List of characters in the Banjo-Kazooie series

List of characters in the Banjo-Kazooie series

This is a list of characters from the "Banjo-Kazooie" series of video games.

Main characters


Banjo is a rare anthropomorphic brown honey [ [ Rarewhere: "Banjo-Kazooie" - The Story So Far ] ] bear who is one of the two main characters of the series. He is always seen wearing yellow shorts with a belt, a shark tooth necklace, and a bright blue backpack. [ [ - "Banjo-Kazooie"! ] ] The backpack usually contains his good friend Kazooie, though she was absent from it in Banjo's first appearance in a game, "Diddy Kong Racing". Kazooie "adopted" Banjo some time ago, [ [ Rarewhere: "Banjo-Kazooie" - The Story So Far ] ] and the trouble that she attracts usually ends up coming for Banjo as well. Banjo also has a younger sister named Tooty. Banjo is also mainly responsible to what happens to Tooty. All three live at the base of Spiral Mountain on the Isle o' Hags. He can also play his namesake instrument.


Kazooie is a rare Red Crested Breegull. She is one of the two title characters in the series. At the beginning of the first game, she resides in Banjo's backpack, in his home in Spiral Mountain. Throughout the game, she remains inside his backpack, except in the second game, "Banjo-Tooie", where she can split with Banjo and go adventuring on her own, and also in "" for the Game Boy Advance, at the start of which she is kidnapped, leaving Banjo to complete the game's first level unaided.

Unlike Banjo, who is calm and mild-mannered, Kazooie is much more impulsive. She tends to argue frequently with Bottles the Shortsighted Mole and other side characters, and gives sarcastic commentary about the events of the game. Indeed, it tends to be Kazooie's sharp tongue that gets the duo into a lot of fights and overall sticky situations, much to Banjo's dismay.

Kazooie's attacks consist mainly of a wide variety of eggs she can launch at enemies, though she can also use her strong beak to attack on occasion. One of the more useful abilities she's granted in "Banjo-Tooie" is the ability to transform into a dragon, granting her increased strength in her attacks, as well as fire breath to replace her peck attack and an unlimited supply of Fire Eggs. She can also play her Kazoo.


Gruntilda, also referred to as Grunty for short, is a witch who serves as the main villain of the series. She is a stereotypical witch, with green skin, warts, a pointed hat and a high-pitched cackle. She owns an un-named silent broom with eyes that was broken during her first battle with the duo. She had a habit of speaking in rhyme (which was ultimately broken in "Banjo-Tooie") and she is quite skilled in magic. She is very narcissistic (pictures and statues of her can be found throughout her lair) and in her first appearance, Gruntilda finds out that her so-called prettiness is surpassed by that of Banjo's little sister, Tooty. battle her on top of her castle, and in their resulting victory she falls hundreds of feet from the top tower of her lair, straight through the ground and is buried alive under a large boulder. [ [ - "Banjo-Kazooie"! ] ]

Chronologically, Grunty's second plan of action came in the third game to be released in the series, "", which occurs two months after the first game. Here, she has her soul transported into Mecha-Grunty, a robot designed by Klungo. In this new body, she kidnaps Kazooie and goes back in time, hoping to prevent Kazooie from ever meeting Banjo (and thereby erasing Grunty's first defeat from history). In the end, though, Banjo and Kazooie succeed in dismantling Mecha-Grunty, forcing Grunty's soul to go back into her still-underground body to wait for her sisters to rescue her, thus setting the events of "Banjo-Tooie" into motion.

She appears in "Banjo-Tooie", the second game in the series, but the third chronologically, set 22 months after "Grunty's Revenge" and two years after the original game. Gruntilda's sisters Mingella and Blobbelda arrive and use their magic to lift the boulder off of Grunty, whose flesh has by now rotted off, reducing her to nothing more than a skeleton. In order for Grunty to have her body restored, her sisters take her to their own hideout, where they show her the Big 'O' Blaster (B.O.B. for short), which they use to suck out the life forces of others and transfer them to Grunty's. However, once again, Banjo and Kazooie thwart her plans, and this time, after another ferocious battle, Grunty ends up as just a head with no body, which Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo Jumbo, Humba Wumba and Jamjars use to play kickball. Her surname, Winkybunion was first revealed in the ending sequence. It is at this time she mentions getting revenge in "Banjo-Threeie".

In the upcoming game "", which takes place 8 years after "Banjo-Tooie", Gruntilda returns and tries to turn Spiral Mountain into a bustling metropolis. She is now just her skull, placed inside a jar with a metallic witch cap on it, controlling what appears to be a mechanical replica of her body.


Klungo used to work for Gruntilda the witch and invents much of her equipment. Klungo is usually portrayed as an "Igor"-like character and appears to talk with a hiss every time he pronounces the letter "S" (Stupid = SSStupid). In "Banjo-Kazooie", Klungo plays a small role, only seen activating a machine to switch Grunty's ugliness and swap it for the young Tooty's beauty. He is later seen trying to push the rock off Grunty that fell off during the final fight with Banjo and Kazooie. In "", Klungo creates Mecha-Grunty and tells the witch to put her soul into the robot. After Grunty's soul goes back into her body, she demands that Klungo send a note for her sisters (Mingella & Blobbelda) to lift the boulder off of her.

In "Banjo-Tooie", as Klungo continues to try and move the rock, Grunty's sisters come and release Grunty from her accidental grave. She leaves Klungo behind to deal with Banjo. He fights Banjo on three separate occasions, only to get beaten by Banjo and punished by Grunty every time, becoming more and more bruised and bloody by his appearance. He appears to have some knowledge of magic as in each fight he utilizes homemade potions to help give him an edge: a red one that makes him larger, a blue one that makes copies of him, a green one that makes him invisible, and a yellow one he throws at Banjo to damage him (the first three potions are randomly selected at the start of each fight; the yellow one is always used). At the beginning of each fight, he was billed with three different titles; "Minion With a Mission", "Revenge-Seeking Minion", and "Career-Questioning Minion". After the third fight, he becomes so bruised and bloody that he begins to worry that "Mrs. Klungo won't find him handsome anymore." In response, he quits working for Grunty to seek his fortune in making "sssstupid [video] gamessss." Now reformed, he later goes to Bottles' house with King Jingaling to party with Bottles and his family and celebrate Banjo's initial victory over Grunty (ironically, Banjo and co. are left to deal with the witch and miss out on the whole thing). He ends up falling asleep after eating all the food in the house; by this time his bruises have healed completely. After all of this he builds a play emporium on a beach, as mentioned to happen in "", his former position as Grunty's minion is taken over by Piddles the Cat.

Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo is a shaman in the N64 games "Banjo-Kazooie" and "Banjo-Tooie", as well as the Game Boy Advance games "" and "Banjo-Pilot". Mumbo's origin is not altogether clear. In the time-traveling storyline of "Grunty's Revenge", it is revealed that Mumbo was still a shaman in training in the 1970s, which indicates that he was trained under the same witch doctor as Gruntilda, the antagonist of the series. Another rendition of Mumbo's story (written in the "Banjo-Kazooie" instruction manual) is that he was Gruntilda's teacher in magic, and once her training was complete, she disavowed her teacher and cursed him with a changed appearance. What is clear is that Gruntilda disfigured Mumbo's face, turning it into a skull. The instruction manual for "Banjo-Kazooie" states that his face shall remain that way until the day Gruntilda is overthrown. However, this has not been addressed in any of the games. However, Rare has stated that they want to keep him with his skull as revealed in an issue of Scribes.

