List of dragons in fantasy fiction

List of dragons in fantasy fiction

Fantasy fiction authors whose works have featured dragons as major plot elements include:

* Robert Asprin (the "Myth Adventures" series)
* Robin Wayne Bailey ("Dragonkin" series)
* Terry Brooks (the "Landover (Magic Kingdom)" series)
* Orson Scott Card ("Wyrms")
* Bruce Coville ("The Unicorn Chronicles" series)
* Bryan Davis (the "Dragons in Our Midst" series)
* Gordon R. Dickson ("The Dragon and the George" and sequels)
* Ann Downer, "Hatching Magic" and sequels
* Graham Edwards (Dragoncharm and sequels, Stone and Sky and sequels)
* Joe Ekaitis ("Collinsfort Village")
* Stephen Erikson (the "Malazan Books of the Fallen" series)
* Raymond Feist (the "Riftwar" saga)
* Craig Shaw Gardner (the "Dragon Circle" series)
* Terry Goodkind (the "Sword of Truth" series)
* Thorarinn Gunnarsson (the "Make Way for Dragons!" series)
* Barbara Hambly (the "Dragonsbane" series)
* Elizabeth Haydon (the "Symphony of Ages" series)
* Robin Hobb (the "Farseer Trilogy" series)
* Sherryl Jordan ("The Hunting of the Last Dragon")
* Elizabeth Kerner (the "Lanen Kaeler" series)
* Mercedes Lackey (the "Dragon Jousters" series)
* Ursula K. Le Guin ("A Wizard of Earthsea" and sequels)
* C. S. Lewis ("The Voyage of the" Dawn Treader)
* Roberta Ann MacAvoy ("Tea with the Black Dragon")
* Anne McCaffrey ("Dragonflight" and sequels)
* Robin McKinley ("The Hero and the Crown")
* George R. R. Martin ("A Song of Ice and Fire" series)
* Michael Moorcock ("Eternal Champion" series )
* Naomi Novik ("Temeraire" series)
* Christopher Paolini ("Inheritance Trilogy"). See: Dragon (Inheritance)
* Tamora Pierce (the "Tortall" series)
* Terry Pratchett ("Discworld" books). See Swamp dragon
* Melanie Rawn (The Dragon Prince series, which includes the "Dragon Prince" and "Dragon Star" trilogies)
* Emily Rodda (the "Dragons of Deltora" series)
* Christopher Rowley (the "Bazil Broketail series)
* J.K. Rowling ("Harry Potter" series)
* Darren Shan ("The Lake of Souls")
* Jeff Smith included them in his "Bone" series.
* J. R. R. Tolkien ("The Hobbit", "The Silmarillion" and related works). See: Dragon (Middle-earth)
* Alan F. Troop (the "Dragon Delasangre" series)
* Vivian Vande Velde ("Dragon's Bait")
* Lawrence Watt-Evans (Dragon Weather and other works)
* Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (both the "Dragonlance" series and the "Deathgate Cycle")
* Patricia Wrede (the "Enchanted Forest Chronicles")
* Jane Yolen ("The Pit Dragon Trilogy")
* Paul Edwin Zimmer ("A Gathering of Heroes")
* Dan Genesis ("Legend of The Gilded Dragon" books)


Serious academic attention to contemporary dragons remains unusual, but is slowly developing. A fair amount of the academic work on dragons can be found in the broader category of monsters and teratology (the study of monsters). Much of what is out there, in academic work, focuses on medieval manifestations of the beings.

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See also dragon for further dragon links, and list of fictional dragons for more uses of dragons in fiction.

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