Match II

Match II
Match III
Sire Tantieme
Grandsire Deux Pour Cent
Dam Relance
Damsire Relic
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1958
Country France
Colour Dark Bay
Breeder Francois Dupre
Owner Haras d'Ouilly
Trainer Francois Mathet
Record 14: 7-3-0
Earnings 1,746,836 FF
Major wins
Prix Noailles (1961)
Prix Royal-Oak (1961)
K. George VI & Q. Elizabeth Stakes (1962)
Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (1962)
Prix Boiard (1962)
Washington, D.C. International (1962)
Champion Older Horse - France (1962)
Champion Older Horse - England (1962)
Horse of the Year - England (1962)
Timeform rating: 135
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)
Last updated on 19 July 2009

Match II (also known as Match III)[1] (1958-1965) was a French Thoroughbred racehorse who won major races in England, France and the United States and who was voted Horse of the Year in England. Because another horse with the name Match was born registered in the United States that same year, he is sometimes recorded as "Match III."

Match II was bred by French hotelier Francois Dupre at his Haras d'Ouilly in Pont-d'Ouilly, France. The son of the champion Tantieme, he won important races in France at age two then at age three won in France and England before capping off an outstanding 1962 season with a win in the prestigious Washington, D.C. International at the Laurel Park racecourse in Laurel, Maryland. Ridden by Yves Saint-Martin, Match II earned the "Best in the World" title, defeating the best turf horses from Europe, Russia, as well as the American entries, Carry Back, Beau Purple, and the great Kelso.

Match II retired to stand at stud in England but died after only three seasons, at age seven. Among his limited offspring was the colt World Cup (b. 1965) who won the 1968 Queen Elizabeth II Stakes. A son, Ovaltine, was exported to Australia where he stood at stud.[2]


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  2. ^ Ahnert, Rainer L. (editor in chief), “Thoroughbred Breeding of the World”, Pozdun Publishing, Germany, 1970

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