List of Ottoman Ministers of Finance

List of Ottoman Ministers of Finance

This is a list of the top officials in charge of the finances of the Ottoman Empire, called Defterdar (book-holder) between 14th-19th centuries and Maliye Naziri (Minister of Finance) between 19th and 20th centuries.


History of the Office

The exact date of the formal establishment of the office is unknown.[1] According to some sources, the first defterdar was the Kadı (judge) of Mihaliç, Çelebi bin Mehmed, appointed in 1359-1360, during the reign of Murad I.[1] During the reign of Bayezid I (1389-1402), the poet Zahiri is mentioned as the defterdar.[1]

Rank and title

In the classical period, the finances of the Empire were organized under a single Defterdar, literally the main book holder, in charge of a single imperial treasury (Hazine-i Amire). Starting in 1793, smaller treasuries independent of the imperial treasury were organized, each with a separate defterdar in charge. In 1837, a modern ministry was founded under the name of Maliye Nezareti, merging most of the independent treasuries back to the Imperial Treasury. In 1840, the merging of the remaining independent treasuries was completed.[2]

Ministers of Finance in the classical period were called Defterdar, were members of the Divan and held rank higher than agha (military commander of the central organization, situated in Istanbul) and bey (provincial governor), lower than vizier and kadıasker (chief judge).[3] Starting from 1837, Ministers of Finance were called Maliye Nazırı, held the rank of vizier and were titled Pasha.[2]

List of Defterdars

The office of the Defterdar continued until 1837.[2]

Reign of Sultan Mehmed II

  • Titrek Sinan Çelebi (1452-1459)
  • Hekim Yakup Pasha (1459)
  • Osman Çelebi (1461)
  • Fenarı-zade Ahmed Çelebi (1474-1479)
  • Nureddin Hamza Ibn-i Ali Efendi(Leys Çelebi) (1479-1482)

Reign of Sultan Bayezid II

  • Feylezof-zade Ahmed Çelebi (1482-1485)
  • Isa Fakih (1485-1486)
  • Nureddin Hamza Ibn-i Ali Efendi (Leys Çelebi) (1486-1492), appointed 2nd time
  • Cendereci-zade/Çandarlı Şemseddin (1492-1495)
  • Nureddin Hamza Ibn-i Ali Efendi (Leys Çelebi) (1495-1499), appointed 3rd time
  • Ahmed Çelebi (1499-1501)
  • Hüseyin Çelebi (1501-1502)
  • Taci Bey (1502)
  • Nureddin Hamza Ibn-i Ali Efendi (Leys Çelebi) (1502-1504), appointed 4th time
  • Cezeri-zade Koca Kasım Safı Çelebi (1504)
  • Hüsameddin Çelebi (1511)
  • Piri Mehmed Çelebi (1511)

Reign of Sultan Selim I

  • Piri Mehmed Çelebi (1512-1520), continued from previous reign
  • Şemsi Bey/Pasha (1514-1516)
  • Iskender Çelebi (1516-1517)
  • Çömlekçi-zade Kemalettin Çelebi (1517-1518)
  • Hoca-zade Mehmed Çelebi (1518-1519)
  • Abdülkerim-zade Abdülvahhab Hayali Çelebi (1519)
  • Cezeri-zade Koca Kasım Safı Çelebi/Pasha (1519), appointed 2nd time
  • Ahmed Çelebi (1519-1520), restored 2nd time

Reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent

  • Ahmed Çelebi (1520-1521), continued from previous reign
  • Mehmed Çelebi (1521-1525)
  • Abdülselam Çelebi (1525)
  • Iskender Çelebi (1525-March 1535 [4])
  • Mustafa Çelebi (1534-1536)
  • Ramazan-zade Yeşilce Mehmed Çelebi (1536-1537)
  • Nazlı Mahmud Çelebi (1537-1542)
  • Ibrahim Çelebi/Pasha (1542-1544)
  • Nazlı Mahmud Çelebi (1544-1546), appointed 2nd time
  • Sinan Çelebi Pasha (1546-1548)
  • Çivi-zade Abdullah/Abdi Çelebi (1548-1553)
  • Lütfi Bey/Çelebi (1553-1556)
  • Hasan Çelebi (1556-1557)
  • Muytab-zade Ahmed Çelebi (1557)
  • Eğri Abdi-zade Mehmed Bey/Çelebi (1557-1561)
  • Baba Nakkaş-zade Derviş Çelebi (1561-1562)
  • Murad Çelebi (1562-1566)

