Canal (anatomy)

Canal (anatomy)

In anatomy, a canal (or canalis in Latin) is a tubular passage or channel which connect different regions of the body.

Examples include:

* Head/Skull
** Infraorbital canal
** Alveolar canals
** Palatovaginal canal
** Greater palatine canal
** Incisive canals
** Mandibular canal
** Pterygoid canal
** Semicircular canal

* Pelvis, abdomen and thigh
** Adductor canal
** Femoral canal
** Inguinal canal
** Pudendal canal
** Obturator canal
** Anal canal

* Other
** Spinal canal


*"Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary", 27th ed. 1988 W.B. Saunders Company. Philadelphia, PA.

ee also

* Foramen
* Fossa
* Canaliculus

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