Magic bullet

Magic bullet

Magic bullet may refer to:

  • An enchanted bullet of German folklore and a feature of Carl Maria von Weber's ghostly opera Der Freischütz
  • "Magic bullet", a concept of selectively targeting a bacterium without affecting other organisms, most associated with Dr. Paul Ehrlich and syphilis research.[1]
  • The term, although derived from Dr Ehrlich, has other uses in medicinal chemistry. For example, it is written:

Most common CNS disorders are highly polygenic in nature, i.e., they are controlled by complex interactions between numerous gene products. As such, these conditions do not exhibit the single gene defect basis that is so attractive for the development of highly-specific drugs largely free of major undesirable side effects ("the magic bullet"). Secondly, the exact nature of the interactions that occur between the numerous gene products typically involved in CNS disorders remain elusive, and the biological mechanisms underlying mental illnesses are poorly understood.[2]

  • Metaphorically, the term may refer to a simple but potent solution to some acute social problem, without any adverse side effects. ("We keep hoping to find some magic bullet for our economic problems.")
  • "Magic" or "Single bullet theory", a term used to disparage the conclusion of the Warren Commission report that a single bullet caused seven wounds during the John F. Kennedy assassination
  • Hypodermic needle model, the "Magic bullet" principle in media theory
  • Magic Bullet (appliance), a compact blender manufactured by Homeland Housewares
  • Magic bullet (software), digital video film look plugin
  • "The Magic Bullet" (Angel), an episode of the television series Angel
  • Magic Bullet Productions, a Doctor Who spinoff producing company
  • Magic Bullet Trick, more commonly called the Bullet catch, is an illusion in which someone appears to catch a fired bullet.
  • Magic Bullet Records, an American independent record label.

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