Reign of Sultan Selim II

  • Murad Çelebi (1566), continued from previous reign
  • Ebu'l-fazl Mehmed Çelebi (1566-1569)
  • Baba Nakkaş-zade Derviş Çelebi (1569-1573), appointed 2nd time
  • Lale-i izar/Lalezar-zade/Laleli-zade Mehmed Çelebi (1573-1574)

Reign of Murad III

  • Kara Üveys Pasha (1574-1578)
  • Lale-i izar/Lalezar-zade/Laleli-zade Mehmed Çelebi (1578-1581), appointed 2nd time
  • Kara Üveys Pasha (1581-1582), appointed 2nd time
  • Okçu-zade Mehmed Pasha (1582)
  • Hacı Ibrahim Efendi/Pasha (1582-1583)
  • Mahmud Efendi/Çelebi (1583-1585)
  • Hüsrev Bey (1585)
  • Burhaneddin Efendi/Pasha (1585-1586)
  • Kara Üveys Pasha/Hoca Pasha (1586-1587), appointed 3rd time
  • Ramazan Efendi/Pasha (1587)
  • Hacı Ibrahim Efendi/Pasha (1587-1588)
  • Ramazan Efendi/Pasha (1588), appointed 2nd time
  • Mahmud Efendi/Çelebi (1588-1589), appointed 2nd time
  • Şerif/Seyyid/Emir Mehmed Efendi/Pasha (1589-1593)
  • Hacı Ibrahim Efendi/Pasha (1593-1594)
  • Nuh Pasha (1594-1595)

Reign of Sultan Mehmed III

  • Baş-Hasan Efendi/Pasha (1595)
  • Şerif/Seyyid/Emir Mehmed Efendi/Pasha (1595), appointed 2nd time
  • Mezbeleturpu Mahmud Efendi/Pasha (1595-1596)
  • Hacı Ibrahim Pasha (1596)
  • Ali Çavuş/Efendi (1596-1597)
  • Tophaneli Mahmud Efendi/Pasha (1597)
  • Ali Çavuş/Efendi (1597)
  • Tophaneli Mahmud Efendi/Pasha (1597-1598), appointed 2nd time
  • Tezkireci-zade Mahmud Pasha (1598-1599)
  • Burhaneddin Pasha (1599-1600)
  • Tophaneli Mahmud Efendi/Pasha (1600-1603)appointed 3rd time

Reign of Sultan Ahmed I

  • Tophaneli Mahmud Efendi/Pasha (1603), continued from previous reign
  • Musa Çelebi-zade Mehmed Pasha (1603-1604)
  • Hafız Mahmud Efendi (1604-1605)
  • Tophaneli Mahmud Efendi/Pasha (1605-1606), appointed 4th time
  • Etmekçi/Ekmekçi-zade Ahmed Pasha (1606-1613)
  • Lanka-zade Mustafa Efendi (1614-1615)
  • Abdülbaki/Baki Efendi/Pasha (1614-1615)
  • Lanka-zade Mustafa Efendi (1615-1616), appointed 2nd time
  • Rizeli Hasan Pasha (1617)

First Reign of Sultan Mustafa I

  • Rizeli Hasan Pasha (1618), continued from previous reign
  • Yahnikapan Abdulkerim Efendi/Pasha (1618)

Reign of Sultan Osman II

  • Yahnikapan Abdulkerim Efendi/Pasha (1619), continued from previous reign
  • Rizeli Hasan Pasha (1620-1621), appointed 2nd time
  • Abdulbaki/Baki Pasha (1621-1622), appointed 2nd time

Second Reign of Sultan Mustafa I

  • Rizeli Hasan Pasha (1622-1624), appointed 3rd time

Reign of Sultan Murad IV

  • Abdulbaki/Baki Pasha (1624-1625), appointed 3rd time
  • Yahnikapan Abdulkerim Pasha (1625), appointed 2nd time
  • Ebubekir Efendi/Pasha (1625)
  • Ömer Pasha (1625-1626)
  • Ebubekir Pasha (1626-1629), appointed 2nd time
  • Softa Mustafa Pasha (1629-1632)
  • Hüseyin Efendi (1632)
  • Prevezeli Mustafa Pasha (1632-1633)
  • Mostarlı Ibrahim Pasha (1633-1636)
  • Sofu Mehmed Pasha (1636-1639)
  • Defterdarzade Ibrahim Pasha (1639)

Reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II


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