Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack

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title = Sudden Attack

developer = flagicon|Republic of Korea GameHi
publisher = Netmarble (PC)
designer = GameHi
engine = Jupiter Game Engine
released = July 21 2005
genre = First-person shooter
modes = Multiplayer
ratings = 15+ (no blood), 18+ (blood)
platforms = PC
media = Download
requirements = 2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 64MB VRAM
input = Keyboard, mouse

"Sudden Attack" (Korean: 서든어택) is a free Korean first-person shooter game developed by GameHi. Anyone 15 or older with a South Korean citizenship registration number can create an account on Netmarble and play.


In the year 2017 a SA policeman is guided to protect a laboratory. He then sees a top secret file about the United Great Force's nuclear attack on the general population scheduled for 2019. He then is spotted. All the SA soldiers confront him but he fights back and manages to escape. He told everyone and the evidence of it. Then a group of former SA soldiers calling themselves the Tanziriro Independence Force fight the SA at South Water Defense Port. Hearing about this, people started to join them. Now they have a large army fight for control before the SA launch the nuclear assault.


There are two teams in the game, red and blue. Red is the Tanziriro Independence Force (Silent Fox corps) while blue is the United Great Force (SA Anti-terrorist Police) The weapon configuration is as follows: primary weapon, secondary weapon, knife, grenade, bomb defusal kit.

Clan Match

In order for any player to create a clan, he or she must be at least 18 years of age, which is determined through the ID of the player and their social security number. Clan matches are held between Sudden Attack clans. They can range from a minimum of four team members to eight members. All clan matches take place in item retrieval or bomb/defuse maps. Winning a clan match is determined by the number of rounds won; if both teams won 5 each, then the winner is determined by the team that planted/defused the bomb more. If that fails to break the tie, then the team with more kills wins, and if the kills are the same, it's a tie.

Game Modes

There are currently four types of game modes: Team Deathmatch, Bomb/Defuse(mission), Item Retrieval (similar to capture/defend the flag), Property Defense (similar to king of the hill), and Submission. There can be up to 8 people on a team. The Team Deathmatch mode is red versus blue with the winning team decided by number of kills. The Bomb/Defuse mode is where the red team attempts to destroy a target with a timed bomb, while the blue team tries to prevent target from being destroyed. The Item Retrieval mode is when the red team attempts to prevent certain mission items from being taken by the blue team while blue team attempts to retrieve mission items and take to a safe area. Both the Bomb/Defuse and the Item Retrieval type games can be ended by eliminating all opposing forces. The Property Defense mode is where either the red team or the blue team must be in possession of a property for a certain amount of time.and Submission is when you are only allowed to use knife.The number of rounds from the four types of game modes differ. Team Deathmatches have only one round in which players "fight to the death." However, Item Retrieval and Bomb/Defuse games have short time limits and go anywhere from 3 to 9 rounds, depending on the room master's choice.Also, all modes except knife match can have limited weapon options of Pistol Match (pistol and knife only) and Knife Match (knife only), which can be set by room master.

Lists of Maps (Sorted by Type, Then By Alphabet)

Team Deathmatch
* Burning River - A long suspension bridge with an underground passage.
* Gateway - An Arabic-themed map with a marketplace and temple.
* G-Cube - A futuristic map that features a large low-gravity room.
* One Way - A long, dim street peppered with obstacles.
* Power plant - A power plant with control rooms and a back storage area.
* Royal Road - A two-floor shootout at the Royal Garden Hotel hall.
* Shark Tail - A ice-locked ship with underwater and on-deck battle areas.
* Submarine - An enclosed map with a submarine and three floors of fighting.
* Warehouse - The smallest map, close quarters combat focused settings. Very quick and intense gameplay is executed.

* Airport - One of the largest maps in Sudden Attack, the red team must bomb either transport copter or a control tower.
* City Cat - A Japanese city theme map. Targets are white transport truck and large supply crate.
* Dragonroad - A map with a Chinese theme, the red team must bomb either of two sets of supply crates.
* Emble Lab - A futuristic lab-styled map. The lab control room and equipment room are possible targets.
* Frozen City - A large snowy city which has underground passages. Power generators are the possible targets.
* Ocean Station - A sea-bound station, which features a red team helidrop into water. The targets are a control panel or a supply room.
* Old Town - An old-European style town. The targets are two power generators.
* Poseidon - An underwater mining base. The targets are the mining conveyor belt controls or a central control room. Name was most likely based on from the famous story of Poseidon, a ship sinking with a theme similar to Titanic.
* Provence - Another old-European style town. The targets are a rocket launch site or a control panel.
* The 3rd Supply Base - One of the most popular maps. The targets are two different supply sites.
* White Squall - Another European town. The targets are one of two generators.

