Fountain (disambiguation)

Fountain (disambiguation)

A fountain is a source of water.

Fountain may also refer to:
* Soda fountain, carbonated drink dispenser
* Space fountain, proposed form of space elevator
* Musical fountain, animated fountain created by the effects of sound waves and laser against water
* Fountain of Youth, legendary spring that reputedly restores youth
* Fountain pen, writing instrument


;United States
* Fountain, Colorado
* Fountain, Indiana, unincorporated town
** Fontanet, Indiana, also known as Fountain
* Fountain County, Indiana
* Fountain, Michigan
* Fountain, Minnesota
* Fountain, North Carolina
* Fountain, Wisconsin
* Fountain Hill (disambiguation), several places
* Fountain Square, Cincinnati, city square in Cincinnati, Ohio
* Fountain Valley, California

* Fountain, British Columbia, home to the Cac'lip First Nation (also known as the Fountain Indian Band)
* Fountain Valley (British Columbia), aka the Fountain Lakes Valley or Three Lake Valley, a valley and rural community located to the south of Fountain, British Columbia;United Kingdom
* Fountainhall in the Scottish Borders


*Albert Jennings Fountain (1838–1896), lawyer, Indian fighter, and Republican politician in Texas
*Pete Fountain (born 1930), New Orleans clarinetist


* "Fountain" (Duchamp), artwork by Marcel Duchamp
* "The Fountain" (film), 2006 film directed by Darren Aronofsky
** "The Fountain" (graphic novel), based on Aronofsky's original screenplay for the film
*"The Fountain" (play), by Eugene O'Neill

Other uses

*Fountain First Nation, British Columbia, Canada
* Fountain (juggling), juggling pattern in which the objects are not thrown between the hands
* Fountains Abbey, ruined Cistercian monastery in Yorkshire, England
* Fountains Fell, mountain in North Yorkshire, England
* A roundel with wavy blue and white stripes in heraldry

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