List of fictional moles

List of fictional moles

This is a list of fictional moles.

Actual moles

*The Mole is a blind character from Happy Tree Friends.
* Bottles (Banjo-Kazooie), the goggle-wearing mole from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
* [ Merlin Mole] — the mascot of the Mole Valley District Council recycling scheme.
* A main character in The Wind in the Willows is a mole.
* Mole (Krtek in the original) — is an animated character in a series of cartoons, created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler.
* Monty Mole — a species of mole featured in the Mario series of video games.
* Monty Mole — the title character in a series of games for the Commodore 64.
* "Dramole" a mole monster from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
* "Artistmole" from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
* "Moleman" from "Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue"
* "Terramole" from "Power Rangers Ninja Storm
*Edgar Mole in Once Upon a Forest.
*Moe the Mole in Ox Tales
*Morocco Mole- Sidekick of Secret Squirrel.
* Muddy Mole — the main character from the Game Boy game "Mole Mania".
* Mr. Resetti, a mole from the Animal Crossing series, and the only mole in the series (besides his brother, Don, who occasionally takes Resetti's place in the Animal Crossing for the GameCube). He burrows up from below solid rock with a pick and admonishes you for resetting the game; the Animal Crossing series is meant to be played in real-time and as such resetting is considered to be cheating.
* Mole Playing Rough, an enemy from the Super Nintendo game "EarthBound".
*Bracken and Rebecca (and many dozens of other mole characters) from the book series "The Duncton Chronicles" and "The Book of Silence" which starts with the book "Duncton Wood" by William Horwood.
*Moley (Role Mole), a character in Hello Kitty.
*Henk The father of Alfred, from the Dutch TV-series "Alfred J. Kwak"
*The many moles from the Redwall series.
* Mr S. F. Mole — the mascot of Durham University Scout and Guide Group

Burrowing mammals with a similar appearance to moles

* of burrow using a technique called earthbending.
*Diglett and its evolved form Dugtrio from the Pokémon series of video games and shows. Both look bit like moles, but is more cylindrical like Whack-a-Moles.
*Chimera Mole from the Tokyo Mew Mew monstrous mole
*Grand Mole from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, a Neo Spacian mole with drills.
*Whacka, a minor character from Paper Mario, , and Super Paper Mario, bears a slight resemblance to Diglett, therefore it only has a very tenuous link with moles. It is blue and burrows out of the ground, much like Diglett. If one hits the Whacka, then a sweetbread-like lump appears called the Whacka Bump, which heals 25 HP and FP, and sells for 55 coins (on Paper Mario 2). Unfortunately, if one does it too much the Whacka sustains brain damage, with headaches and amnesia, and will eventually disappear; it is implied that it has died.

People called "Mole"

* Mole (South Park) (also Ze Mole) — a character first introduced in the movie , whose real name is Christophe.
* Adrian Mole — a teenage boy when first seen, the protagonist in a series of books by Sue Townsend.
* Digby the Human Mole — A very odd-looking boy with a large mole-like nose, who liked digging tunnels and eating. Drawn by Gordon Bell in "The Beano" spin-off comic "Plug".
* Mole Man — a villain first introduced in the Marvel Comic "Fantastic Four".
* Mole Men from the 1951 motion picure Superman and the Mole Men.
* Hans Moleman — a recurring character of "The Simpsons".
* Mole people — homeless people purported to live in abandoned New York City subways and tunnels, featured in several movies and novels.

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