List of objects in the DC Universe

List of objects in the DC Universe

A list of fictional objects and materials existing in the DC Universe.

Alien devices

* The Absorbascon: Thanagarian device used by Hawkman and Hawkwoman to learn Earth's languages.
* Apokolips Armor: Apokolips technology worn by Steel, Superman ("Elseworlds") and Rocket Red.
* Astro-Harness: Worn by Orion to create the Astro-Force.
* Astro-Discs: Discs wielded by Big Barda.
* The Birthing Matrix: held Kal-El's embryonic form, sent to Earth by his father, Jor-El.old fact
* Boom tube: interdimensional means of transport used by the New Gods.
* The Cosmic Egg came into being after the JLA and the Avengers defeated Krona --speculated to give birth to another universe.
* Green Lantern's Power Battery: which provides energy for his Power Ring.
* Mobius Chair: A device of infinite power which can traverse space and time.
* Mother Boxes: portable computers that connect the New Gods to The Source.
* Power Ring: a Ring enabled by the Green Lantern's power battery. ("see above")
* Omega Rod: a Rod wielded by the Big Barda of the New Gods.
* The Star-Saphire: used by the Zamarons to empower and brainwash their champion--enemy of Green Lantern Hal Jordan
* The Super-Cycle: a floating three-wheeler used by the Forever People (and for a short time, by Young Justice).
* The Worlogog: complete map of the entire space-time continuum, held by Metron of the New Gods
* The Yellow Power Ring: crafted by the weaponers of Qward, worn by the Sinestro Corps.
* Zetabeam: teleportation device from Rann.

uper-Powered Elements

("Powers which use scientific elements")
*Astro-Force: used by the New Gods.
*Lava Blasts: lava powers used by Geo-Force.
*Electromagnetic Fields: used by Static.
*Infinity-Beams:Energy beams used by Infinity-Man through his hands.
*Heat Vision:laser vision used by Superman.
*Omega Effect:anti-matter energy beams used by Darkseid through his eyes.
*Quantum Field Manipulation: Atomic energy conducted by Captain Atom.
*Speed Force: mystical field tapped into by the Speedsters in the DC Universe.
*Star Bolts: energy bolts shot from Starfire's fists.
*Super-Breath:Breath used by Superman and various Superheroes.
*Super-Speed:Speed used by Superman and various Superheroes.
*Super-Strength:Strength used by Superman and various Superheroes.
*X-element:Material used to power Boomtubes.

Magical items

* The Amulet of Anubis: worn by Doctor Fate.
* The Black Diamond: a crystal connected to Eclipso.
* Bracelets of the Aegis : or the Silver Bracelets of Victory are magical cuffs used by Wonder Woman.
* Cosmic Converter Belt: worn by Stargirl.
* Cosmic staff: wielded by Jack Knight.
* Cloak of Destiny: cloak worn by Dr. Fate.
* The Gauntlet of Atlas: worn by Wonder Woman.
* Golden Lasso: Magic Lasso, Lasso of Truth or Lasso of Hestia, used by Wonder Woman.
*Gravity Rod: AKA the Cosmic Rod is wielded by the first Starman, Ted Knight.
* The Green Bell of Uthool: Silver Wheel of Nyorlath and Red Jar of Calythos, used together to summon the Demons Three.
* The Helm of Nabu: also worn by Doctor Fate.
* The Medusa Mask: which grants the ability to project emotions to others, the power source for the second Psycho Pirate.
*Mystical lantern: grants powers to the villian Jack O' Lantern.
* the Necronomicon: the ultimate book of black magic, and the source of Felix Faust's power.
* Night Sword: AKA the Sword of Night, can deflect Magic. The main weapon used by Nightmaster.
* The Orb of Ra: the heart of the Egyptian God Ra, source of Metamorpho's powers.
* The Philosopher's Stone: a magical stone used by Merlin to change Jason Blood into Etrigan and later used as the primary weapon for Doctor Alchemy.
* The Sandals of Hermes: worn by Wonder Woman.
* The Scarab: which empowered the first and current Blue Beetles.
* The Spear of Destiny: once used by Hitler to prevent superheroes from invading World War II-era Germany.
* The Starheart: source of the Green Flame, contained within Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern
* The Trident of Lucifer: a weapon currently carried by the Blue Devil

Natural elements

* Kryptonite: the irradiated remains of the planet Krypton.
* The Lazarus Pit: used by Ra's al Ghul to extend his life.
* Nth Metal: native to Thanagar. Manipulates the four fundamental forces.
* Promethium: a super-strong metal used for making Cyborg's armor & Deathstroke's staff.
* Radion: is a toxic substance which affects the New Gods.

Drugs and chemicals

* Gingold: the concentrated extract of the Gingo fruit that gives Elongated Man his stretching powers.
* Krotan: a shapeshifting drug.
* Miraclo: the chemical compound developed by Rex Tyler that gives him superpowers for one hour.
* Venom: a dangerous super-steroid once used by Bane.
* Velocity 9: a dangerous super-speed drug developed by Vandal Savage.

Future Tech

* Skeets: the tiny, hovering robotic companion of Booster Gold.
* The Timeship: a vehicle for traversing the Timestream, piloted by the android Hourman.


* The Brainiac's Star Ship: Later called his Head Ship, a ship used by Brainiac with tentacles and in the shape of a skull.
* The Batcycle: A specialized motor-cycle used by Batman.
* The Batmobile: Batman's primary method of transportation.
* The Batplane: Batman's airborne method of transportation.
* The Blue Beetle Bug: Blue Beetle's method of transportation.
* The Pax Romana: Alien spaceship used by Alpha-Centurion.
* The Red bird: is Robin's vehicle of transportation.
* Whiz Wagon: a multi-terrain vehicle used by the Newsboy Legion.


*Adam Strange's Ray Gun: A specialized ray gun developed by the people of Rann. with multiple functions.
* The Batarang: a specialized boomerang used by Batman.
*Deathstroke's Staff: A staff and a type of bazooka carried by Deathstroke the terminator.
*Lobo's Chain and Hook: Main weapon used by Lobo.
*Kryptonite Ray Emitter: Used with multiple projectiles in Lex Luthor's devices.

Other items

*Adam Strange's Jet Pack: A specialized jet pack developed by the people of Rann.
* Cosmic Armor: used by Scarlet Skier
* The Cosmic Rod and Cosmic Converter Belt: built by the original Starman Ted Knight, passed down through the generations of Starmen and Star-Spangled Kids, now held by Stargirl Courtney Whitmore of the JSA.
* Cosmic Skis: a pair used by Scarlet Skier and another by the Black Racer.
* HERO Dial: which temporarily transforms people into superheroes.
* The Purple Ray: a healing device created by Baroness Paula von Gunther and used by the Amazons. It also has a "Purple Death Ray" version.
* T-Spheres: artificially intelligent mini-holographic projectors designed by the second Mr. Terrific.
* Utility Belt: a specialized belt with gadgets used by Batman.

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