List of fictional witches

List of fictional witches


*Hannah Abbott ("Harry Potter")
*Tiffany Aching ("Discworld")
*Alice (The Adventures of Tweeny Witches)
*Amethyst (DC Comics)
*Amanda Anderson ("Wicked Series" by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie)
*Nicole Anderson ("Wicked Series" by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie)
*Jaenelle Angelline ("Black Jewels Trilogy")
*Ariadne - Theseus and the Minotaur (Greek Mythology - various spellings)
*Aunt Dahlia ("Goosebumps")
*Aunt Mab ("Graveyard School")

*Baba Yaga ("Fables")
*Bathsheda Babbling ("Harry Potter")
*Bathilda Bagshot ("Harry Potter")
*Griselda Blackwood ("The Worst Witch")
*Davina Bat, aka Miss Bat ("The Worst Witch")
*Katie Bell ("Harry Potter")
*Belladonna (Which Witch?)
*Belladonna Bindweed ("The Worst Witch")
*Walburga Black ("Harry Potter")
*Bibi Blocksberg
*Amelia Bones ("Harry Potter")
*Susan Bones ("Harry Potter")
*Mandy Brocklehurst ("Harry Potter")
*Lavender Brown ("Harry Potter")
*Charity Burbage ("Harry Potter")
*Millicent Bulstrode ("Harry Potter")

*Amelia Cackle aka Miss Cackle ("The Worst Witch")
*Agatha Cackle ("The Worst Witch")
*Mrs. Cantrip ("Carbonel")
*Alecto Carrow ("Harry Potter")
*Holly Cathers ("Wicked Series" by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie)
*Cho Chang ("Harry Potter")
*Chocolat Meilleure ("Sugar Sugar Rune")
*Ruby Cherrytree ("The Worst Witch")
*Clarissa ("Goosebumps")
*Penelope Clearwater ("Harry Potter")
*Doris Crockford ("Harry Potter")
*Cresentmoon "Cressie" Winterchild ("The Worst Witch")

*Alice Deane ("The Spook's Apprentice")
*Apolline Delacour ("Harry Potter")
*Fleur Delacour ("Harry Potter")
*Imogen Drill aka Miss Drill ("The Worst Witch")
*Gabrielle Delacour ("Harry Potter")
*Dilys Derwent ("Harry Potter")
*Denora Desade ("Witch Girls")
*Annabelle Deville ("Witch Girls")
*Helena Deville ("Witch Girls")
*Janette Deville ("Witch Girls")

*Marietta Edgecombe ("Harry Potter")
*Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West ("")
*Enchantress (DC Comics)
*Enchantress (Marvel Comics)
*Euny ("Juniper", "Wise Child" and "Colman" by Margaret Furlong)
*Eva Ernst ("Witches") Movie (Anjelica Huston)

*Angelica Pierce Fear ("Fear Street")
*Fenella Feverfew ("The Worst Witch")
*Ethel Feedbag (Which Witch?)

*Galadriel ("The Lord of the Rings")
*Magrat Garlick ("Discworld")
*The Bene Gesserit ("Dune")
*Glinda the Good, the Good Witch of the South ("The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")
*The Grand High Witch ("The Witches")
*Hermione Jean Granger ("Harry Potter")
*Polly Green ("Jingle Belle")
*Daphne Greengrass ("Harry Potter")


*Constance Hardbroom aka Miss Hardbroom ("The Worst Witch")
*Theo Hag (Fawcett Comics)
*Patricia Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Penny Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Phoebe Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Piper Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Prue Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Ethel Hallow ("The Worst Witch")
*Mona Hallow ("The Worst Witch")
*Sybel Hallow ("The Worst Witch")
*Constance Hardbroom ("The Worst Witch")
*Agatha Harkness, Marvel Comics
*Herculine, (The book of Shadows)
*Henrieta "Hettie" Hubble ("The Worst Witch")
*Mildred "Milly" Hubble (" The Worst Witch")
*Helga Hufflepuff ("Harry Potter")

