Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Infobox Protected area
name = Lake Mead National Recreation Area
iucn_category = V

caption =
locator_x = 45
locator_y = 100
location = Mohave County, Arizona & Clark County, Nevada, USA
nearest_city = Las Vegas, Nevada
lat_degrees = 36
lat_minutes = 00
lat_seconds = 35
lat_direction = N
long_degrees = 114
long_minutes = 47
long_seconds = 48
long_direction = W
area = 1,495,665.69 acres (6 053 km²)
established = October 13, 1936
visitation_num = 7,819,984
visitation_year = 2004
governing_body = National Park Service, Bureau of Reclamation

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is located in southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona. The centerpieces of the National Recreation Area are it's two large reservoirs: Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. These lakes cater to boaters, swimmers, sunbathers, and fishermen while the surrounding desert rewards hikers, wildlife photographers, and roadside sightseers. Three of America's four desert ecosystems — the Mojave desert, the Great Basin desert, and the Sonoran Desert — meet in Lake Mead NRA. As a result, this seemingly barren area contains a surprising variety of plants and animals, some of which may be found nowhere else in the world.

Originally called Boulder Dam Recreation Area, it is managed under a cooperative agreement between the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management dating from October 13, 1936. The name was changed to Lake Mead National Recreation Area on August 11, 1947.About 20,000 acres (81 km²) of the recreation area overlap with Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, proclaimed in 2001. Water covers 186,000 acres (756 km²) of the recreation area.

The Hoover Dam, which was completed in 1935 creating Lake Mead, is located within Lake Mead NRA. Tours of the dam and the Hoover Dam Visitor Center are managed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

Boating Facility Features

* Boats To Rent
* Motors To Rent
* Licenses For Sale
* Groceries
* Gas and Oil
* Tackle and Equipment
* Live Bait Fish
* Restaurants
* Lodging
* Swimming
* Any Motor Size
* Launching Area
* Waterskiing
* Boat Trailer Parking
* Paved Access
* Gravel Access
* Dirt Access

Fish Species

* Largemouth Bass
* Striped Bass
* Crappie
* Sunfish
* Catfish (Channel)
* Carp
* Bullfrogs

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