In "Banjo-Kazooie", he offered his assistance to the duo with useful transformations in exchange for his missing "Mumbo Tokens". He turns Banjo and Kazooie into a termite, crocodile, walrus, pumpkin, and eventually into a bumblebee. In rare occasions, Mumbo would turn Banjo into a washing machine and then would turn you into the appropriate creature. He, rarely, also tries to turn Banjo into a "T. rex" but fails. He then turns Banjo into the appropriate creature. He lives in his many skull-shaped huts scattered around the lands visited within the games.

In "Banjo-Tooie", his skull looks different than in "Banjo-Kazooie" with a more round shape to it. His eyes are also a lot more larger, giving him a "cuter" appearnce than his former self. He was featured as a playable character who could use his "mighty shaman zap-stick" to levitate objects, oxygenate bodies of water, and other such magical procedures, and, no less important, use it as his only attack to zap enemies into oblivion.

In "" Mumbo now runs an independent garage in Showdown Town called "Mumbo's Motors" after demands for experimental transformation magic have become few and far between, and now wears blue overalls rather than his dried grass "pants". He also seems to have invented the "magic wrench" that Kazooie uses in the game.

Humba Wumba

Humba Wumba is a female Native-American who seems to have a rivalry with fellow shaman Mumbo Jumbo. It could be because the two are competing as powerful shamans. Humba took over Mumbo's role from the first game, granting the player transformations.

Wumba's only reference to Mumbo Jumbo are threats when the player (controlling Mumbo) enters her wigwam (tipi). She also makes a reference of him when Banjo and Kazooie first meet her and she claims to be the most powerful user of magic on the island and Banjo and Kazooie ask about Mumbo and she denies, saying that Mumbo is an amateur. Mumbo makes references of his own when the player completes the game. Mumbo at one point tells her to shut up or he threatens to summon the golden giant (a magic trick he can perform in the game). Also, in Glitter Gulch Mine, Mumbo is unable to use the Warp Pads to teleport into her wigwam, as he is not welcome there.

It is possible that the two met sometime during their training as Mumbo claimed in "" that he was still a shaman-in-training. It could be that he has a higher "rank" in shaman magic than Wumba, since Wumba can only change Banjo and Kazooie into animals and objects, and she requires a Glowbo to do so. Mumbo only needs the power of Glowbos to do other tasks that considerably uses a lot more magic than his simple transformations, although Humba's transformations can actually attack (the van and the adult "T. rex" are invincible and will kill any enemy it touches) - an ability that many Mumbo's transformations didn't have (the crocodile being the only transformation that can attack). The sizes of Wumba's transformations energy bars also vary from transformation to transformation (detonator and baby "T. rex" having one less section than Banjo and Kazooie, the snowball only having five sections, no matter how many sections Banjo and Kazooie have, and the washing machine has one more section than Banjo and Kazooie, making it the most durable transformation which can be killed), whereas the energy bar remains unchanged when Mumbo transforms Banjo. Also, Mumbo would occasionally transform the bear and bird into a washing machine completely by accident (this was confirmed by Rare to be a tester for the game after Banjo Kazooie), much to his own annoyance; this form, unlike Wumba's, seems to be useless to the extent that he must perform the transformation again to get it right.

In the final sequence of "Banjo-Tooie", after missing out on a celebration party along with Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo and Jamjars, she gets into an argument with Mumbo and threatens to turn him into a frog. However, when Banjo and Kazooie offer to play a game of kickball with Grunty's head with them, she and Mumbo appear to bury the hatchet and declare a truce.

In the latest installment, "", Humba's design changes to assume a cowgirl-like appearance while still retaining Native American aspects. Her role in this game is selling pre-made vehicle blueprints to the bear and bird.


Bottles the shortsighted mole is one of the main characters in the series. He is a stereotypical geek, with large, thick, cokebottle framed glasses (hence his name), and awkward height and weight. He has appeared in every "Banjo-Kazooie" game so far, except for "", where he was only mentioned by Banjo and Mumbo.

Bottles' main role in "Banjo-Kazooie" is to assist the player with new moves, and appeared in nearly every level of the game. He and Kazooie constantly fired insults at each other throughout the game, often making fun of his short, geeky appearance. In "Banjo-Tooie", after casting a spell meant to destroy Banjo and Kazooie, the undead Gruntilda kills Bottles instead, resulting in Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo Jumbo taking revenge for his death. The game also reveals additional details regarding his family, and indicates that he has a wife, Mrs. Bottles, two kids, Speccy and Goggles, and a brother, Jamjars, who takes over the role Bottles held in the prequel. At the end of the game, he is revived.

A secret game mode, called "Bottles' Revenge", and only accessible with a GameShark, allows hidden playability of the ghostly Bottles. In this mode, two-players are playing. One controls Banjo, the other controls a ghostly, devilish Bottles, and can possess nearby enemies by pressing, and have complete control over them. However, when the duo enter a boss battle, Devil Bottles feels that he's "not needed" and leaves. Rareware could not make Devil Bottles control bosses, due to the fact that Old King Coal was the only boss that could be controlled.

Bottles was not included on the Gameboy Advance game "Grunty's Revenge" as due to the game's plot of time travel he could not theoretically guide the player through and so instead an ancestor "Bozzeye" takes his place. He does however appear as a playable character in "Banjo Pilot" a plane-driving game also released on the GBA.

It was said in the February 13 edition of Scribes that he will be teaching the moves in "". It is also said that his family has left him due to trauma of being killed and brought back to life, and that he had been seen drowning away his troubles at Jolly's. In "Nuts & Bolts", Bottles has become a tourist information officer and now wears his jacket buttoned up, with a name-tag and some badges on it, as well as a yellow tie. A screenshot also shows his eyes for the first time without his glasses on.

Drill Sergeant Jamjars

Drill Sergeant Jamjars is the brother of the short-sighted mole, Bottles. In the game "Banjo-Tooie", he takes over Bottles' role from the first game (seeing as Bottles was killed by Grunty in the beginning of the game) and teaches the player the moves and skills required to reach Gruntilda in Cauldron Keep, calling the moves Bottles had taught Banjo in the last game 'novice moves'. Jamjars is a stereotypical drill sergeant complete with trooper sunglasses, green fatigues and army boots. He speaks loudly and clearly. He tends to speak in army chants when teaching moves. He is as different from Bottles as cheese to chalk, as the booklet says. He also gets into many witty quarrels with Kazooie. His silos create a network of shortcuts throughout the Isle O' Hags. Despite the announcement about his absence in "", a video on IGN has surfaced, revealing him as a DJ on "Spiral Mountain FM", where he comments about how lazy Banjo and Kazooie have become.

One of the differences of the two games is that Jamjars introduces the items when you pick them up, where as before the item talks, introducing itself. Confusingly, he does this even before you meet him in Mayahem Temple.


Jinjos are a species of multi-colored creatures that inhabit the Isle O' Hags. Their original home was Spiral Mountain, home of Banjo and Kazooie, but they were forced out when Gruntilda built her lair. Jinjos appear to be quite sociable and enjoy competitive sport - in "Banjo-Tooie" they were preparing for an upcoming kickball tournament against a team of moles, while in "Banjo-Pilot" they have a special all-Jinjo Grand Prix. A species called Minjos look the same as the friendly Jinjos, but they unexpectedly growl and attack the player if they are approached (they are more easily found than the Jinjos, which is what sets the trap).