*Immacolata ("Weaveworld")
*Isobel Thoreauxe ("Smallville")J
*Jadis of Charn, the White Witch ("Narnia")
*Billie Jenkins (``Charmed``)
*Chrisy Jenkins (``Charmed``)
*Angelina Johnson ("Harry Potter")
*Gwenog Jones ("Harry Potter")
*Hestia Jones ("Harry Potter")
*Juniper ("Juniper", "Wise Child" and "Colman" by Monica Furlong)
*Bertha Jorkins ("Harry Potter")

*Kinetix (DC Comics)

*Lady of the Green Kirtle ("Narnia")
*Bellatrix Lestrange ("Harry Potter")
*The Little Witch/Die Kleine Hexe ("The Little Witch"/"Die Kleine Hexe") by ("Otfried Preußler")
*Lucinda Nightbane ("Princess Lucinda Nightbane") by ("Abigail Maria Soto")
*Alice Longbottom ("Harry Potter")
*Augusta Longbottom ("Harry Potter")
*Luna Lovegood ("Harry Potter")
*Lamia and her sisters Empusa and Mormo from the novel "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman and its film adaptation. Note that they only have names in the film. In the novel they are merely referred to as the Lilim and Lamia as the Witch-Queen.

*Madame Malkin ("Harry Potter")
*Madame Olympia (Which Witch?)
*Madame Puddifoot ("Harry Potter")
*Madame Rosmerta ("Harry Potter")
*Madame Xanadu (DC Comics)
*Maharet and Mekare ("The Vampire Chronicles")
*Maleen, Goth and The Leewit ("The Witches of Karres") by James H Schmitz
*Mother Malkin ("The Spook's Apprentice,The Wardstone Chronicles")
*Narcissa Malfoy ("Harry Potter")
*Paige Matthews ("Charmed")
*Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics)
*Keziah Mason ("The Dreamsyt in the Witch-House")
*Olympe Maxime ("Harry Potter")
*The Mayfair Witches ("The Witching Hour", "Lasher", and "Taltos")
*Meg ("Meg and Mog")
*Minerva McGonagall ("Harry Potter")
*Eloise Midgen ("Harry Potter")
*Mombi, ("The Marvelous Land of Oz", "The Lost King of Oz", "Journey Back to Oz")
*Maud Moonshine ("The Worst Witch")
*Moragg ("Ewoks")
*Moss ("Tehanu")
*Nico Minoru ("Runaways (comics)")

*Enid Nightshade ("The Worst Witch")
*Agnes Nitt ("Discworld")
*Strega Nona, the title character of a children's book written by Tomie dePaola
*Agnes Nutter ("Good Omens")

*Gytha "Nanny" Ogg ("Discworld")

*Pansy Parkinson ("Harry Potter")
*Padma Patil ("Harry Potter")
*Parvati Patil ("Harry Potter")
*Pekka ("Darkness")
*Serafina Pekkala ("His Dark Materials")
*Polgara the Sorceress in David Eddings' "Belgariad" and "Mallorean" series
*Lily Potter ("Harry Potter")
*Rose Psychic

*Queen ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarves")
*Orla Quirke ("Harry Potter")

*Helena Ravenclaw ("Harry Potter")
*Rowena Ravenclaw ("Harry Potter")
*Emma Fier Reade ("Fear Street")
*Rhea of the Coos ("The Dark Tower series")
*Demelza Robins ("Harry Potter")
*Sukie Rougemont ("The Witches of Eastwick") by John Updike
*Ruby Cherrytree ("The Worst Witch")

