Topic outline of machines

Topic outline of machines

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of machine topics."

Machines are devices that perform or assist in performing useful work. They normally require an energy source ("input") and accomplish some sort of mechanical work. The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to machines:

Essence of machines

: "Main article: Machine"

* Applied mechanics
* Machining, Machinist
* Mechanical engineering
* Mechanics
* Mechanism

Types of machines and automated devices

History of machines

: "Main article: History of machines"

* History of mechanical engineering

Basic machine-related concepts

* Automation
* Devices
* Fabrication
* Factory
* Machine shop
* Manufacturing
* Production line
* Tools

Machine operations

* Cutting
* Deformation
* Drilling
* Edge jointing
* Knurling
* Molding
* Sanding

Mechanical components

* Gear
* Rope
* Spring
* Wheel
* Axle
* Bearings
* Belts
* Seals
* Roller chains
* Link chains
* Rack and pinion
* Fastener
* Key


* Sail
* Wing
* Rudder
* Flap
* Propeller

Inventors and designers of machines

* Archimedes
* Banū Mūsā
* Jerome H. Lemelson
* Leonardo da Vinci
* Thomas Edison

Machine lists

: "Main article: List of machine topics"

* List of early flying machines
* List of basic robotics topics

See also

* Engineering
* Technology

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