Their first appearance is in "Banjo-Kazooie" where one of the many objectives is to "collect" the Jinjos, thus freeing them. Each level contained 5 Jinjos, one of each color (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Orange). Freeing 5 Jinjos awards the player with a Jiggy, a golden Jigsaw puzzle piece used to enter new levels. Also of note is the living statue, the "Jinjonator", that helps to defeat Gruntilda. In the sequel, "Banjo-Tooie", the Jinjos returned along with their ruler, King Jingaling. "Minjos", the supposed arch-enemies of Jinjos, were also introduced in this game. Families of Jinjos are rescued instead of single ones. Also several new colors of Jinjos were introduced: White, Purple, Red, Brown and Black as well as an unseen Grey family that was said to have been killed when the witches drove the Hag 1 through their house in the Jinjo Village. In "", Jinjos also appear to live in family groups, with a family assigned to each world. However, in this game, it appears that Jinjos were the original inhabitants of Spiral Mountain and the connecting worlds, and have fled from Grunty and her army.

Introduced in "Banjo-Kazooie"

piral Mountain


Tooty is a small female bear with blond hair tied in pigtails, wears a red shirt with a yellow star in the middle and purple trousers. She is sweet and kind and loves going on adventures with her brother Banjo. She plays the piccolo in the introduction of the first game with Banjo and Kazooie playing a banjo and kazoo, respectively (along with Mumbo on the saxophone, xylophone, and violin). She is friends with Bottles (who she calls "Mr. Mole"). Tooty was kidnapped by the envious Gruntilda, but was rescued by Banjo as first prize in Grunty's Furnace Fun.

While "Banjo-Kazooie" was still in pre-production, the official Nintendo magazine, "Nintendo Power", gave an overview of the game in which Tooty's original name was "Piccolo" and she was Banjo's girlfriend, not his sister. Tooty still plays a piccolo in the introduction of the first game. Originally, Tooty was meant to be playable in her own mini-game near the ending of "Banjo-Kazooie", but this project was scraped likely due to time restraints, and apparently never produced. []

After "Banjo-Kazooie", Tooty has not appeared in a game since. The only reference to Tooty seems to be a picture of her in Banjo's house and on a giant milk carton in "Banjo-Tooie", in a traditional lost person ad. (Which is a reference to the fact she didn't appear in the game) Tooty's removal has been suggested at by Rare who referred to her being "captured by the rubbish video game characters police."


Roysten is Banjo's pet goldfish that is usually seen swimming in his little fish bowl next to Banjo's bed. He is often shown in uncomfortable and sometimes deadly situations (such as one particular scene in which he's seen frying on Mumbo Jumbo's grill while he flips burgers) but somehow he always returns completely unharmed.

After the introductory events of "Banjo Tooie", he becomes trapped under a boulder and must be rescued. If you get him out and release him into the moat around Spiral Mountain, he will teach you a faster swimming technique, as well as increasing your air capacity. The burnt fish Bottles cuts up after he's brought back to life is also Roysten, as evidenced during the Character Parade movie clip.

Gruntilda's Lair


Brentilda is a character in the Banjo-Kazooie series. She's Gruntilda's nicer sister.

Brentilda is the complete opposite of Gruntilda. She looks more like a good fairy than an evil witch. She has green skin, like Gruntilda, but unlike Gruntilda she wears a pink dress and a tiara. It has been stated that Grunty hates her because she inherited the family's good looks. When Banjo and Kazooie approach her in the game, the music changes to a joyful tune. She helps the duo by giving them information about Gruntilda's habits (such as what she eats for dinner to what her dog's name is) that they'll need for the quiz at the end of the game. She will also restore their energy. In Mad Monster Mansion in the "Banjo-Kazooie" game, you can see a portrait of Brentilda on the wall of the room where the Napper is sleeping. A different portrait can be seen in "Banjo-Tooie" lying in the corner of Pawno's Emporium in Jolly Roger's Lagoon (her only appearance in the entire game), however this other portrait can be seen in other locations of the house in Mad Monster Mansion. Brentilda may be based on Glinda the Good of "The Wizard of Oz", while Gruntilda takes her design from the Wicked Witch of the West.


Cheato is a flying book with the word "SPELLS" on his cover, filled with cheat codes that Banjo and Kazooie can use to help them on their adventures. An ambient tone of music plays when the character approaches him. In Banjo-Kazooie Cheato offers to give Banjo and Kazooie a cheat code each time they find him in a new location in Gruntilda's Lair. Whenever he offers this, Gruntilda threatens to rip Cheato's pages out, but Cheato continues to thumb his nose at her. " where players can once again get cheat codes from him.


Dingpot is a large cauldron, from whom Grunty learns that Tooty is more beautiful. Dingpot becomes disenchanted with Grunty, especially from her cruel treatment towards him (such as vomiting in him and washing her filthy clothing in him) and he helps Banjo and Kazooie get to the roof to confront her. In "Banjo Tooie" Dingpot can be found at the top of Cauldron Keep, where he helpfully restores Banjo and Kazooie's eggs, feathers and health to maximum. Oddly, he helps the player even though Kazooie is also incredibly rude to him. In "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts" he is seen on the Grunty Coco-Carrier, although he looks more mechanical when on it.

Mumbo's Mountain


Ju-Ju is Mumbo's totem pole. He has four identical heads stacked on top of one another and is constantly rotating in one spot. He loves the taste of Kazooie's eggs or, as he calls them, "blue stones." If Kazooie fires an egg into one of his mouths, his head will disappear. When he disappears completely, he will leave a Jiggy behind.


Chimpy is a chimpanzee who loves oranges. However, the only oranges that are available are with Conga, who does not let anyone near them. If Banjo and Kazooie steal one of his oranges and give it to Chimpy, Chimpy will excitedly take the orange and run away, leaving a Jiggy behind and opening a passage for them to confront Conga. His design appears to be based off of Diddy Kong except he has no hat or shirt.


[] Conga is a gorilla who, like Chimpy, loves oranges, and does not give up his tree without a fight. Around his tree there are square-shaped switches that he claim are his "blocks" and if he hits with his oranges, make one of two Jiggys in his custody appear. He gives up his other Jiggy if Banjo and Kazooie hit him with enough eggs. He returns in "Banjo-Tooie" as the big top ringleader in Witchyworld and only allows the heroes in if they gather enough tickets.

Treasure Trove Cove

Captain Blubber

[] Captain Blubber is a pirate hippo who apparently owns the beached ship, "The Salty Hippo". His treasure is lost in the hold of the ship. After Banjo helped him to retrieve it, Blubber went off on a business venture. He is seen at the end of "Banjo-Kazooie" riding a Waveracer across the ocean at the beach Banjo, Kazooie, Tooty, Bottles and Mumbo were relaxing at. He set up a "Waveracer" shop in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, but by "Banjo-Tooie", his business was ruined after many of his Waveracers were lost to a giant fish. He asks Banjo and Kazooie for some money to help get his life back on track, which they give out of pity. Blubber then bet this money in a trivia contest and won, and used the winnings to purchase a "flying craft" (oddly enough, the Saucer of Peril from Witchyworld), and is shown flying it past Cauldron Keep while Banjo, Kazooie, JamJars. Mumbo and Wumba are kicking Gruntys skull around. There was also a character in "Grunty's Revenge" named Blubber Jr., who could very well be Blubber when he was younger. His voice sounds like belching.


Nipper is a giant hermit crab living on the beach of Treasure Trove Cove. He grows annoyed when Banjo and Kazooie tread on his beach, and even more so when Kazooie insults him, and attacks them. If Kazooie pecks him in the eyes three times, he will retreat to his shell and disappear without a trace, allowing the duo to enter and claim his Jiggy.


