Hypertension (disambiguation)

Hypertension (disambiguation)

Hypertension may refer to the following:
* Hypertension without a qualifier usually refers to "arterial hypertension" (high blood pressure of the arteries)
** Pregnancy-induced hypertension is newly diagnosed arterial hypertension in pregnant women.
** Hypertensive retinopathy
** Hypertensive heart disease
** Renovascular hypertension
** Hypertensive nephropathy
** Malignant hypertension
** Hypertensive emergency
* Ocular hypertension is elevated "intraocular pressure", which may or may not be related to glaucoma. It is not directly related to blood pressure.
* Pulmonary hypertension is an elevated blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation
* Portal hypertension with an elevated blood pressure in the portal vein or portocaval system
* Intracranial hypertension (e.g. benign intracranial hypertension) is unrelated to blood pressure but refers to increased pressure inside the cranial vault of the skull.
* White coat hypertension, when blood pressures are elevated in a clinical setting but not when measured the patient at home

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