List coloring

List coloring

In graph theory, a branch of mathematics, list coloring is a type of graph coloring where each vertex can be restricted to a list of allowed colors, first studied by Vizing [1] and by Erdős, Rubin, and Taylor.[2][3][4]



Given a graph G and given a set L(v) of colors for each vertex v (called a list), a list coloring is a choice function that maps every vertex v to a color in the list L(v). As with graph coloring, a list coloring is generally assumed to be proper, meaning no two adjacent vertices receive the same color. A graph is k-choosable (or k-list-colorable) if it has a proper list coloring no matter how one assigns a list of k colors to each vertex. The choosability (or list colorability or list chromatic number) ch(G) of a graph G is the least number k such that G is k-choosable.

More generally, for a function f assigning a positive integer f(v) to each vertex v, a graph G is f-choosable (or f-list-colorable) if it has a list coloring no matter how one assigns a list of f(v) colors to each vertex v. In particular, if f(v) = k for all vertices v, f-choosability corresponds to k-choosability.


Choosability ch(G) satisfies the following properties for a graph G with n vertices, chromatic number χ(G), and maximum degree Δ(G):

  1. ch(G) ≥ χ(G). A k-list-colorable graph must in particular have a list coloring when every vertex is assigned the same list of k colors, which corresponds to a usual k-coloring.
  2. ch(G) cannot be bounded in terms of chromatic number in general, that is, ch(G) ≤ f(χ(G)) does not hold in general for any function f.
  3. ch(G) ≤ χ(G) ln(n).[5][6]
  4. ch(G) ≤ Δ(G) + 1.[1][2]
  5. ch(G) ≤ 5 if G is a planar graph.[7]
  6. ch(G) ≤ 3 if G is a bipartite planar graph.[8]

Computing choosability and (a,b)-choosability

Two algorithmic problems have been considered in the literature:

  1. k-choosability: decide whether a given graph is k-choosable for a given k, and
  2. (j,k)-choosability: decide whether a given graph is f-choosable for a given function f : V \to \{j,\dots,k\}.

It is known that k-choosability in bipartite graphs is \Pi^p_2-complete for any k ≥ 3, and the same applies for 4-choosability in planar graphs, 3-choosability in planar triangle-free graphs, and (2,3)-choosability in bipartite planar graphs.[3][9] For P5-free graphs, that is, graphs excluding a 5-vertex path graph, k-choosability is fixed-parameter tractable. [10]


List coloring arises in practical problems concerning channel/frequency assignment.[citation needed]

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