*Deirdre Swoop ("The Worst Witch")
*Salem's Seven, Marvel Comics
*Schierke, a young witch in the manga Berserk
*Ruta Skadi ("His Dark Materials")
*Nicholas Scratch, Marvel Comics
*The Sea Witch ("The Little Mermaid" novel, originally published in 1837 by Hans Christian Anderson)
*Sindella (DC Comics)
*Aurora Sinistra ("Harry Potter")
*Rita Skeeter ("Harry Potter")
*Horace Slughorn ("Harry Potter")
*Jane Smart ("The Witches of Eastwick") by John Updike
*Snow Witch, a vampire in Fighting Fantasy.
*Magica De Spell (Disney comics and "DuckTales")
*Hilda Spellman ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch")
*Sabrina Spellman ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch")
*Zelda Spellman ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch")
*Alicia Spinnet ("Harry Potter")
*Alexandra Spofford ("The Witches of Eastwick") by John Updike
*Pomona Sprout ("Harry Potter")
*Strega ("DC Comics")
*Mable Stillwell (``Charmed``)
*Mitzy Stillwell (``Charmed``)
*Margo Stillwell (``Charmed``)
*Sycorax ("The Tempest")

*The T*Witches: Camryn Barnes and Alexandra Fielding
*Tabasa (Tessa outside Japan) from Red Earth/Warzard
*Tarot ("Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose")
*Tattypo, the Good Witch of the North ("The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)
*Thessaly ("The Sandman")
*Rose Threep ("Whispering to Witches")
*Janus Thickey ("Harry Potter")
*Traci Thirteen (DC Comics)
*Andromeda Tonks ("Harry Potter")
*Nymphadora Tonks ("Harry Potter")
*Topaz (Marvel Comics)
*Frau Totenkinder ("Fables")
*Sybill Trelawney ("Harry Potter")

*Dolores Umbridge ("Harry Potter")

*Vanilla Mieux ("Sugar Sugar Rune")
*Romilda Vane ("Harry Potter")
*Septima Vector ("Harry Potter")

*Celestina Warbeck ("Harry Potter")
*Jadu Wali ("The Worst Witch")
*White Witch (DC Comics)
*Winnie the Witch ("Winnie the Witch")
*Ginevra Weasley ("Harry Potter")
*Molly Weasley ("Harry Potter")
*Rose Weasley ("Harry Potter")
*Victoire Weasley ("Harry Potter")
*Esmeralda "Granny" Weatherwax ("Discworld")
*Three Witches ("Macbeth")
*Wendy the Good Little Witch (Harvey Comics)
*Paige Winterbourne ("Dime Store Magic")
*The Wicked Witch of the East ("The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")
*The Wicked Witch of the West ("The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")
*Witch is Monster in My Pocket #45. In the comics, she typically appears in red clothing but otherwise looks like a traditional Hallowe'en witch. Her affiliation is never established.
*The witch (never named) in "Simon and the Witch"
*Lolly Willows, title character of book by Sylvia Townsend Warner
*Winsome Witch from Secret Squirrel.
*Witchfire (DC Comics)
*Witchfire (Marvel Comics)
*Mabel Wrack (Which Witch?)


*Ichihara Yuuko ("xxxHolic")

*Zatanna Zatara (DC Comics)
*Rose Zeller ("Harry Potter")


*Amanda Spellman - "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".
*Amy Madison ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*Angelique ("Dark Shadows")
*Aunt Clara ("Bewitched")
*Aunt Enchantra ("Bewitched")
*Aunt Hagatha ("Bewitched")
*Aunts Hilda and Zelda ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")
*Azkadellia ("Tin Man")

*Billie Jenkins ("Charmed")
*Black Witch/Black Queen ("Fantaghirò")
*Bianca de Passe ("Bell, Book and Candle")

*Cassie Hughes ("Hex (TV Series)")
*C.C. ("Code Geass")
*Charity Standish ("Passions")
*Chris Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Christy Jenkins ("Charmed")
*Christine Slevil-Lewis-White from The 10th Kingdom.
*Charal ("")
*Countess Isobel Marguerite Thoreau ("Smallville")
*the Cromwell Witches - Halloweentown

