Sea Devils (comics)

Sea Devils (comics)


caption=Cover to Sea Devils #21.
Art by Howard Purcell
team_name=Sea Devils
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Showcase" #27 August (1960)
creators=Robert Kanigher (writer)
Russ Heath (artist)
base=Windward Home
members=Biff Bailey
Dane Dorrance
June Watson
Nicky Watson Miguel
The Sea Devils are a team of characters in comics published by DC Comics. They are a team of conventional (non-superpowered) adventurers, in undersea adventures. They were created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Russ Heath (thru issue #10).

Fictional team biography

The team was introduced in "Showcase" #27 (July-August 1960)-29 (November-December 1960). They get their own title which lastes 35 issues (1961-67).

The team consisted of leader Dane Dorrance, Biff Bailey, Judy Watson (Dane's girlfriend), Nicky Watson (Judy's younger brother). During a one issue crossover story with the Challengers of the Unknown in "Challengers of the Unknown" #47 they fight the criminal group known as Scorpio. The team also has affiliated allies called the International Sea Devils: Molo from Africa, Sikki from India, and Miguel from South America. They also sometimes team up with a green skinned Atlantean man they called the "Man-Fish", and diving students they called the "Tadpoles".

More than ten years after the cancellation of their title, the team takes a small part in the defeat of an alien invasion in "Showcase" #100 (May 1978). Then, Dane and Judy (now married) help out Christopher Chance, the Human Target in "Detective Comics" #486 (October-November 1979).

The Sea Devils (usually only Dane) later appear as part of the Forgotten Heroes team.

They help in another alien invasion, this time by the Apellaxians. They assist in entrapping a group of 'Mercury' aliens, assisted by Aquaman and Cave Carson.

Current status

The Sea Devils resurface in "" #42 as the defacto paramilitary guardians of Windward Home. Jim Lockhart the Red Torpedo, and Elsa Magnusson, widow of Mark Merlin are the administrators of Windward.

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