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Kurt Busiek (born September 16, 1960) is a comic book writer. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in various towns in the Boston area, including Lexington, where he befriended another future comic book writer, Scott McCloud.


Busiek has worked on a number of different titles in his career, starting in 1982 with a Green Lantern #162 backup story. These include "Arrowsmith", "The Avengers", "Icon", "Iron Man", "The Liberty Project", "Ninjak", "The Power Company", "Red Tornado", "Shockrockets", "", "Thunderbolts", "Untold Tales of Spider-Man", "JLA", and (perhaps most notably) the "Marvels" mini-series followed by Homage Comics "Kurt Busiek's Astro City". As a fan, he originated the theory that the Phoenix was a separate being who had impersonated Jean Grey and therefore Jean had not died, which the editorial team later used into the comics.

In 1997, Busiek began a celebrated stint as writer of "Avengers" alongside artist George Pérez. Perez departed from the series in 2000, but Busiek continued as writer for two more years, collaborating with artists Alan Davis, Kieron Dwyer and others. Busiek's tenure culminated with the Kang Dynasty storyline. In 2003, Busiek re-teamed with Perez to create the JLA/Avengers limited series.

In 2003, Busiek began a new "Conan" series for Dark Horse Comics but has since moved on. In December 2005 Busiek signed a two-year exclusive contract with DC Comics. During DC's "Infinite Crisis" event, he teamed with Geoff Johns on a One Year Later 8-part story arc (called "Up, Up and Away") that encompassed both Superman titles. As well, he began writing the DC title "Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis" and wrote from issues 40-49. Busiek was the writer of "Superman", and was replaced by James Robinson starting from Superman#677. Busiek is currently writing a new weekly series at DC called "Trinity", starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The weekly features a 12 page main story by Busiek, with art by Mark Bagley, and a 10 page backup story co-written by Busiek and Fabian Nicieza, with art from various artists, including Tom Derenick, Mike Norton and Scott McDaniel.

Work on some of Kurt's more challenging, less mainstream projects, most notably "Astro City", has been repeatedly delayed by health problems brought about by mercury poisoning. [ [http://www.mycomicshop.com/subscriptionservice/communications?AID=50] ] [cite newsgroup
title = OT Q for Kurt
author = Kurt Busiek
date = 2001-OCT-10
newsgroup = rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe
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url = http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe/msg/ba72520202d01817
accessdate = 2007-FEB-09


Dark Horse Comics

*Army of Darkness #1-3 (Text Pieces)
**Conan The Legend
**Conan #1-28, 32, 39, 45-46
**Conan: The Blood-Stained Crown And Other Stories TPB
**Conan: The Book Of Thoth #1-4 (Also TPB Collection)
**Conan: The Frost-Giant’s Daughter And Other Stories HC, TPB
**Conan: The God In The Bowl And Other Stories HC, TPB
**Conan: The Hall of the Dead And Other Stories HC, TPB
**Conan: The Tower Of The Elephant And Other Stories HC, TPB
*The Dark Horse Book Of Monsters HC (Short Comics Story)
*The Hire #4 (Also In The Hire TPB)
*Jonny Demon #1-3
*Shockrockets: We Have Ignition TPB (Collects Gorilla Series)
*Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #1-12 (Text Pieces)

DC Comics

*Action Comics #837-843, 850, 852-854
*Aquaman: Sword Of Atlantis #40-49
*Aquaman: Once & Future TPB
*DCU Secret Files & Origins (Short Text Piece)
*Green Lantern #162, 185 (Backup Stories)
*Justice League:
**Justice League of America #224, 231, 232, 240
**JLA #61 (Backup Story)
**JLA #107-114
**JLA Secret Files & Origins 2004
**JLA: Syndicate Rules TPB
*Legend Of Wonder Woman #1-4
*Power Company:
**Power Company #1-18
**Power Company: Bork
**Power Company: Josiah Power
**Power Company: Manhunter
**Power Company: Sapphire
**Power Company: Skyrocket
**Power Company: Striker Z
**Power Company: Witchfire
*Red Tornado #1-4
*Sea Devils One-Shot (Tangent)
*September 11 Benefit Book (Short Astro City Story)
*Showcase '94 #7 (Short Comics Story)
*Silver Age: Green Lantern #1
**Superman #650-675
**Superman Annual #13
**Superman: Man Of Steel Annual #5
** #1-4
**Superman: Secret Identity TPB
**Superman: Up, Up And Away TPB
**Superman: Back In Action TPB
**Superman: Camelot Falls HC
*Tales of The Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 (Short Comics Story)
*Valor #20-23
*Wonder Woman #318
*World's Finest #308, 309


