Ace (disambiguation)

Ace (disambiguation)

An ace is a playing card.

Ace may also refer to:

Film and TV

*ACE Awards, later renamed the CableACE Awards
*"Ace Lightning", a 2002-2004 teenage drama
*"Ultraman Ace", a 1972 tokusatsu series


*"Ace Attorney", a court simulation game
*"Ace Combat", flight simulator video game series on Playstation 1, 2, Portable and Xbox360
*"Another Century's Episode", a 2005 video game for the PlayStation 2
*"Fighter Ace", a massively multiplayer online role-playing game


*"Ace" (album), by Bob Weir
*"Aces" (Suzy Bogguss album)
*"Ace" (Ian Van Dahl album)
*Ace (band), a British rock music group
*"Ace" (musical), first performed in 2006
*The Aces (blues band)
*The Aces, backing band for Desmond Dekker
*Ace Records (UK), a record label
*Ace Records (US), a record label


*Ace Books, a publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels
*"Ace Comics", a comic book series
*"Ace Drummond", a comic book series
*"Shonen Ace", a manga comic series
*"ACE" (games magazine)


*Ace (baseball), the best starting pitcher on a baseball team
*Ace (tennis), a point won by the server without contest
*Alaska Aces, a minor league ice hockey team
*Alaska Aces (PBA), a Philippine Basketball Association team
*Cornwall Aces, a former professional hockey team
*Ace, another term for hole in one, a golf drive off the tee that ends in the cup
*Loughborough Aces, Loughborough University (UK) American Football team
*Lower Merion High School Aces, the athletics teams at Lower Merion High School
*Quebec Aces, a professional hockey team
*Reno Aces, a Minor League Baseball team in the Pacific Coast League based in Reno, Nevada

Fictional characters

*Ace ("Justice League"), a member of the Royal Flush Gang in the "Justice League" animated series
*Ace ("Doctor Who"), a character in the "Doctor Who" television series
*Ace ("G.I. Joe"), a character in the "G.I. Joe" universe
*Ace Blackwell, a fictional character from the sitcom "Half & Half"
*Ace Bunny, a character from the show "Loonatics Unleashed"
*Ace Lightning (character), the eponymous character in "Ace Lightning"
*Ace the Bat-Hound, a canine crime-fighting partner of Batman
*Ace the Wonder Dog, a canine actor active in the 1930s and 1940s
*Portgas D. Ace, a fictional character in the anime "One Piece", brother to the main character, Monkey D. Luffy
*Ace Rimmer, a fictional alter ego of Arnold Rimmer in the British television series "Red Dwarf"
*Ace Ventura, the main character in "Ace Ventura" media


*Ace Hood, (born 1989), American rapper
*Ace Adams (1912 - 2006), baseball player
*Ace Backwords, underground cartoonist
*Ace Bailey (1903 - 1992), hockey player
*Ace Brigode (1893 - 1960), band leader
*Ace Darling, stage name for professional wrestler Mike Maraldo (born 1974)
*Ace Frehley (born 1951), rock and roll guitarist and member of the rock band Kiss
*Ace Vergel (1952 - 2007), Filipino actor
*Ace Young (born 1980), finalist in the TV series "American Idol"
*Ace, nickname for Rich Franklin (born 1974), mixed martial artist

Aircraft and air transport

*Ace Aircraft Manufacturing Company, makers of homebuilt aircraft
*ACE Aviation Holdings, the parent company of Air Canada
*Ace Baby Ace, the world's first aircraft to be marketed as a homebuilt aircraft
*Ace Junior Ace, a two-seat sports aircraft sold in kit and plans form
* ACE, IATA code for Lanzarote Airport in the Canary Islands, near Arrecife
*ACES Colombia, an airline
*Aviation combat element, the air arm of the US Marine Air-Ground Task Force
*Flying ace, a military aviator credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft during aerial combat

Other transportation

*Ace (1913 automobile), a British car built between 1912 and 1916
*Ace (1920 automobile), an American-assembled car made in Michigan
*ACES (New Jersey Transit), a future rail line in the northeastern United States
*Ace Motor Corporation, a motorcycle manufacturer
*AC Ace, a sports car from AC Cars
*Advanced Compatibility Engineering, a Honda Motor Company auto body design marketing name
*Altamont Commuter Express, a commuter train service in the San Francisco Bay Area connecting Stockton with San Jose
*Atlantic City Expressway, a toll road between Pennsylvania and New Jersey
*Atlantic Coast Express, an express passenger train in England
*Atlantic Council of Engineering Students
*Cougar Ace, a RoRo car ferry developed a sever list in 2006 resulting in 4700 care being destroyed
*HMS "Ace" (P414), an "Amphion"-class submarine of the Royal Navy
*M9 Armored Combat Earthmover, an armored tracked vehicle that provides combat engineer support to front-line forces
*Tata Ace, a small four wheeled truck made by the Indian company Tata

Groups and companies

*ACE Ltd., a property and casualty insurer
*Ace Chemical, a Korean chemical company
*Ace Cinemas, a cinema chain in Australia
*Ace detergent or Tide
*Ace Industry, a Korean chemical company
*Ace Tone, a manufacturer of musical instruments
*Ace Hardware
*Ace Radio, an Australian radio company
*Alabama Cooperative Extension System
*Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
*American Cinema Editors
*American Coaster Enthusiasts
*American College of Epidemiology
*American Copy Editors Society
*American Council on Education
*American Council on Exercise
*Arts Council England
*Association for Consciousness Exploration
*Association of Latin Entertainment Critics
*Astronaute Club Européen
*Australian Centre for Egyptology

cience and technology

*ACeS, an Asia-specific satellite telecommunications company
*ACES (nutritional supplement), an antioxidant supplement
*ACES (buffer), one of Good's buffers
*ACES (computational chemistry), a computational chemistry package
*ACE inhibitors, pharmaceuticals that are used primarily in treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure
*Accumulated cyclone energy, a measure used to express the activity of hurricane seasons
*Acepromazine, a drug commonly used as a sedative in horses, dogs, and cats. Also occasionally used in humans
*Acetylcholine esterase
*Advanced Crew Escape Suit, a full pressure suit
*Antarctic Climate and the Earth System, a science programme
*Angiotensin-converting enzyme, targeted by ACE inhibitors, a common treatment for heart attack patients
*Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space, a planned ultra-stable atomic clock system for installation on the International Space Station
*Advanced Composition Explorer, a NASA satellite launched in 1997


*ACE (editor), a multi-platform collaborative editor
*ACE (file format), a data compression and archiving format
*ACE (software), virtualisation software from VMware
*ACE Workbench Foundation, a web portal framework in use at UBS AG
*The ACE ORB, TAO (software), a free CORBA implementation
*Adaptive Communication Environment
*Advanced Computerized Execution System, an electronic order-routing system
*Agent-Based Computational Economics, the computational study of economic processes modeled as dynamic systems of interacting agents
*Automatic Computing Engine, a 1952 British computer
*Jupiter ACE, a FORTH-based home computer

Other uses

*ACE, the ISO 639 code for the Acehnese language
*Aces (parish), in Candamo, Spain
*Aces, a Beanie Baby bear exclusive to Las Vegas
*Accelerated Christian Education, a Christian educational curriculum
*Attempto Controlled English (ACE), a freely usable controlled natural language
*ACE Mobile Force (Land), a NATO military formation

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