Item Retrieval
* Club Night - A nightclub with back alleyways. The two items are located within the nightclub.
* Golden Eye - A pagoda-like structure that houses two items to be retrieved. This map is probably named after the 007 movie, "Golden Eye". At the end of the movie, James Bond fights in a Japanese themed structure, similar to the one in the game.

Property Defense
* Aqua Bullet - A town river setting, where target is located in the middle of the map surrounded by water
* Rush - An Europe base where there are critical energy source. Mission is to take over the energy source, which is at the middle of the map.
* Stormville - An African city, the property to be captured is a radio tower, located in the middle of the map.

* Mad Cage - A small arena inside a cage. Not allowed to use any ranged materials. Only allowed to use Knife. ( Allowed to use any type of knives )
* Monkey Garden- A mix of Property Defense and Knife Match. Once a person successfully captures the property, the person receives random pistol. (No alternate skin or beretta 93)

Level System

Players earn experience for battles which they participate in. The ranking/level system is similar to the Republic of Korea's military rank system.

* Trainee (Skull)
* Private ~ Sergeant (1~4 Bars)
* Staff Sergeant ~ Sergeant Major (1~3 Chevrons with Sublevels [Marks] )
* Second Lieutenant ~ Captain (1~3 Diamonds with Sublevels [Hash marks] )
* Major ~ Colonel (1~3 Flowers with Sublevels [Hash marks] )
* Brigadier General ~ General of the Army (1~5 Stars) Note: These are the top/elite players, and their experience requirements differ as the top continually increase their stats.

As players amass experience, levels are gained. Experience requirements for levels get successively larger. The amount of the points given are depend on what type of game is played (deathmatch, bomb/defusal, item retrieval, property defense, and submission) For deathmatch, players are given 10 points for killing an enemy, -2 points for getting killed. For bomb/defsual, players receive 10 points for killing an enemy, and are deducted 3 points for getting killed, 20 points is awarded to all players for winning a round (i.e. elimination the enemy team), and 50 points to whoever successfully plants a bomb. For item retrieval, the amount of points received and deducted is the same as bomb/defusal. The only different is that if red team wins a round, all players receive 35 points. If blue team wins a round (by eliminating enemy team) they all receive 25 points. Since the goal of the game is to retrieve items, and there are two total, each item retrieved gives the player 35 points. There is an option of destroying one of the items which results in a loss of 5 points for the player who destroyed the items, and each round won with items retrieved all players receive 35 points. For property defense, the amount of points received and deducted is the same as bomb/defusal and item retrieval. But, for winning the whole match, all players on the winning team receive 20 points. For submission, it is the same point system as property defense. Points and cash are the game currencies (look below), and experience is roughly given as double the amount of points earned.

Monetary System

There are two types of currencies: cash and points. Cash is based on real money and can be charged in exchange for a monetary payment, cell phone billing or home phone billing as well. Points can be earned for playing games. Points and cash can be spent at the in-game shop. Points are used for buying weapons. Cash (which can be seen as a "premium user"-type feature) enables the purchase of in-game boosts (i.e. +10% points)and special bonus items, along with special team-specific outfits. Cash and points can also be earned through promotions such as corporate agreements between Netmarble and SK Telecom or KTF where a user can add his/her cellular phone number to a call list (essentially an advertising scheme).


New users are given a weapon pack and 10000 points upon making an account. These starter packs contain weapons with 15 days worth of use.

Weapons are bought on a time limit basis. For example, an M4A1 can be bought for 1400 points for one day use, 7000 points for a week of use, 28000 points for a month's use, and 70000 points for three month's use. If same weapon is purchased, number of days you have purchased are added to the weapon you already have.

* "(Standard)" Means that the labeled item is for unlimited use (i.e. default item).
* "(Alternate Skin)" Means that the labeled item is an item that has a different appearance, but same statistics as its normal counterpart. These "Alternate Skin" items are slightly more expensive.
* "(Lottery)" Means that the labeled item is available through a lottery 'mini-game' on the site that allows users to pay 7000 points and receive a weapon user selected for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year. (Exception: SOCOM-K and M4A1 Devgru are only available by lottery)
* "(PC)" Means that the labeled item is only available to PC bang patrons.

*Axe Knife
*Gurkha Knife
*Knife (Standard)
*Russian Machete
*Tiger Stripe

*B.92FS Black (Alternate Skin)
*C.USP (Standard)
*Double Barrel

Submachine Guns:
*SMG U101 (Standard)

Machine Gun:

Assault Rifles:
*AK-47 Black (Alternate Skin)
*GAL-1 (PC)
*M16 (Standard)
*M4A1 Carbine
*M4A1 CAMO (Alternate Skin)
*M4A1 Devgru (Alternate Skin) (Lottery)
*SCAR Sandstorm (Alternate Skin)
*SIG 556

Shot gun:
*ASG 12
*SG 870

Sniper Rifle:
*Scout SR-69 (Standard)
*SOCOM-K (Lottery)

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