Topic outline of music

Topic outline of music

Music is a human expression in the medium of time using the structures of sounds or tones and silence. It is expressed in terms of pitch, rhythm, harmony, and timbre.

The following topic outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to music:

General topics

Music theory –
Musical acoustics –
Band (music) –
Composition –
Ensemble –
Genre –
Instrument –
Keyboard –
Mode –
Musician –
Music and politics –
Music history –
Music lessons –
Music technology –
Musical notation –
Musical terminology –
Tuning –
History of music

Music industry topics

Album –
Compact disk (CD) –
Compact Cassette –
Concert –
Concert tour –
Grammy Awards –
Music recording sales certification –
Performance –
Record –
Record industry –
Recording studio


:A&R – ASCAP – Arranger – Band manager – Booker – BMI – Composer – Copyright collective – MCPS – Musical ensemble – Musician – Musicians' Union – publisher – PRS – Record label – Record producer – Record distributor – Road crew ("roadies") – Singer – Songwriter – Performance rights organisation – Tour promoter


:"Main articles: Musical ensemble and list of musical ensembles"

Band – Choir – Concert band – Duet – Marching Band – Orchestra – Quartet – Quintet

Genres of music

:"Main articles: Musical genre and List of musical genres"

Examples of genres:
Blues –
Classical –
Country –
Dub –
Electronic –
Electronic dance –
Electronica –
Funk –
Gospel –
Hip hop –
Jazz –
Latin American –
Melodic –
Pop –
Progressive rock –
Rapcore –
Reggae –
Rap –
Rhythm and blues –
Rock –

Music by region

Musical compositions

Types of musical pieces and compositions

:Single-movement forms: Strophic form (AA...) – Binary form (AB) – Ternary form less often tertiary (ABA) – Arch form (ABCBA)

:Multi-movement forms: Ballet – Cantata – Chorale – Concerto – Dance – Etude – Fantasia – Fugue – Mass – Opera – Oratorio – Prelude – Requiem – Rhapsody – Sonata – Suite – Symphonic poem – Symphony

Sections of a piece or composition

:Introduction – Exposition – Recapitulation – Verse – Refrain (chorus) – Conclusion – Coda – Fadeout – Bridge – Interlude

Musical notation

: "Main article: Musical notation" "See also: Modern musical symbols and Sheet music."

* Staff
** Clefs
** Key signature
*** Key
** Time signature
*** Beats
** Bars (Measures)
** Ledger lines
* Grand staff
* Notes
** Note values
** Dotted notes
** Ties
* Accidentals
** Tempo
** Dynamics
* Lyrics (included on vocal music)
* Score (for ensembles)

Variations of musical notation

* Percussion notation
* Figured bass
* Lead sheets
* Chord charts
** Shape note system

Musical skills and procedures

Absolute pitch –
Ear training –
Fingering –
Learning music by ear –
Modulation –
Numerical sight-singing –
Practice –
Relative pitch –
Sight reading –
Transposition –
Tuning –

Vocal ranges

Female ranges

:Soprano – Mezzo-soprano – Contralto

Male ranges

:Boy soprano :Sopranist – Alto – Tenor – Baritone – Bass-baritone – Bass


:"Main articles: Musical instrument and List of musical instruments"

Wind instruments –
LamellOphones –
Percussion instruments –
String instruments –
Voice –
Electronic instruments –
Keyboard instruments

"See also the" List of musical instruments by Hornbostel-Sachs number

Music-related lists

* Glossary of musical terminology
* List of Music Genome Project attributes

External links

* [ - Video Music]
* [ The Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary] , with definitions, pronunciations, examples, quizzes and simulations
* [ The Music-Web Music Encyclopedia] , for musicians, composers and music lovers
* [ Dolmetsch free online music dictionary] , complete, with references to a list of specialised music dictionaries (by continent, by instrument, by genre, etc.)
* [ Musico-Dico] , a little music encyclopedia.
* [ "On Hermeneutical Ethics and Education: Bach als Erzieher"] , a paper by Prof. Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz in which he explains the history of the different views hold about music in Western societies, since the Ancient Greece to our days.

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