*Dreama ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

*Eglantine Price ("Bedknobs and Broomsticks")
*Elly Kedward, the Blair Witch in "The Blair Witch Project"
*Endora ("Bewitched")
*Endora Lenox ("Passions")
*Eris (Slayers)
*Evil-Lyn ("Masters of the Universe")

*Fin Raziel ("Willow")

*Gillian Holroyd ("Bell, Book and Candle")
*Gillian Owens ("Practical Magic")
*Hexuba ("")
*Grace Bennett ("Passions")
*Great Aunt Irma ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")
*Gwen Piper ("Halloweentown Series")

*Harmony Cartwright ("Sex and the Psychic Witch")
*Hecuba ("Passions")
*Hilda Spellman ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch")

*Isabel Bigelow ("Bewitched (film)")J
*Jennifer ("I Married a Witch")

*Katrina Van Tassel ("Sleepy Hollow")
*Kay Bennett ("Passions")
*Kiki ("Kiki's Delivery Service") (this is the animation of a children's book, however, the anime is notably different from the story)
*Kay Bennett ("Passions")
*Kira Fitzgerald ("My Favorite Witch")

*Lady Diabolyn ("Wildfire (animated TV series)")
*Lady Kale ("Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders")
*Lady Van Tassel and her sister the Crone from ("Sleepy Hollow")
*Lina Inverse ("Slayers")

*Mable Stillwell (``Charmed``).
*Margo Stillwell (``Charmed``)
*Maleficent ("Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty")
*Mary Sanderson ("Hocus Pocus")
*Marnie Piper ("Halloweentown Series")
*Melinda Warren ("Charmed")
*Melody Seabright ("The Kitchen Witch")
*Mary Newbury ("Witch Child, Sorceress")
*Mesmira ("Conan the Adventurer")
*Morag the Tulgah Witch ("")
*Morgana ("Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders")
*Mitzy Stillwell (``Charmed``)
*Mortianna ("Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves"
*Myra Shumway ("Rough Magic")

*Naga the Serpent ("Slayers")
*Nancy Downs ("The Craft")

*Pamela Harman ("Paradise Falls")

*Paige Matthews ("Charmed")
*Patty Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Pei-Pei (Freaky Friday (2003 film)
*Penny Dreadful (Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers)
*Penny Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Phoebe Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Piper Halliwell ("Charmed")
*Prue Halliwell ("Charmed")

*Queen Bavmorda ("Willow")
*Queen Beryl ("Sailor Moon")
*Queen of the Crown ("The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers")
*Queenie Holroyd ("Bell, Book and Candle")
*Queen Mab ("Merlin")
*Queen Morgana ("King Arthur and the Knights of Justice")
*Queen Narissa ("Enchanted")

*Rarity the Unicorn ("My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow")
*Robin Sena ("Witch Hunter Robin")
*Rita Repulsa (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
*Alex Russo - The Wizards of Waverly Place
*Justin Russo - The Wizards of Waverly Place
*Rumina ("The Adventures of Sinbad")

*Amanda Spellman ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")
*Sabrina Spellman ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")
*Sally Owens ("Practical Magic")
*Samantha Stephens ("Bewitched")
*Sarah ("Summer of Fear")
*Sarah Baily ("The Craft")
*Sarah Ravenscroft, Ben Ravenscroft and Sally "Thorn" McKight ("Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost")
*Sarah Sanderson ("Hocus Pocus")
*Sea Hag ("Thimble Theatre" and "Popeye")
*Selena ("Supergirl")
*Serena ("Bewitched")
*Splendora Agatha cromwell ("Halloweentown Series")
*Sophie Piper ("Halloweentown Series")

*Tabitha Lenox ("Passions")
*Tabitha Stephens ("Bewitched and Tabitha")
*Tojola ("Rough Magic")
*Tara Maclay ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*The Halliwell sisters ("Charmed")
*The Owens Sisters ("Practical Magic")

*Urasue ("InuYasha")
*Ursula ("The Little Mermaid" (1989), "The Little Mermaid" TV series (1992-1994), and various literature, direct-to-video/DVD movies, & video game titles based on this Walt Disney Studios-specific franchise.)