Snacker is a shark who chases Banjo and Kazooie whenever they end up in the open waters of the cove. He also appears much later in the game at Rusty Bucket Bay, where he once again terrorizes Banjo and Kazooie but he does not speak. He is able to be defeated by shooting five eggs at him; however, he comes back quickly. He approaches Banjo and Kazooie in a similar fashion to the "Jaws" films, complete with "Jaws"-esque theme music. He talks in chomps in Treasure Trove Cove

Clanker's Cavern


Clanker is a giant metallic aquatic creature (presumably a shark, though some believe him to be a whale because of the blowhole. It is unclear though, because whales do not have gills, nor do they have vertical pectoral fins or the raised dorsal fin of a shark which Clanker has.) and serves as Gruntilda's garbage disposal. He dislikes the dirty water in which he lives and offers Banjo and Kazooie rewards if they will get him some fresh air and cure his toothache. The inside of his body is fully explorable, largely organic, and Banjo and Kazooie can enter by swimming through his gills, gaps in his teeth, or blow hole, which are also made of metal. He is also to be featured in the upcoming "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts". Since he is a hybrid of metal and flesh, he is presumably a cyborg, suggesting that he was once fully organic.


Gloop is a fish whose air bubbles help Banjo and Kazooie when they're running low on air. He is also seen again in Hailfire Peaks, under the name as 'Din-Din' in a boiling pool of water. When fed to Boggy, he coughs up a Jiggy.

Bubblegloop Swamp


Tanktup is a giant turtle whose belly serves as a gathering place for the Tiptup Choir. He complains that his feet are cold and numb and is unable to move them. If Banjo and Kazooie slam down on his feet, they will enter his shell. When he is warm, he will allow the duo to enter his belly.


[] Tiptup is the conductor of the choir inside Tanktup. Tiptup reappears two years later in Jolly Roger's Lagoon with an egg, long overdue to hatch (32 weeks), and claiming he also has nineteen daughters. He first appeared alongside Banjo in "Diddy Kong Racing".

Mr. Vile

Mr. Vile is a red crocodile and proclaims himself to be the greediest croc of all. He lives in the belly of another, much larger crocodile, which can only be entered if Banjo turns himself into a crocodile with Mumbo's magic and enters one of its nostrils. Vile challenges Banjo to three eating contests, with each one harder than the last. If Banjo wins all three, Vile will reward him with a Jiggy. But if Banjo loses one game, Vile will bite him and deplete one honeycomb. He is returning in "Nuts and Bolts". He will be slightly bigger, and will be in Mad Monster Mansion, inside Loggo the Toilet.

Freezeezy Peak


[] Boggy is a polar bear who lives in an igloo near the start of the level. He falls ill after swallowing a Jiggy. Boggy seems to have lost all of the presents for his three children across the peak. He has also lost his sled on the giant snowman in the middle of the level, and if Banjo finds it, he will ride it and land on top of Boggy, causing him to cough up the Jiggy. He likes to challenge people to sledding competitions; you can initially race against him when in the form of a walrus, and again in regular form after you obtain the Running Shoes. If you beat him both times, he will give you two more Jiggies. Boggy makes another appearance in the sequel at Hailfire Peaks. Since then, Boggy has gained weight and given up sledding. He spends his time watching TV all day and eats fish. Boggy can be seen watching TV with Mr. Pants on the screen which came out years later. Strangely enough, while in Freezeezy Peak he had three sons, in Hailfire Peaks he has two sons and one daughter.

Groggy, Soggy and Moggy

Groggy, Soggy and Moggy are Boggy's three children. When you first meet them, they are sad due to the fact that they have no presents. When you give each of them a present, they reward you with a Jiggy. They later return in Witchyworld, where they go off in different directions. Banjo makes them go back to Mrs. Boggy. Groggy, the overweight son, asks Banjo to bring him a burger, but gets too full to move when he's finished, so Banjo has to Taxi Pack him to Mrs. Boggy. Soggy, the daughter, begs for fries, and heads back when they're brought to her. Moggy, the bratty son, refuses to leave, so Banjo has to hit him to send him crying back to his mother.


Wozza is a rather large, purple walrus who lives in a cave in the peak. He is afraid of Banjo and hides in his cave whenever he draws near. If you approach him in the form of a walrus, however, he will give you a Jiggy and let you explore his cave. Banjo can also explore after this, but all Wozza asks him to do is take the sole Jinjo, which he finds annoying how it cries for help. Wozza is also larger than Banjo himself.

Gobi's Valley


Trunker is a tree growing in the oasis at the start of the level. He complains of dehydration and needs water badly. He finally receives his wish when Gobi the camel, who rests under him after being freed by Banjo from a rock, spits his water supply into the tree's mouth after Kazooie slams on his back. His thirst quenched, Trunker grows taller and gives Banjo a Jiggy, which pops up on top of his head.


A giant, living sphinx that is apparently prominent throughout the world, as his likeness is seen throughout the entire desert. When first encountered, he is heavily congested; when the player clears his sinuses (by shooting eggs into his nostrils), he allows them inside of his body to get a Jiggy.

King Sandybutt

An unseen mummy within the pyramid that pops out of the Earth in the raised platform in the center of the world, accessed by shooting eggs into the four Jinxy-like statues around it. When the player enters his tomb, he warns them to turn back or "face his wrath". If the player ignores his warnings and enters the pyramid itself, they have a set time limit to get to Sandybutt's burial chamber, which is much easier with the Running Shoes. If the player manages to get to the end, they are able to steal the Jiggy from the King's sarcophagus (which, strangely, does not have a mummy inside); if they do not get there before time runs out, multiple spikes pop out of the walls and impale them offscreen, costing the player a life.


Gobi is the camel after whom the valley is named. He is tied down when Banjo and Kazooie first meet him, and is complaining about the heat. When he is freed, Gobi runs off and rests next to Trunker, but refuses to share his water with the tree until Banjo forces him to (a beak buster on his back). Later, when Banjo forces Gobi to cough up a hollow honeycomb, Gobi grows annoyed and announces his departure from the valley. Gobi later turns up under a large flower in Click Clock Wood, where Banjo forces him to give up his water for a second time. Finally, he is fed up, and decides to leave for a "lava world", introduced in "Banjo-Tooie" as Hailfire Peaks. However, on the way, Grunty captures him and uses him as an attraction in her theme park, Witchyworld. Banjo and Kazooie free him and he continues to the lava world, where he is used to cool the insides of Chuffy the Train so Chuffy can access the icy side. Also, in the sequel, Gobi is seen wearing a beard and is thus dubbed the "Ancient Bearded Camel". If the player goes to see him first as Banjo alone, Gobi reveals that his beard is fake and was put on him to increase his popularity, but to no avail (this was when he was put in the 'freak show').

Rubee, Toots & Histup

Rubee is a snake charmer who lives inside Kazooie's pyramid. He is accompanied by an anteater-like companion named Toots, who returns in "Banjo-Tooie" as King Jingaling's pet (it is unknown if these two appearances are the same Toots or not). Putting five eggs on the moving basket will make his snake, Histup, rise, giving Banjo access to a Jiggy. Toots returns in "Banjo-Tooie" as a fatter, somewhat larger Toots.


The hand of a mummy who possesses a Jiggy. The player has to be fast in order to catch the Jiggy, and can only do so with the Running Shoes. Afterward, he congratulates Banjo and Kazooie on their speed, claiming that no one has been fast enough to snatch items out of his hand in "a thousand years", and retracts back into the ground, never to be seen again.

