Smile FM

Smile FM
Smile FM
Slogan "Michigan's Positive Hits"
Format Religious; Contemporary Christian
Owner Superior Communications

Smile FM is a network of 19 non-commercial, contemporary Christian radio stations. Most programming originates from studios in Williamston, Michigan (just east of Lansing, Michigan) and is relayed (with local inserts) by an expanding number of stations throughout the state. The network also has studios in Imlay City, MI.

While currently a Michigan only network, Smile FM has submitted applications for future stations in several other states.

Smile FM was originally two separate networks. The first, The Light, was founded on December 2, 1996 when WLGH Lansing, Michigan began broadcasting. The second, Joy FM, began on December 12, 2000 with WHYT (now WWKM), Imlay City, Michigan. While both played contemporary Christian music, The Light aimed for a younger audience. In June 2004 the two networks were combined to form Smile FM in a "wedding ceremony" conducted at Oldsmobile Park in Lansing. The new name eliminated confusion since many other unrelated stations used The Light and Joy FM names.

The network is notable for putting stations on the air at a low cost. They lease existing towers and use voice tracking. This allows the network to operate with a minimal number of employees. Unlike many Christian stations, they play music with only a few short breaks for weather, news, announcements and features. Smile FM has also pioneered the use of new technology to help distribute and customize its programming, including developing an emergency weather notification system that is faster and more reliable than the required EAS system (which they also operate).

The network's stations, although having the same ownership, are officially owned by one of three Non-Profit entities: Superior Communications, Michigan Community Radio, and Northland Community Broadcasters. All three Non-Profit entities were founded by Jennifer and Edward Czelada. WCZE 103.7 Harbor Beach is the only commercial station. WCZE is currently airing the Smile FM non-commercial programming. Under the name of Smile FM applications for eight additional stations were filed with the FCC in the fall of 2007.

In January 2008, Smile FM established WWKM Imlay City as the flagship of the new Smile FM Praise network. Previously, the station had broadcast traditional Christian music and hymns. The new network played Christian contemporary worship music. Some of the current Smile FM stations with overlapping coverage areas. The Smile FM Praise experiment was ended in 2009.

The owners have often recycled the call letters of famous Michigan stations of the past for their stations. WDTR (now WRCJ) and WHYT (now WDVD) were once used by Detroit stations. WTAC (now WSNL) was the leading top 40 station in Flint during the 1960s (and, ironically, a pioneering contemporary Christian station during the 1980s). WKPK was used by a popular top 40 station of the 1980s and 1990s in northern Michigan (now WSRT). WAIR was an oldies station in northern Michigan (now WFCX) and the calls were also used for a construction permit for a station in Honor (now WSRJ). WWKM was a now-defunct station in Harrison (and Smile FM's 88.5 FM station in the Alpena area, WSFP, once bore the calls of WWKM's sister station WKKM, which is now WTWS in Houghton Lake).

Others were named for the original formats of the stations. WLGH and WTLI were The Light. All of the stations beginning with WJ were in or scheduled to be in the Joy FM network. WCZE stands for the first three letters of Czelada.


On-air staff

  • Jennifer Czelada (Morning Expresso from Imlay City)
  • Brian Dumont (Morning Expresso from Lansing)
  • Dennis
  • Rob Dale (Weather; former WLNS meteorologist)
  • Melissa Proffit (News headlines)
  • Andy Delancey (News headlines)
  • Faron Dice
  • Rob Dempsey
  • Elly Singer

Smile FM Network Stations

Stations owned and operated by Smile FM include:

  • WLGH 88.1 Leroy Twp./Lansing (east of Lansing) 6.8 kW 571'
  • WSMF 88.1 Monroe (Serving Monroe and Downriver Detroit) 1.2 127'
  • WHYT 88.1 Goodland Twp./Imlay City 400w 581' (CP 12.5 kW)
  • WEJC 88.3 White Star/Auburn 55 kW 374' (CP 80 kW)
  • WKPK 88.3 Michigamme/Marquette 15 kW 866'
  • WSMZ 88.3 Crystal Valley/Hart 1500w 443'
  • WJOM 88.5 Eagle/Lansing (west of Lansing) 4.3 kW 98' (CP 25 kW)
  • WSFP 88.5 Rust Twp./Alpena 480w 472' (CP 88.1 18 kW 143m Harrisville/Alpena 9/14/2010)
  • WSIS 88.7 Riverside/Benton Harbor 6 kW 377'
  • WDTR 89.1 Imlay City 1.5 kW 171' (CP granted 8/26/2009 for 6 kW on 88.9 from a tower near Oxford)
  • WTLI 89.3 Bear Creek Twp./Boyne City 17 kW 1023' (CP 50 kW)
  • WDTP 89.5 Huron Charter Township, Michigan 750w 90m
  • WJOJ 89.7 Harrisville/Alpena 31 kW 453' (CP Rust Twp./Alpena no other change)
  • WTAC 89.7 Burton/Flint 15 kW 110m
  • WSLI 90.9 Belding 11.5 kW 240'
  • WJOG 91.3 Good Hart/Petoskey 6 kW 623'
  • WJOH 91.5 Raco/Soo 5.5 kW 328'
  • WCZE 103.7 Harbor Beach/Thumb Area 43 kW 528'
  • WAIR 104.9 Lake City/Cadillac 1.6 kW 489'

Future Stations

Future Stations approved by the FCC:

  • WDTE 88.3 Grosse Pointe Shores 5500w 50m [1] (CP granted 6/5/2009)
  • WSMB 89.3 Harbor Beach, Michigan 12 kW (CP granted 10/26/2009)
  • WVMV 91.5 China Township 1050w 250m [2] (CP granted 3/23/2009)
  • WSMO 91.9 Mount Forest, Michigan 3.8 kW 100M (CP granted 9/9/2010)


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