*Victoria Cartwright ("The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe")
*Asa Vajda (Black Sunday)

*Celestina Warbeck ("Harry Potter
*The Warren Witches-Charmed.
* Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz)
*Willow Rosenberg ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
*Winifred (a.k.a. Freddie) ("Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" episode "Good Times, Bat Times")
*Winifred Sanderson ("Hocus Pocus")
*Winnie Goodwin ("Free Spirit")
*Witch Hazel (Disney)
*Witch Hazel (Looney Tunes)
*The Witch ("Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "She turned me into a newt!")
*The Witch ("Scooby-Doo", in the episode "Which Witch is Which")
*Witchiepoo (H.R. Pufnstuf)
*Witchmon ("Digimon")
*Winsome Witch ("Secret Squirrel")
*Wuya (as a human) ("Xiaolin Showdown")
*Winsome Witch (Secret Squirrel)
*Wyatt Halliwell ("Charmed")


*Yubaba ("Spirited Away") ("Bath witch" Ruler of the bathhouse for the spirits)

*Zelda ("")
*Zelda Spellman ("Sabrina the Teenage Witch")

Mythical or Legendary

*Baba Yaga
*Morgan le Fay
*The Witch of Endor
*The Bell Witch

Video game

*Actrise ("Castlevania" series)
*Adel ("Final Fantasy VIII")
*Ashley ("")
*Alicia ("Bullet Witch")
*Belzed ("Kickmaster")
* ("")
*Castamira ("Arcana")
*Cierra ("")
*Cirae-Argoth ("Witchaven II")
*Dark Queen ("Battletoads")
*Drawcia ("Kirby")
*Drolta Tzuentes ("")
*Edea Kramer ("Final Fantasy VIII")
*Enchantia ("Curse of Enchantia")
*Gruntilda ("Banjo-Kazooie& sequels")
*Hecubah ("Nox")
*Helga von Bulow ("Return to Castle Wolfenstein")
*Ice Queen ("Stonekeep")
*Illwhyrin ("Witchaven")
*Julia Laforeze ("")
*Kagura ("")
*Kammy Koopa ("Paper Mario")
*Lulu ("Final Fantasy X")
*Luna and Lil' Witch ("Shrek SuperSlam")
*Marianna Blavatsky ("Return to Castle Wolfenstein")
*"Marisa Kirisame" ("Touhou Project")
*Marion ("Gunbird" and "Gunbird 2")
*Marjoly ("")
*Medusa ("Rings of Medusa")
*Mesaanya ("Dragon Knight II")
*Morgana ("Vengeance of Excalibur", "Chronicles of the Sword", "")
*Minax ("Ultima II" and "Ultima Online")
*Pagan ("War Gods")
*Patchouli Knowledge ("Touhou Project")
*Rinoa Heartilly ("Final Fantasy VIII")
*Scylla/Hexana ("Hugo")
*Shadow Queen ("")
*Selena ("Lure of the Temptress")
*Serika Kurusugawa ("ToHeart")
*Siriadne ("Shard of Spring")
*Syrup ("/")
*Twinrova, the combined form of Koume and Kotake from
*Ultimecia ("Final Fantasy VIII")
*Valsharess ("Neverwinter Nights")
*Yvaine ("Battle Realms")


*Anne Onymous ("The Wotch")
*Cassie SinClair ("The Wotch")
*Chelsea Chattan ("Clan of the Cats")
*Gwynn ("Sluggy Freelance")
*Miranda West ("The Wotch")
*Nanase Kitsune ("El Goonish Shive")
*Nioi ("El Goonish Shive")
*Octavia Thornbury ("Stupidity in Magic")
*Queen Fabel ("Justice Squad")
*Tiffany Susan Pompoms ("El Goonish Shive")

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