*JLA/Avengers #1-4
*Iron Lantern #1

Image Comics

*Cyberforce #?? (Backup Story)
*Kurt Busiek's Astro City #1-6
*Negative Burn Winter 2005 (Short Comics Story)
*New Shadowhawk #1-7
*Regulators #1-3
*Savage Dragon Team-Ups TPB
*Shadowhawk: Images Of Tomorrow #1
*Shadowhawks Of Legend #1 (Framing Sequence)
*Shattered Image #1-4
*Spartan: Warrior Spirit #1-4
*Velocity: Thrill Of The Chase #1-3
*Youngblood Strikefile #8 (Short Comics Story)

Marvel Comics

*Amazing Fantasy #16-18
**Avengers #0 (Wizard)
**Avengers Vol. 3 #1-15, 19-56
**Avengers Annual #19 (Backup Story)
**Avengers/Squadron Supreme '98
**Avengers 1999 (Story Concept)
**Avengers 2000
**Avengers 2001
**Avengers: The Morgan Conquest TPB
**Avengers: Supreme Justice TPB
**Avengers: Clear And Present Dangers TPB
**Avengers: Ultron Unlimited TPB
**Avengers: Living Legends TPB
**Avengers: Above & Beyond TPB
**Avengers: The Kang Dynasty TPB
**Avengers Assemble Vol. 1-4 HCs
**Avengers Forever #1-12
**Avengers Forever TPB
**Avengers/Thunderbolts: The Nefaria Protocols TPB
**Avengers/Thunderbolts Vol. 2: Best Intentions TPB
**Avengers: The Ultron Imperative ("Jam" Project)
**Avengers Vs. Thunderbolts #1-6 (Co-Writer)
*Captain America/Citizen V '98
*Darkman #1-6
*Defenders Vol. 2 #1-12
*Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine #5, 8 (Dialogue Scripts)
*Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Classic TPB
*Heroes (Page In Marvel Benefit Poster Book)
*Iron Man:
**Iron Man Vol. 3 #1-25 (#14-25 Co-Plot)
**Iron Man/Captain America '98 (Co-Plot)
**Iron Man 1999 (Co-Plot)
**Iron Man: The Iron Age #1-2
*Marvel Age Annual #1 (Pages In "Jam" Story)
*Marvel Holiday Special 1994 (Short Comics Story)
*Marvel Super Heroes #9, 12, 13 (Comics Stories In Anthology)
*Marvel Year-In-Review '92 (Short Humor Pieces)
*Marvels #1-4 (Collected In TPB & HC Form)
*Marvels: Eye Of The Camera #1-6 (Forthcoming)
*Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet
*Maximum Security #1-3
*New Thunderbolts #1-6 (Co-Plotter)
*New Thunderbolts: One Step Forward TPB
*Night Thrasher #15-18, 20, 21
*Open Space #1 (Short Comics Story)
*The Order: Defenders Against The Earth #1-6
*Power Man And Iron Fist #90, 92-100, 102, 105
**Spectacular Spider-Man #176-177
**Spider-Man: Legacy Of Evil GN
**Spider-Man Team-Up #7
**Spider-Man Unlimited #2-5
**Spider-Man Visionaries: Kurt Busiek Vol. 1 TPB
**Spider-Man/X-Factor #1-3
*Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe TPB
*Strange Tales GN
*Tales Of The Marvel Universe #1
*Thor: Godstorm #1-3
**Thunderbolts #0 (Wizard)
**Thunderbolts #1-33
**Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings
**Thunderbolts '97
**Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning TPB
*Untold Tales of Spider-Man:
**Untold Tales Of Spider-Man #1-25
**Untold Tales Of Spider-Man '96, '97
**Untold Tales Of Spider-Man TPB
**Untold Tales Of Spider-Man: Strange Encounter
*Web of Spider-Man #81-83
*What If #13, 23, 26, 44, 46, 47, 60-62
*What The #3, 4, 8, 17 (All Short Comics Stories)
*Wonder Man Annual #1 (Backup Story)
*X-Men: Alterniverse Visions TPB

