Trinity (comic book)

Trinity (comic book)

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imagesize= 250
caption= Promotional art for "Trinity", by Mark Bagley.
publisher = DC Comics
date = June 2008 - June 2009
run=52 weekly
Wonder Woman
writers =Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza
artists =Mark Bagley, Scott McDaniel, Tom Derenick, Mike Norton and others
hatnotes=This|the 2008 - 2009 limited series|Trinity (comics)

"Trinity" is the title of a weekly comic book limited series published by DC Comics that debuted during the first week of June, 2008.


The series was the "mystery project" which had been mentioned by Busiek previously and was his reason for leaving Aquaman. [ [ Dan Didio Talks Trinity - Dc'S New Weekly - Newsarama ] ] Much like 52, the series will be 52 issues and self-contained. There will, however, be repercussions that are felt throughout the lead heroes' solo ongoing titles and vice versa.

One of the differences between "Trinity" and earlier weekly comics is that it features two stories: the first, a twelve pages lead story by Busiek and Bagley and the second, a ten page backup by Busiek and Fabian Nicieza while Tom Derenick, Scott McDaniel, Mike Norton [ [ What's up with Mike?] ] and others, work on the art. [ [ Comic Book Resources - CBR News: Busiek Tackles DC’s Big Three in Weekly "Trinity" ] ] The book marks Bagley's DC debut, after leaving a long tenure at Marvel which included 110 issues of "Ultimate Spider-Man".


Busiek first pitched the idea in 2006 to Dan DiDio following the announcement of "52". His initial pitch involved a 12 page weekly book in which the first 7 pages were focused on an ongoing story with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and the remaining 5 pages were used to promote the rest of the line. The book was planned to follow up "52", however it wound up being pushed back a year, and developing into a full 22 page book with two stories, and the promotional idea being dropped. [ [ THE TRINITY SESSIONS: PART 1 - KURT BUSIEK - NEWSARAMA ] ]

tory (as of Week 4)

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are all experiencing the same dream. The dream is of someone screaming to be let out. After determining that none of the other heroes are having them, they reason that someone is attacking them directly. They start to hear the voice in the waking world too.

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fight off an alien invasion from unknown origins. Morgaine and Enigma both watch their activities surprised at their reaction. Batman receives an alert from John Stewert after he was attacked by Konvikt.

The Justice League arrives to take on Konvikt. Konvikt holds his own. Though a valiant effort, the Justice League is no match for Konvikt's power. Morgaine and Enigma watch the battle amazed at the chemistry between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Superman goes head to head with Konvikit, who is able to knock Superman out with one punch.

Wonder Woman attempts to take down Konvikt. Superman regains conciousness and attempts to negotiate with him to stop the violence, to no avail. The Justice League continue to render aid to helping people escape the destruction. Morgaine and Enigma continue to watch in amazement the three heroes and their connection with each other. During the fight, Batman has slipped off to somewhere. Konvikt's hair hardens to an armor-like form. The Justice League continue to evacuate the people. Wonder Woman is branded by unknown parties. Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to keep Konvikt occupied, buying Batman some more time. Batman discovers a ship that has crashed landed & discovers that it is a prison ship, Konvikt's ship. Graak waits to take on Batman.


A half-metal face man appears before Morgaine le Fay proposing an alliance. It is revealed that neither he nor Morgaine are responsible for those dreams and that they too are having the same dreams. They determine that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are at the heart of the matter and the glance into the future, which alters due to ripples in the universe, which centre around Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They decide that they need to form a threesome and decide on Despero.

John Stewert confronts Konvikt. John experiences a strange new manifestation of power. Distracted, John is taken out by Konvikt, while the air force arrives to fight him.

A woman named Tarot uses her abilities to read the future for people. On the way home, she runs into Jose Delgado, aka. Gangbuster. Tarot is confronted by former boyfriend about doing a reading for them, but she refuses and is chased by his gang. Jose runs after her to help, but before he can get to her, the gang members are attacked by unknown assailants. Tarot returns home sensing that she has an important destiny.

Tarot attempts to make a reading as to what her future might be and discovers that she might be responsible for the end of the world. While she sleeps, she dreams of Despero. Jose calls Tarot to see if she's alright. Members of the MVG's hires three villains to bring Tarot in.


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