Gagarin (disambiguation)

Gagarin (disambiguation)

Gagarin ( _ru. Гагарин), or Gagarina (feminine; Гагарина), is a Russian surname and may refer to:

*Andrey Gagarin (1855-1920), Russian prince, scientist, and inventor
*Anna Gagarina (1777-1805), mistress of Emperor Paul of Russia
*Pavel Gagarin (1789-1872), Russian prince and statesman
*Gagarin family, a Rurikid princely family — includes reference to:
**Prince Nikolai Gagarin (1784-1842), Russian soldier and politician
**Prince Grigory Gagarin (1810-1893), Russian painter
*Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968), the first man to travel in outer space

*Gagarin, Russia, a town in Smolensk Oblast, Russia, named after Yuri Gagarin
*Gagarin, Armenia, a town in Armenia
*Gagarin, Uzbekistan, a town in Jizzakh Province, Uzbekistan
*Gagarin Square, a square with a monument to Yuri Gagarin in Moscow, Russia

*Gagarin (crater), a far-side lunar crater, named after Yuri Gagarin
*1772 Gagarin, an asteroid, named after Yuri Gagarin
*Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet surveillance ship

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