Mad Monster Mansion


Motzand is a ghostly hand that can be found playing the organ inside the church. He challenges Banjo to keep up with his playing. If Banjo is able to do so (by slamming on the keys Motzand presses), Motzand will reward him with a Jiggy. His name is a play on Mozart and Hand.


Napper is a giant ghost who is found sleeping inside the dining room of the mansion. He has been positioned by Gruntilda to protect a Jiggy, which he puts inside him. If Banjo takes one step on the wooden floor, it will creak and awaken Napper. To obtain the Jiggy, Banjo must climb the roof of the mansion, fall down the chimney, hop across the chairs positioned in front of him and grab it while he sleeps. After taking it, Napper will be scolded by Grunty and leave.


Loggo is a toilet that can be found inside the bathroom of the mansion. A Jiggy can be found inside of him, but the only way Banjo can obtain it is to transform into a pumpkin with Mumbo's magic and have Loggo flush him down. Loggo reappears in "Banjo-Tooie" in the bathroom of Grunty Industries, claiming that Gruntilda moved him there. He has been clogged with one of Cheato's pages, which can only be obtained by performing a drill attack or by using a grenade egg.

Tumblar the Mighty

A transparent, cylindrical entity within the shed of the mansion. A Jiggy is trapped within him, and he challenges Banjo and Kazooie to a spelling game to win it, riding on top of him and sliding across the letters. If the player successfully spells out "BANJO-KAZOOIE", Tumblar will disappear, giving the duo access to the Jiggy.

Rusty Bucket Bay


Snorkel is a dolphin that has been trapped under the anchor of Grunty's ship, the "Rusty Bucket". If Banjo finds the switch that controls the anchor, Snorkel will be freed and reward him with a Jiggy. Similar dolphins also appear in "Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge".

Boss Boom Box

A giant Boom Box and the only boss battle of the game other than Gruntilda. The player must hit him repeatedly and he will break into multiple smaller boxes, which will break into even smaller boxes and then to very small boxes. After destroying all of them, he explodes and gives Banjo and Kazooie a Jiggy.

Click Clock Wood


Gnawty is a beaver whose home is blocked by a large boulder. It can only be removed during the summer when the river is dry. He invites you in to reward you; unfortunately, the lack of water makes it impossible for Banjo to enter, so the Jiggy can only be obtained during the fall when the river has filled once again. He apparently does not prepare for visitors in winter since the river freezes over, and there is only one hole in the ice that is located fairly far from his house. Gnawty is an enemy from the "Donkey Kong" series also made by Rare.


Eyrie is an eagle whom Banjo and Kazooie must raise throughout the year. He is born in the spring when the duo break his egg, and falls asleep soon after. He then asks them to feed him caterpillars during the summer and fall, asking for more in the latter season than the former. By the winter, he grows into an adult eagle and flies away, but not before giving Banjo and Kazooie a Jiggy as thanks.


Nabnut is a squirrel who absolutely loves acorns. He keeps eating his acorns from the spring to the summer until he has no more, growing completely full of them. By the fall, he realizes he has no acorns left for the winter and asks Banjo and Kazooie to help him gather some before he hibernates, giving them a Jiggy as a reward if they accomplish this. During the winter, he sleeps with an unnamed pink squirrel (presumably his wife or girlfriend) and dreams of eating acorns.

Final Battle


A powerful Jinjo who has the power to use other Jinjos to become more powerful. He appears during the final battle to deliver the last attack that sends Gruntilda falling from her lair tower. He looks like a normal Jinjo except he is a glowing blue with red eyes. This is only when activated because he is a statue when at an average form. Similar statues called Jinjo Oracles are in "Grunty's Revenge". His name is a play on Terminator (character).

Introduced in "Banjo-Tooie"

Isle O' Hags

Mingella and Blobbelda

Mingella and Blobbelda are the sisters of Gruntilda and Brentilda. The two built B.O.B (Big O Blaster) and Hag 1 (Digger), and currently reside under a couple of 1-ton weights in Cauldron Keep, the witches' hideout, where they were ironically flattened by Grunty herself during another one of her infamous end-of-game quizzes. The two sisters also stopped Grunty's rhyming for the duration of Banjo-Tooie.

Mingella is bone-thin, tall, and has an abnormally long nose and pink hair. She carries a spell book around with her and can be described as a stereotypical witch. Like Gruntilda, she and Blobbelda have an unusual colloquial habit: in their case, they employ anastrophe, reverting the proper order of sentences similar to the character Yoda from the Star Wars series of films (e.g. they angrily say "Annoying your rhyming is" instead of "Your rhyming is annoying" when Gruntilda asks them in rhyme how the sisters plan to "get her body back").

Blobbelda can be described as "shapely" as Grunty puts it during the Tower of Tragedy Quiz. She is also short, carries a blue cat under her arm (which is not named) and has red-orange hair. She is a stereotypical witch, with green skin and warts, but unlike her sisters, doesn't wear a hat. Her voice sound is low and rumbly as compared to Mingella's which is scratchier (like Grunty's, only a much higher pitch).

King Jingaling

King Jingaling is ruler of the peaceful Jinjo Village, where his golden temple is located. He carries with him a mysterious pink pet named Toots, who appears exactly like Rubee's pet companion from Gobi's Valley and could easily have just come into the kings possession. After the player has beaten Klungo and visited Jingaling, the king becomes one of Gruntilda's victims as she tries to suck up the life forces of characters in the Isle O' Hags to create a new body for herself, turning the King into a grey, evil zombie (Toots is reduced to a pile of ash, with only a pair of blinking eyes remaining) that has ties to bosses in the game. At the end of the game, he is rescued by Banjo and Kazooie when they infiltrate Gruntilda's hideout, Cauldron Keep. They use the B.O.B (Big-O'-Blaster) to revive everyone Grunty had sucked all the life away from, including Jingaling and Bottles. King Jingaling seems to act young seeing as he says "yo" often. He is one of the few characters Kazooie does not seem to insult - she even thinks his "strange pet thingy" is "cool". The duo often get his name wrong which annoyed him little by little and evident after you beat the game (Banjo mistakenly calls him "King Dingaling"). Although Jingaling is ruler it is strange to point out that the Jinjonator is more powerful and is considered a sort of ruler by the Oracles.

Master Jiggywiggy

Master Jiggywiggy is the keeper and leader of the golden tokens called "Jiggies" and the mystical Crystal Jiggy. He is a fairly important character, as he is the one to open up the levels in which you must venture in, although you technically have to solve the jigsaw puzzle first in order for him to do so. He wears a bright yellow tunic and a bright blue cloak with Jiggy images on it held up by a honeycomb-shaped brooch, and his head resembles a Jiggy. Jiggywiggy appears again, in his younger form, in "". He can be considered a high priest in apperanace and his role. Other characters resembling him populate his temple, but they wear plain brown robes.

Honey B.

Honey B. is a giant, beautiful queen bee (dwarfing Banjo in size) who lives in a large beehive on the Plateau on the Isle o' Hags or in "Spiral Rise" in "". She offers extra energy in exchange for hollow honeycombs.

peccy and Goggles

Speccy and Goggles are the son and daughter, respectively, of Bottles and Mrs. Bottles.(they know nothing of the death of Bottles, as Banjo is too nervous and refuses to tell Bottle's family about the tragedy, despite Kazooie egging him on to tell them). Their names are taken from the first game where Kazooie insults Bottles using these names. Speccy appears older and is proud of his father, boasting that he can beat the Jinjos in the upcoming Jinjo vs. Mole kickball tournament. Speccy plays with a toy fighter plane and also wears the same cap that the protagonist of the "Pokemon" series, Ash Ketchum wears. Goggles gives Banjo and Kazooie the Amaze-O-Gaze glasses invented by Bottles and she can be seen playing with a Donkey Kong doll. Both children have "Jet Force Gemini" posters adorned on the walls of their rooms.

