List of fictional animals

List of fictional animals

This is a list of fictional animals. It has been expanded into the following lists:

By features

*List of giant animals in fiction
*List of anthropomorphic animal superheroes

By animal species

*List of fictional animals (other)
*List of fictional apes
*List of Avatar: The Last Airbender creatures
*List of fictional bears
**List of Care Bear Cousins
**List of Care Bears
*List of fictional birds
*List of fictional cats
**List of fictional cat-like aliens
*List of fictional cattle
*List of fictional chickens
*List of fictional dinosaurs
*List of fictional dogs
*List of dragons in fantasy fiction
*List of fictional ducks
*List of fictional elephants
*List of fictional fish
*List of fictional foxes
*List of fictional frogs
*List of Futurama animals
*List of fictional goats
*List of fictional insects
*List of fictional lions
*List of fictional horses
*List of fictional mice
*List of fictional moles
*List of fictional monkeys
*List of fictional pandas
*List of fictional pigs
*List of fictional penguins
*List of fictional rabbits
*List of fictional raccoons
*List of fictional rats
*List of fictional sheep
*List of fictional skunks
*List of fictional squirrels
*List of fictional tigers
*List of fictional turtles
*List of fictional water creatures
*List of fictional wolves
*List of fictional worms

By fiction or fantasy

*Characters in the Deltora Quest series
*List of A Bug's Life characters
*List of characters in The Deptford Mice
*List of One Piece animals
*List of Over the Hedge characters
*List of characters in the Ice Age films
*List of creatures in Primeval
*List of Mavericks
*List of Narnian creatures
*List of Star Wars creatures
*Toon Patrol
*List of Zoids
*Zords in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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