Deep Blue (comics)

Deep Blue (comics)


caption =Deep Blue from Aquaman vol. 5 #24,
art by Jim Calafiore
character_name =Deep Blue
publisher =DC Comics
debut ="Aquaman" vol. 5 #23
(August 1996)
creators =Peter David (writer)
Jim Calafiore (artist)
alter_ego =
full_name =Debbie Perkins
species = Half-Atlantean
homeworld =
alliances =
partners =
aliases = Indigo
supports =
powers = Able to breathe underwater, superhuman strength, control and resize sea life.

Deep Blue is a fictional DC Comics superhero, and the half-sister of Aquaman (Orin). She first appears in "Aquaman" vol. 5 #23 (August 1996), and was created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore.

Fictional character biography

Debbie's mother Miya Shimada continued her relationship with Neptune Perkins after the war, but at some point met a man who called himself Rhomus. Rhombus was in fact only the human host for a sentient gemstone (not unlike the black diamond that houses Eclipso; shaped like a rhombus, naturally).


Rhombus took human form and seduced Tsunami and by all accounts, he believed that he and Miya conceived her daughter, Debbie. After Debbie's birth, Rhombus revealed its/his sinister side and attacked Tsunami. Miya defeated him with the aid of the ancient Atlantean sorcerer, Atlan (father of Orin (Aquaman) and Orm Marius Ocean Master). Atlan stripped the gem from its host and banished it to space. Atlan and then also imbued Tsunami with new powers and renewed youth. (Atlan used a similar serum to extend he and his brother Haumond's lives for millennia. "Atlantis Chronicles" #7) Tsunami would now be able to sense the Rhombus' presence and was better equipped to defeat him. ("Aquaman" vol. 5 #39) Many years later, Atlan himself would resurface claiming to be Debbie's father (making her Aquaman's sister). (Ibid #59)

Tsunami never did, in so many words, claim that Rhombus was Debbie's father, but she was fairly clear that Perkins was not the father. Miya allowed both Neptune and Debbie to believe they were father and daughter. (Ibid #24) She first appeared during Aquaman's call to unite all the undersea nations, codenamed Deep Blue. ("Aquaman" vol. 5 #23)


After this Deep Blue became an ally to her half brother Aquaman and the Sea Devils and was briefly captured by Black Manta. (Ibid #28-30) When Rhombus the man who believed he was her father reappeared, he captured Debbie and Tsunami sensed his arrival immediately. As fate would have it, Neptune Perkins was also nearby during the attack. Rhombus' nearly killed his supposed daughter but the attack reunited her estranged family. Surprisingly, it was Aquaman's son, Koryak who destroyed Rhombus. (Ibid #38-39) There were sparks of romance between Debbie and Koryak, but this affair never took flight, as Koryak died during the Crisis. ("Aquaman" vol. 6 #38)

Both mother and daughter were on hand again to help Orin against Dr. Polaris and Maxima. ("Aquaman" vol. 5 #40-41) Deep Blue was also kidnapped along with her new friend Power Girl by the mercenaries called the Body Doubles. ("Body Doubles" #2-4)


Debbie is a free spirit who is very open with her feelings. When Aquaman failed in a reconciliation with his ex-wife, Mera, Debbie apparently took interest in him and relocated from her sunken luxury liner home to Atlantis. She also began insisting to be called Indigo. ("Aquaman" #55) While the two grew grew closer, Aquaman's father Atlan exclaimed that Debbie was the king's half sister. Atlan asserted that he was in fact Debbie's father, but would not elaborate. She followed him through a portal and exited from Aquaman's life. (Ibid #60)

Both Miya and Debbie appears now and again in times of need. Their fates since the destruction of Atlantis is unknown.

Powers and abilities

*Debbie can breathe underwater and has moderate superhuman strength.
*She was born with blue skin and cannot breathe out of water.
*She can control sea life if she touches it.
*She also has the ability to temporaily increase the physical size and mass of aquatic fauna once she touches them.


* "Aquaman" vol. 5 #28-30, 34, 38-41, 50, 55-57, 59
* "Body Doubles" #2-4

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