Mayahem Temple

Officer Unogopaz

Officer Unogopaz is a large tiger who guards the entrance to the Mayan kickball stadium. He is very stubborn and refuses entry into the stadium to anyone other than Stonies playing in the games. His name is a pun of "You no go pass", which describes his work ethic rather well. He is used by Rare to knowingly poke fun at the obvious resemblance between Banjo and his various magic-induced forms (all transformations retain the trademark shorts and backpack, for example); he sees straight through Banjo's Stony disguise, telling him it's "pretty obvious", but lets him into the stadium because they need an extra player.


A priest of the high god Targitzan, Chief Bloatazan is encountered by Banjo in a small side temple where he is in a panic over losing Targitzan's "Sacred Priceless Relic Thingy", a golden idol of the god himself. The Unga Bunga cavemen stole it through a shortcut between worlds which Banjo exploits to steal it back.


A giant snake within the Jade Snake Grove area. Hence his name, he sleeps most of the time; he is also in possession of one of the world's Jiggies, although he sleeps too much to keep an eye on it. However, the ground of the area where he is resting is covered in hay, and if the player doesn't tiptoe over to the Jiggy, he hears Banjo and Kazooie coming, wakes up, eats his Jiggy, and stays awake hissing until the duo leaves; afterwards, he coughs the Jiggy back up and goes back to sleep. Once the player manages to get the Jiggy, he stays asleep for the rest of the game.

Targitzan (Despotic Dizzy Target God)

The boss of Mayahem Temple, he inhabits the temple at the centre of the world and resymbols a spinning totem pole. As Banjo and Kazooie progress further underground collect small green idols in the temple, Targitzan grants them access first to his "Slightly Sacred Chamber" and then later to his "Really Sacred Chamber". In the latter, the god confronts them and attempts to destroy them by spitting darts; however, the duo defeat him by shooting the targets all over his body and eventually he breaks apart. His name is a pun on "Tarzan".

Glitter Gulch Mine

Bullion Bill

Bullion Bill Is a prospector that lost his partner who is trapped in the prison area of Mayahem Temple. Once you free his partner Bullion Bill rewards you with a jiggy he found while he and his partner were mining gold.

Canary Mary

Canary Mary is a canary-garbed character who was once used in the mine to warn miners of dangerous gases (A reference to how miners used to check mines in the past). Eventually, she was locked in a cage inside a gaseous chamber, until Banjo and Kazooie freed her. Afterwards, Mary raced them, with Banjo controlling a minecart. She appears in Cloud Cuckooland for another race, this time Banjo drives a Clockwork Mouse. This second race is one of the most difficult minigames in "Banjo-Tooie", if not "the" most. When rewarding the bear and bird, she feels the need to describe where on her body she found whatever object she is giving them was wedged: in unpleasant spots, to say the least.

Old King Coal (Grubby Boiler Monarch)

Old King Coal is a giant made entirely of coal that inhabits the firebox of a locomotive called Chuffy. He fights Banjo and Kazooie, who want to take control of the engine. After you defeat him, Old King Coal believes you are worthy of riding his train, and he gladly drives Chuffy over to any train station you call him to. His name is a pun on the nursery rhyme "Old King Cole", which Kazooie makes a reference to ("But I thought you were supposed to be a merry old soul..."). Also when you fight him, each time he loses a limb he is optomistic about the loss, this may be a reference to the Black Knight on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Mrs. Boggy

Mrs. Boggy is the rather buxom wife of Boggy. During her stay at Witchyworld, her children all ran off in different places, and she was unable to find them. Banjo helps her, and in return, he is granted a jiggy.

Big Al

Big Al is a rhinoceros who sells burgers in Witchyworld. He does not know exactly how he got the job, but he says he used to clean the toilets. He has terrible hygiene standards (he has a bad green cough, a runny nose, and a tendency to "accidentally" use it on his burgers, and he uses burgers that he had dropped on the ground).

alty Joe

Salty Joe the weasel is the misanthropic fry vendor. Joe is a bit rude, and he hates customers because they always want things. If you visit him as lone Banjo, Joe asks if he can be your sidekick (probably because he thought that Banjo didn't need Kazooie any more when she is not seen with you). He has a constant cold and will sometimes sneeze on the fries. He appears in "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" as a member of Showdown Town's police force.

Mr. Patch (Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing)

Mr. Patch is the boss of Witchyworld, a large green inflatable dinosaur-esque creature. When Conga lets Banjo and Kazooie into the Big Top tent, they search for their seats when Mr. Patch appears. After Kazooie comments on his size ("That Klungo freak near the start was probably bigger than you!"), he puffs himself up to an incredible height, almost reaching the ceiling, and the fight begins. Once the duo shoots out the first of his many multicolored patches (his "weak point"), he sends punching gloves to come up from the ground to attack, forcing the duo to shoot him down from the air. Also, he'll cough up explosive beach balls while Banjo and Kazooie are flying. When all his "weak points" are elimated, his plug finally bursts, and he deflates like a balloon. At the start of the fight, he is the largest boss in the game. He can also be seen in the debut video of "".

Jolly Roger's Lagoon

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger the frog is a bartender at "Jolly's", the pub at the lagoon. When Banjo and Kazooie meet him, he is depressed because his friend and partner is lost somewhere in the lagoon. He allows the two to rent the tavern's only room, although he warns that a mole has dug a hole through the floor. He is currently in a relationship with his friend Merry Maggie, who recently went missing. She is found by Banjo inside of a giant fish under the lagoon.

Merry Maggie Malpass

Merry Maggie is a large, lipstick-bedecked frog and Jolly Roger's assistant. She is swallowed by a giant fish while waveracing. Banjo and Kazooie must enter the fish to rescue her (similar to Princess Ruto in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time") and after doing so, they are awarded a Jiggy by Jolly Roger as thanks.

Captain Blackeye

Captain Blackeye is a curious character who sits in the back room at Jolly's. He appears to be a pirate, and he can be seen being heavily drunk and despondent. Blackeye rants continuously about how a bear who looked like Banjo (or so he believes) stole his glory. He appears to be the same individual seen in pictures in Mad Monster Mansion, albeit a bit more haggard. He is also rumored to be linked to the mysterious Stop 'n' Swop. One of his infamous remarks is "I once had a Dream...." The project name for "Banjo-Kazooie" was in fact "Dream", so this causes many to believe that before Rare thought of making "Banjo-Kazooie" into a game, they would have a pirate game starring Captain Blackeye.Nintendo however mentions him on their official site for "Banjo-Kazooie". [] Captain Blackeye is also suggested to be the owner of the "Rusty Bucket" in Rusty Bucket Bay.

His purpose in "Banjo-Tooie", however, is very minor. If the player talks to him three times, he will threaten to kill Banjo and Kazooie if they do it again. On the fourth attempt, he will attempt to (as implied by his dialogue), but he's too seasick so he gives Banjo and Kazooie two doubloons to fetch him a glass of water, but then he faints in a comical fashion, and can still be talked to as he spouts off his infamous remarks.