Wildstorm (Homage, Cliffhanger, Wildstorm Signature)

*Arrowsmith #1-6
*Arrowsmith: So Smart In Their Fine Uniforms TPB
*Astro City:
**Astro City: A Visitor’s Guide
**Astro City: Life In The Big City TPB, HC
**Astro City: Confession TPB, HC
**Astro City: Family Album TPB, HC
**Astro City: The Tarnished Angel TPB, HC
**Astro City: Local Heroes TPB, HC
**Astro City: Local Heroes #1-5
**Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #1-4
**Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #1-4
**Astro City Special: Supersonic
**Astro City Special: Samaritan
**Astro City Special: Beautie
**Astro City/Arrowsmith Flip Book
**Kurt Busiek's Astro City Volume 2 #1-22
**Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2 #1 3-D Edition
**Kurt Busiek's Astro City #1/2 (Homage Edition)
*The Wizard's Tale (TPB & HC)


*Darkman vs. Army of Darkness #1-4
*Mickey Mouse #16 (Lead Story)
*The Liberty Project TPB (Collects Eclipse Series)
*Ninjak Vol. 2 #1-7 (Co-Plots On #8-9, Consultation On #10-12)
*Elvira #2, 3, 5, 7 (2 Stories), 9, 10, 11, 25, 50, 100
*Elvira Mistress Of The Dark TPB Vols 1-2
*Phantom Of Fear City #4-11 (Backup Series: Tiberius Fox)
*Liberty Project #1-8
*Merchants Of Death #1-4 (Short Comics Stories)
*Miracleman: Apocrypha #2 (Short Comics Story)
*Total Eclipse Special: The Seraphim Objective #1
*Zot! #7 (Backup Story)
*Shockrockets #1-6
*Superstar: As Seen On TV
*Creepy #2 (Short Comics Story)
*Creepy Fear Book (Short Vampirella Story)
**Vampirella/Cain Flip Book (Reprints Creepy Fear Book Story)
**Vampirella: The Dracula War TPB (Reprints Material From "Monthly")
**Vampirella: Morning In America #1-4
**Vampirella's Summer Nights (3 Short Comics Stories)
**Vampirella "Monthly" #1, 2
*Metal Hurlant #1 (Short Comics Story)
*Redhand Vols. 1-2 (Graphic Album Series)
*Superstar: As Seen On TV (Ashcan)
*Spirit: The New Adventures #4 (Short Comics Story)
*Ultraverse Premiere #4, 6, 7 (Short Comics Stories)
*Icon #11
*Static #12
*Newer York (Story In Prose SF Anthology Edited By Lawrence Watt-Evans)
*Hotter Blood (Short Story In Prose Horror Anthology Edited By Jeff Gelb)
*Spider-Man: Goblin Moon (Novel; W/Nathan Archer)
*Satan's Six #4 (Backup Story)
*Silver Star #1
*Teenagents #1-4
*Topps Comics Presents #0 (Two Short Stories)
*Victory #1
*Jell-O Man #1 (Short Comics Story)
*Real Ghostbusters Magazine Winter 1991 (Short Comics Story)
*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine Winter 1992 (Prose Story)
*Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Magazine #1 (Short Comics Story
*Wizard Presents Astro City #1/2


Busiek's work has won him several awards in the comics industry, including the 1998 and 1999 "Comics Buyer's Guide" Awards for Favorite Writer, with additional nominations in 1997 and every year from 2000 to 2004. He has also received numerous Squiddy Awards, having been selected as favorite writer four years in a row from 1995 to 1998, and as a member of the favorite creative team for 1996, 1999, and 2003. In the Squiddy Awards, he was also named the favorite poster (among professional comics creators) to the rec.arts.comics.* newsgroups five years in a row from 2000 through 2004.



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* [http://www.astrocity.us Busiek's Homepage]
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