Topic outline of technology

Topic outline of technology

Technology refers to all tools and procedures. It is the state of knowledge and development at any given time on controlling our surroundings, and includes all tools (utensils, devices, machinery, inventions, and structures), all methods (skills, processes, and techniques), and all applied materials (both raw and manufactured). In the most general sense, technology is Man's ability to control Nature.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to technology:

The nature of technology

* High technology
* State of the art
* Technological convergence
* Technology tree

The components of technology

* Knowledge
** Engineering
** Procedure
** Process
** Science
** Skill
* Tools
** Utensil
** Equipment
** Invention
** Machinery
** Structures (buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams, etc.)
** Man-made systems (see system)
* Infrastructure
** Public utility

Advancement of technology

* Emerging technologies
* Best Available Technology
* Developing country
* List of emerging technologies
* Innovation
* Invention
* Inventor
* Technological superpowers

Technological philosophy and theory

* Alternative technology
* Appropriate technology
* Assistive technology
* Bachelor of Technology
* Best Available Technology
* Business Technology Management
* Clean technology
* Differential technological development
* Disruptive technology
* Doctor of Technology
* Dual-use technology
* Educational technology
* Environmental technology
* Ethics of technology
* General Purpose Technology
* Geospatial technology
* Golden hammer
* High technology
* High-tech architecture
* History of science and technology (field)
* Humanism
* Industrial design
* Intellectual property (ownership of technology)
* Inventive step and non-obviousness (patentability requirements)
* Knowledge economy
* Low-technology
* Open Space Technology
* Participatory technology development
* Patent (ownership of technology)
* Posthuman
* Product design
* Technics
* Science and technology studies
* State of the art
* Strategy of Technology
* Technological change
* Technological convergence
* Technological determinism
* Technology development
* Technological escalation
* Technological evolution
* Technological fix
* Technological literacy
* Technological momentum
* Technological rationality
* Technological singularity
* Technological warfare
* Technology acceptance model
* Technology and society
* Technology alignment
* Technology demo
* Technology education
* Technology forecasting
* Technology governance
* Technology hype
* Technology Integration
* Technology lifecycle
* Technology readiness level
* Technology roadmap
* Technology shocks
* Technology strategy
* Technology transfer
* Technology tree
* Terminator Technology
* Transhumanism

Branches of technology

High tech sectors

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* Aerospace technology
* Biotechnology
* Information technology
* Nanotechnology
* Robotics
* Underwater technology

History of technology

:"Main articles: History of technology and Timelines of technology"

* Man vs. Technology

Technological ages

* Stone Age
* Bronze Age
* Iron Age
* The Renaissance
* Industrial Age
* Information Age

History of technology by era

* Ancient Roman technology
* Medieval technology
* Industrial revolution
* Second Industrial Revolution
* Technology during World War I
* Technology during World War II

History of technology by region

* Ancient Roman technology
* Science and technology in ancient India
* Science and Technology in the Ottoman Empire
* Science and technology in the Soviet Union
* United States technological and industrial history

History of technology by field

* History of invention
* History of aerospace
* History of artificial intelligence
* History of agriculture
* History of agricultural science
* History of architecture, timeline
* History of biotechnology
* History of cartography
* History of chemical engineering
* History of communication
** History of computing, timeline
** History of computer science
** History of computing hardware
** History of the graphical user interface
** History of hypertext, timeline
** History of the Internet, Internet phenomena
*** History of the World Wide Web
** History of operating systems
** History of programming languages, timeline
** History of software engineering
* History of electrical engineering
* History of energy development
* History of engineering
* History of health science
* History of industry
* History of library and information science
* History of microscopy
* History of manufacturing
** History of the factory
** History of mass production
* History of materials science, timeline
* History of measurement
* History of medicine
* History of motor and engine technology
* Military History
** History of military science
** History of warfare
*** List of battles
*** List of wars
* History of transport, * timeline

Technology awards

* National Medal of Technology
* Nobel Prize

Technology scholars

Some influential scholars and historians of technology:
* Lewis Mumford

Leaders in technology

Some people who have made a major impact on the development of technology, and through their technological developments and leadership, upon society and the way we live:
* George Eastman - photography (roll film)
* Thomas Edison - communication (telegraphy and telephony), mass media (film, audio recordings), and energy production and distribution
* Raymond Kurzweil - optical character recognition (OCR), text-to-speech synthesis, speech recognition technology, and electronic keyboard instruments
* Nikola Tesla - energy production and distribution (AC power), mass media (radio)
* Alexander Graham Bell - communication (telephony)
* Bill Gates - computer software

Technology lists

* List of basic technology topics
* List of inventions
* List of inventors
* Timelines of technology

See also

* List of "ologies"


* Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
* McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
* Technology and Culture
* Technological Forecasting and Social Change
* Technology Review

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*cite paper | author=Ambrose, Stanley H. | title=Paleolithic Technology and Human Evolution | publisher="Science" | date=2001-03-02 | url= | accessdate=2007-03-10

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