Pawno is a sly weasel who runs a dirty business in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. He offers to sell his two highest priced items, a Jiggy and one of Cheato's pages, to "Banjo-Kazooie", but only if they come up with the right amount of money. Some of his other items, which he has not managed to sell yet, are from various levels in "Banjo-Kazooie" such as the Mad Monster Mansion portrait of Brentilda and the doll of Grunty from Furnace Fun.

Tiptup Jr.

Tiptup Jr. is the son of Tiptup. His egg was long overdue to hatch, and Tiptup begged Banjo and Kazooie to help. Once Kazooie learned the Hatch move from Jamjars, she could go back and hatch the egg. Tiptup gave the bear and bird a Jiggy for their help and went home to introduce Tiptup Jr. to his nineteen sisters.

Chris P. Bacon

Chris P. Bacon is a photographer who was found taking pictures of ancient paintings inside a temple in Atlantis, but he gets harassed by sinister fish who bite him despite the fact that he is in a cage. Banjo and Kazooie must shoot eggs at the fish until Chris is done taking pictures. Apparently, he uses a Game Boy and Game Boy Camera in his job as he is seen holding them in his hand when you meet him. He also wears blue swimming flippers and British flag swimwear. His name comes from the pun "Crispy Bacon", which is rather appropriate as he is a pig.

His name was made in a "Nintendo Official Magazine UK" competition. The creator of the name was Rai Butera.fact|date=April 2008

Lord Woo Fak Fak (Self-Important Anglerfish)

Lord Woo Fak Fak is the level boss of Jolly Roger's Lagoon in Banjo-Tooie, and resides at the bottom of the level's ocean in a broken locker labeled "D. Jones", a reference to the seafarer's legend of Davy Jones' Locker. He is an enormous anglerfish with small luminous spots in his body. He calls these glowing spots his precious boils, if he is hit in that weak spot he will bleed. When all of them are blown up, he opens his previously-closed eyes, which then become his targeted area. This, however, gives him better accuracy with his attacks. He, unlike other bosses, can also be fought while Banjo and Kazooie are transformed.Lord Woo Fak Fak mentions (after you have defeated him) that he used to be a hero. What this means is unknown, but it may be a reference to Glimmer in the "Donkey Kong" series, who help the Kongs out by illuminating the dark underwater areas they sometimes visit. Zombie King Jingaling mentions that himself and Fak Fak often go fishing together. Again, what this means is not known. Also, if attacked after defeated, he will say he knows Banjo's father.


"Styracosaurus" Family

The "Styracosaurus" family is composed of mother Scrotty and her three children, Scrat, Scrit and Scrut. Much to Scrotty's grief, each of her children has found themselves in some particularly unfortunate circumstances. Her daughter, Scrut, went off to the carnival at Witchyworld and never returned (she was put on as the "Mighty Evil Dinosaur" in the Cave of Horrors). Her son Scrit went out one day and came home mysteriously tiny (barely larger than Banjo). And her eldest son, Scrat, seems to have caught a particularly nasty bug which he believes he caught from the bones in the Pterodactyl Soup. When Banjo and Kazooie remedy all of these problems, the family rewards them.

Chompasaurus (Stomach-Cramped Carnivore)

A plesiosaur living in the bowels of the central mountain, Chompasaurus consumes Banjo and Kazooie when he encounters them, but allows them out again after they rid him of a large number of stomach ulcers. He rewards them with a Jiggy which he also swallowed.

tomponadon (Triassic Steamroller)

A particularly large theropod, Stomponadon is the sole inhabitant of the Stomping Plains, so named because the violent creature will furiously attempt to step on any intruders and can kill them with a mere two blows. Sometimes the zombified King Jingaling will warn the player to avoid the Stomping Plains as "Stomponadon has a terrible temper." Even in the character parade, the only part of Stomponadon that is seen is his leg.

Dippy (Seeker of Beverages)

A very thirsty "Diplodocus", Dippy asked Banjo and Kazooie to look for some water and Kazooie comments to him that the water is not just going to fall from the sky. When Banjo and Kazooie arrive at Cloud Cuckooland, they destroy a large boulder blocking a water drain and then the water falls to Terrydactyland. Dippy becomes very happy. He then drinks the water and says the water tastes "heavenly". Kazooie then says that she lied when asked about what she said. Dippy then gives the heroes a jiggy for all their hard work.

Terry (Disgruntled Pterodactyl Parent)

Terry begins as the boss of the level, who at first blames Banjo for the disappearance of his four eggs. The instruction manual states that his wife left him to raise the hatchlings alone, but the eggs were stolen. After defeating Terry, Banjo tells him that he and Kazooie didn't steal the eggs from him but are willing to find them, to which Terry agrees and thanks them.

Grunty Industries


Clinker is an anthropomorphic loudspeaker who never appears in "person", but whose voice is heard whenever Banjo and Kazooie make a misstep in Grunty Industries. His voice is heard often throughout Clinker's Cavern, implying that the cavern is his and that his name is, indeed, Clinker, although the fungi-like creatures that the player must clean off the vents in Clinker's Cavern are also referred to as "Clinkers". The area's name is also a pun on "Clanker's Cavern", a level from the previous game and the level is in fact the complex multiplayer map from "Goldeneye 007". Whether this is his true name or not has never been official.

Weldar (Visually-Impaired Welding Torch)

The boss of Grunty Industries is arguably the hardest boss to locate in the game as several trials must be overcome before he can be reached. Weldar, a giant welding torch, resides at the bottom of Grunty Industries in the repair plant. When Banjo and Kazooie enter the room they must drop down to the floor. A large door opens and the boss drags himself out. Weldar gets up and announces formally that bears are not allowed in the building. He is somewhat short-sighted, as Kazooie convinces him that Banjo is not a bear, causing him to remark that he should remember his glasses, but he decides to attack anyway since he's on his break. He chases them around the room for a while and then tries to vacuum them up through his mouth allowing Kazooie to launch a grenade egg inside Weldar causing an explosion. He then tries to stop them with nuts and bolts and crushing them with his body. After each attempts fail Weldar turns on the power and all the cracks in the floor become charged with electricity making it harder for the duo to move around. Weldar then attacks using the same moves he used before. After being defeated, he explodes and is reduced to nothing more than a head, which crashes into the power box for the Air Conditioning Plant; all the fans in the cellar consequently turn off. Weldar gives the duo a jumping pad to leave the room and accidently tells them where they are able to reach his Jiggy, which he stashed behind a giant fan for safekeeping.

Hailfire Peaks


Banjo and Kazooie first meet the aliens in Jolly Roger's Lagoon, where their ship is out of power. After the duo power up their ship again with Ice Eggs (getting a Jiggy that they'd landed on for their troubles), the aliens go to and again crash-land on the Icy Side of Hailfire Peaks. The jolt of the landing causes the father to fall out of the saucer in midair and kills him, but he is revived by Mumbo. Banjo and Kazooie must then reunite him with his kids, the reward for which is a Jiggy. As evidenced by the character parade, the adult aliens are named Alph, Beti and Gammo (after the first three letters of the Greek alphabet) and the children likewise, Alphet, Bettet and Gamet. Kazooie asks one if any of them are called Elvis.


Sabreman, the star of the video game "Sabre Wulf", got lost and was frozen to death in Hailfire Peaks' Icy Side while chasing his archnemesis Sabre Wulf. He is revived by Mumbo, and then must be warmed up by Banjo and Kazooie. After getting a ride back to his tent on the Lava Side with the help of a solo Banjo, Sabreman rewards Banjo with a Jiggy. He also falls asleep in his bed quickly after, snoring quite loudly. Sometimes he will talk in his sleep.

