Aviation Regulations, the rules governing civil aviation in Canada
* Caribou Municipal Airport, an airport in Maine with the IATA code CAR
* Avis Budget Group, a car rental company known as CAR on the New York Stock Exchange

Media and entertainment

* "Cars", 2006 computer animated film from Disney and Pixar
* "Cars" (video game), a video game based on the film
* The Cars, a musical group
* "Cars" (song), a 1979 single by Gary Numan
* "Car", a song by Built to Spill on their 1994 album "There's Nothing Wrong with Love"
* "The Car", a song by Jeff Carson on his 1995 album "Jeff Carson"
* "Cars" (Fear Factory cover), a single by Fear Factory
* "Peter Gabriel" (1977 album), one of four albums named "Peter Gabriel", often referred to as "Car" because of the photograph on the album cover
* "The Car", a 1977 suspense-horror film
* "Car Magazine", a British auto-enthusiast publication.

Geography and politics

* Central African Republic
* Cordillera Administrative Region, a region of the Philippines
* Car, Azerbaijan, a village
* Action Committee for Renewal, a political party of Togo

Economics and finance

* Capital adequacy ratio, a ratio of a bank's capital to its risk
* Cost Accrual Ratio, an accounting formula
* Cumulative average return, a financial concept related to the time value of money


* Colt Automatic Rifle, a 5.56 mm NATO firearm
* CAR-15, a family of AR-15 and M16 rifle-based firearms
* Center Axis Relock, a shooting technique


* The Canadian Airborne Regiment, a Canadian Forces formation
* Combat Action Ribbon, a United States military decoration


* Confederation of African Rugby, the governing body for rugby unions in Africa
* Carolina Panthers, a football team

Other meanings

* Car (mythology), the leader of the Carians
* Car language, the most widely spoken of the Nicobarese languages
* CAR and CDR, operations used in computer programming
* Canonical anticommutation relation, a concept in quantum field theory
* Central apparatus room, an equipment room found at broadcasting facilities
* Children of the American Revolution, a genealogical society
* Computer-assisted reporting, the use of computers in researching news stories
* Carina (constellation)
* Club Automobile de Rallye of Mauritius, a member of the FIA
* Center Axis Relock
* CAR (for Cocksackie Adenovirus Receptor), alternative symbol for the human gene CXADR
* Constitutive androstane receptor

ee also

* Truck
* Carr
* Cars

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