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Djurgårdens Idrottsförening, more commonly known as Djurgårdens IF, is a Swedish sports club with several departments, located in Stockholm.



The club was founded in 1891 by a group of young athletes living on the royal island Djurgården in central Stockholm. With an original focus on winter sports, football and athletics, the club quickly branched into other sports, becoming one of Sweden's most successful sports clubs of the 20th and 21st century.

Today the most popular departments are ice hockey and football, with 16 and 11 Swedish national championship titles respectively. Other popular departments are bandy, handball and floorball. The club has won 418 Swedish championships through 2011.[1]


While the club has a considerable fan base all over Sweden, the strongest concentration of Djurgården fans is arguably found in the affluent urban districts of Östermalm and Vasastan (eastern and northern parts of the inner city) and in many of the suburbs of the nation's capital. In 1981 the main supporter club "Blue Saints" was formed, but due to its notorious fans and bad reputation, the supporter club changed its name to Järnkaminerna, literally "The Iron Furnices" (An old nickname for Djurgården from the 1950s). Since 2005, Fabriken is Djurgårdens TIFO group, they have 2 Ultras groups too, UCS (Ultra caos Stockholm), and Ultras Sthlm.

Djurgården is the only club in the world who is represented both in space by Christer Fuglesang and on at top of Mount Everest by Raul Helander.[citation needed]

Famous Djurgården supporters

Major departments

Other departments

  • Djurgårdens IF Amerikansk fotboll – American football department.
  • Djurgårdens IF BandyBandy department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Bordtennis – Table tennis department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Boule – Boule department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Bowling – Bowling department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Boxning – Boxing department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Brottning – wrestling department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Cykel – Cycling department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Friidrott – athletics department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Fäktning – fencing department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Golf – Golf department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Handboll – Handball department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Handikappfotboll – handicap football department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Innebandy – Floorball department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Konståkning – Figure skating department.
  • Djurgårdens IF Slalom – Slalom department.
  • Djurgårdens IF DamWomen's football department.


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