Chilli Billi (Hot 'n' Spicy Dragon) and Chilly Willy (Cold 'n' Icy Dragon)

Both of these dragons keep watch over their side of Hailfire Peaks, with Chilli Billi watching the lava side and Chilly Willy watching the ice side. A few seconds after Banjo and Kazooie arrive on either side, the dragons see them and will hurl balls of fire or ice at them every few minutes from afar out of spite; they can usually be heard doing so. Both dragons unwittingly provide a way to reach them; Chilli Billi destroys a building concealing a flight pad (allowing Kazooie to fly up to the top of the fire mountain), and Chilly Willy injures a yeti named Biggafoot who is preventing the duo from taking a pair of claw clamber boots (allowing Kazooie to climb up the side of the ice mountain. Once Banjo and Kazooie reach the summits, both dragons fail to recognise them as the same characters they've been attacking and mistake them for pizza deliverers. When the duo refuse to give them their pizzas (a Spicy Meat Special for Chilli Billi and an Anchovy Deluxe for Chilly Willy), the dragons angrily attack them, and so Banjo and Kazooie use cannons to defeat them. Chilli Billi's weakness is the ice eggs shot out by Kazooie as Chilly Willy is weak against the fire eggs respectively. Whichever dragon is defeated first, the second one will be twice as tough and have twice as much health. Once both dragons are defeated they will give the duo their jiggy and depart the peaks to get fast food instead (Big Al Burgers for Chilli Billi and McJiggy's for Chilly Willy). It is then revealed that although the dragons have massive heads and necks (the only part seen during the battles) they have comically small bodies and wings. Once they leave, their bombardment of the world below ceases.

George and Mildred Icecube

George Icecube, husband of Mildred Icecube, is an icecube used to cool the water in Hailfire Peaks so Banjo can empty it and instead put it in Jolly Roger's Lagoon where two little piggies wanted warm, clean water.Mildred Icecube contains a jinjo so you have to billdrill her.

Cloud Cuckooland

uperstash Deluxe

Superstash Deluxe is a giant safe in the Central Cavern of Cloud Cuckooland that is charged with guarding Gruntilda's valuables, namely, a Jiggy. He'd gladly give over his contents, but unfortunately for Banjo and Kazooie, he's lost his combination. The bear and bird must travel around the area to find four numbers: 1, 9, 8, and 4 (1984 is the year that Rare, the creators of "Banjo-Kazooie" and "Banjo-Tooie", was formed, which is why Superstash states that it's "a real rare year"). Once the four numbers are safely back with their master, he will swing open to reveal the Jiggy.

Mr. Fit

A fitness-obsessed aardvark who challenges the pair to a series of sporting events, Mr. Fit wears a purple tracksuit and waits for his competition by doing star jumps while holding dumbbells. He challenges the pair to the high jump, sack race and 100-meter sprint, and is defeated all three times, finally relinquishing a Jiggy. Mr. Fit is making another entry as himself in the new game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

Mingy Jongo (Crafty Shaman Impersonator)

In Cloud Cuckooland are two Mumbo skulls instead of one - one pink and one blue - and who appears in which one is random. But there is a way to tell. If there is a Minjo on the bottom floor then Mumbo is inside that skull. But if it's a Jinjo instead, then proceeding upstairs Banjo and Kazooie will see what appears to be Mumbo sleeping (which is the most obvious way to tell, because the real Mumbo is not sleeping). He wakes up and tells them that he has a surprise, but when he gets up he attacks them, then his eyes turn red and he reveals himself to be Mingy Jongo, a cyborg disguised as Mumbo, who claims to be a bounty hunter. He seals off the stairs and attempts to destroy Banjo with a series of fast-paced energy bolts from his zap stick, as well as the ability to teleport to various places in the room, although every so often both abilities will short out and he attempts to recharge which is your chance to strike. The more damage he takes, the more his robotic form, or, as he puts it, "cybotic-ness" is revealed, similar to the Terminator. Upon being defeated, he announces that his chances of beating Banjo are "minimal", his head pops off, his body spouting a strange green fluid, and he explodes.

Cauldron Keep

Hag 1 (Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher)

The Hag 1 is a gigantic drilling machine that Gruntilda and her sisters use to get around in. It is equipped with lasers, mortar cannons, and toxic gas. The machine is fought on the top of Cauldron Keep, where it is being driven by Gruntilda. Gruntilda uses spare quiz cards and launches spells at the duo. Both of the Hag 1's batteries must be taken out with a Clockwork Kazooie Egg. It isn't until the end of the fight that Gruntilda's last name is revealed. The machine explodes to bits when Gruntilda drops a spell. It has a U.K. number plate written "HAG 1" on it and a "GB" international oval at the back.

Introduced in "Grunty's Revenge"


Bozzeye is a distant cousin of Bottles and his family. He teaches moves in "" in place of Bottles and Jamjars when Banjo travels back in time. Kazooie points out that he seems to have a lazy eye.


Bleaters are a flock of sheep who live on Cliff Farm and were scattered by Gruntilda's Minions. They need Banjo's help to get back to their fence and reward him with a jiggy if he manages to get them all back.


Breegulls are Kazooie's species who live at Breegull Beach.

Jinjo Oracle

A statue that appears constantly to give hints where other Jinjos are. She resembles the Jinjonator from "Banjo-Kazooie". She claims she learned Banjo's name through the instruction manual.

Introduced in "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts"

So far, these characters have been announced as new characters featured in "", which is scheduled for release in November of 2008.

Lord of Games

The Lord of Games, also known as LOG, is the secondary antagonist in "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts". His appearance in screenshots and concept drawings is that of a floating cathode ray tube monitor displaying a game of Pong and a purple cape. He has fabricated his own world of multiple challenges, of which Banjo must complete, and has struck a deal between Banjo and Grunty by offering the deeds to Spiral Mountain to whomever completes all of his obstacles.


With Klungo going off to create "ssstupid gamesss" near the end of "Banjo-Tooie" [Klungo: Future prossspectsss not good with Missstresss Grunty. No chance of promotion... No daysss off... No pay... Klungo go find easssy desssk job, maybe make ssstupid gamesss...

cite video game|title=Banjo-Tooie| developer = Rare, Ltd.| publisher = Nintendo| date=11-19-2000| platform=Nintendo 64] , Rare announced in Scribes that they have created a new sidekick for Grunty that was not in any of the previous games nor anyone related to Klungo.cite web | title = Scribes - December 20, 2007 | publisher = Rare | url= | accessdate=2007-12-22] In an IGN video released on July 8, a small purple cat can be seen jumping up and down next to Grunty in Showdown Town. Later, Rare's community manager George Kelion stated on the Rare Witch Project that the cat, named Piddles, is Grunty's new sidekick.


A chief of police, Pikelet is a very large pig whom Banjo and Kazooie meet throughout there adventure in the new hub world of Showdown Town. He is turned against Banjo and Kazooie by LOG, and leads a rather corrupt police force in Showdown Town.

Trophy Thomas

Described as an "overly competitive braggart", Trophy Thomas is a self-proclaimed celebrity whom Banjo and Kazooie meet while standing next to an oversized statue of Trophy Thomas. He is also turned against Banjo and Kazooie by LOG, and plays a rather crucial role in each of the challenges.

In the game, you may also aquire T.T. (abbreviation for Trophy Thomas) Trophies if you are able to complete the set challenge, and beat T.T.'s best score. This will also award you a 1/4 Jiggy, which can be accumulated into a whole Jiggy when you defeat him in four different challenges.

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