PH (disambiguation)

PH (disambiguation)

PH, ph, pH, and Ph are initialisms or other abbreviations that may refer to:


* "Paradise Hotel", a Fox reality show
* "Player's Handbook", a book of rules for the fantasy role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons"
* "Plundered Hearts", an interactive fiction computer game
* "", a 2007 video game by Nintendo


* pH, a measure of acidity in chemistry
* picohenry, an SI Unit of electrical inductance
* PH (complexity), the union of all complexity classes in the polynomial hierarchy in computational complexity theory
* -Ph, a phenyl ring in organic chemistry
* ph or phot, a measurement of illuminance (photometry)
* Pleckstrin homology domain, a part of many proteins which bind phosphoinositides with high affinity
* Pulmonary hypertension, a medical condition


* Ph (digraph), a common digraph that represents the phoneme /f/ (voiceless labiodental fricative) in phonetics
* Ph is an old name service protocol described by RFC 2378
* Planet Hope
* PH, the Philippines' ISO country code
* .ph, the Philippines' Internet country code top-level domain
* PH (Papa, Hotel), Aircraft Registration prefix for The Netherlands
* phi (letter), the Greek letter (φ)
* Polynesian Airlines' IATA airline designator
* Ph.D, "Philosophiæ Doctor" (Latin)
* Colégio pH, a Brazilian school in Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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