Marin Barleti University

Marin Barleti University
Marin Barleti University
Universiteti Marin Barleti

Seal of Marin Barleti University
Established 2005[1]
Type Private
Rector Marenglen Spiro[2]
Location Tirana, Albania
Campus 2

Marin Barleti University or UMB (Albanian: Universiteti Marin Barleti) is a private institution of higher education in Albania named after the 15th century historian/humanist, Marin Barleti, author of the historic account on the Skanderbeg epics. The university was established in 2005 by Marin Barleti Ltd, which is part of DUDAJ Group.

Its campus is in Tirana National Park and has facilities such as a sports yard and cafeteria which provide for the student's social lives.

The university offers majors and minors in fields such as information technologies, business law, marketing, international business, international relations, management, public administration, English, and social psychology. It provides library and computing and networking resources, and major campus buildings are wired to the university network.

As part of the Dudaj Group, MBU offers students the opportunity to practice their knowledge through internships or summer jobs at business activities of the group. MBU provides financial aid schemes to admitted students which can be merit based scholarships, employment schemes and awards.



Marin Barleti University (MBU) was established in 2005 by Marin Barleti Ltd, which is part of DUDAJ Group. Its mission is to raise the standards of a higher level of education within Albania. It is a fully accredited higher education institution.


The university is governed by a board of some of the most respected names in Albanian, including the former president of the country, Rexhep Mejdani. Part of Marin Barleti University Board includes Sabri Godo,[3] Ermelinda Meksi,[4] Edmond Spaho,[5] Artan Fuga,[6] [7] Luan Omari,[8][9] and Paolo Rago.


The university has three main faculties: Economics, Human Sciences, and Law. They form the core of programs and aim at being a guiding force for the Albanian society by nurturing young minds to achieve their full potential by helping them get prepared for great careers. The university also offers Master's degree studies as part of the graduate program. Research and professional Master degrees are offered.

Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business is divided into three departments: Department of Management, Department of Finance and Accounting, and Department of Applied Mathematics

This Faculty awards Bachelor degrees, such as manager, financier-accountant, mathematician-administrator [manager], mathematician-financier and minors in the fields of management, marketing, finance and accounting, information technology

Dean of Faculty is Prof. Dr. Jorgji Bollano.


Faculty of Humanities, based on a combination of credits for major subjects (30%), special and elected subjects (45%), and minor (25%), is highly recommended for students with an inclination to social studies and a willingness to work with groups in need or aspiring to undertake a political career.

Faculty of Humanities is divided into five departments: Modern Languages, Law, Political Sciences, Psychology, and Sociology.

Bachelor’s degrees are offered in areas such as philologist, jurist, political scientist, psychologist, sociologist etc., with minors in modern languages (English, German, French, etc.), communication (mass media), business right, international relations, public administration, social psychology etc.

Dean of Faculty is Prof. Dr. Luan Omari.

Institutes and centres

Research and Development Institute Barleti

The institute aims to become a centre of excellence for multi- and inter-disciplinary research studies in social, economic, scientific and technological fields. It's also a forum where the business meets academia, the public policies on sustainable development are debated among policy- and decision-makers, academics and civil society; and where young people can become important partners and resources for the community.

The mission of the institute is to provide the necessary infrastructure:

  • To foster and to support the multi and interdisciplinary research and scientific activities of the MBU and other organizations,
  • To enable the development of standards and acquirement of the knowledge, skills and competences, for all those in charge with administrative work, in particular with management, in order to become efficient, successful and to progress in their career,
  • to be transformed into a centre of partnership with the business community by the promotion of entrepreneurial capacities and the creation of a competitive and innovative model for the enterprises, as well as to exploit all the potentials of the young people, and of entire community, by their direct involvement and contribution in different projects on the benefit of the community.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

University Marin Barleti aspires to strengthen its teaching and learning to become a center of academic excellence in the region. It is committed to provide a learning-centered environment to prepare graduates and postgraduates who will demonstrate knowledge, skills and attributes in accordance with internationally recognized standards of achievement.

To contribute to its aim and enhance its efforts to advance academic excellence, the university seeks to establish a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning CETL. The Centre will:

  • act as a catalyst for pedagogic innovation;
  • support scholarly teaching, programme development and learning activity;
  • provide a knowledge base for excellent teaching that stimulates corporate responsibility for learning whereby scholars, practitioners and students come together to share, extend and apply their understanding of the world.

The CETL will espouse a concept of excellent teaching which, first of all, gains the attention of students and convinces them of the importance and significance of what is being taught and learned. The outcomes will be demonstrated by student engagement. The CETL will identify excellent learning as occurring when students become aware of having high expectations of their own efforts and of their teachers' efforts to deepen knowledge, extend skills and effect greater understanding. The outcomes will be demonstrated by student attainment.


Bachelor's degree

The Faculty of Economics and Business awards four Bachelor degrees:

  1. manager
  2. financier-accountant
  3. mathematician-administrator [manager]
  4. mathematician-financier

and four minors:

  1. management
  2. marketing
  3. finance and accounting
  4. information technology

The Faculty of Humanities offers six Bachelor’s degrees:

  1. philologist of modern language (English, German, French)
  2. jurist of commercial right
  3. jurist of elected profile
  4. political scientist
  5. psychologist
  6. sociologist

and four minors:

  1. modern languages (English, German, French, …)
  2. communication – mass media
  3. business right
  4. international relations
  5. public administration
  6. social psychology

Master's degree

The Master’s programs at UMB have been received with much interest from both younger students and professionals who seek to advance their careers or enter new ones in the ever-changing job market. UMB offers research and professional Master’s degrees which are made up of 60 or 120 credits respectively.

  • Research Master degree - 120 credits
  • Professional Master degree - 90 credits
  • Executive Professional Master Degree - 60 credits

Economic and business oriented Master’s degrees:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing and Business Management
  • Banking and Financial services
  • Real Estate and Insurance services
  • Leadership and Human Resources

Public Administration Master’s degrees

1. Public Policies and Administration 2. Leadership

Law School Master’s Degrees

1. Public Law 2. Business Law

Psychology and Sociology Degrees

1. Psychology 2. Sociology

Communication Master’s Degrees

1. Public Communication 2. Economic Reporting

Additional qualifications (minors)

Throughout the year, including summers, MBU offers additional qualifications (minors) in areas of great demand for social and economic development of the country and region. A minor provides sufficient qualification in one field, which can be complementary to a major (bachelor degree). The minor is conceived in a way that its 40 credits can be calculated in respective field of master and its successful completion (grade 3 C+) is considered as completion of the first year of master.

A minor creates more chances for employment and makes the bachelor more updated to meets the demands and developments of the job market. Classes for the minor may be offered part time, during P.M. hours, on week-ends, or during summers for those who want to complete it in 4 to 6 months.

  • Each minor is made up of 6-10 modules, spread over 5-6 semesters
  • As a rule, “mandatory” minor begins on second semester
  • On each semester one or two minor modules are held
  • Minor modules include 4 to 8 hour periods a week
  • Minor modules are delivered on a suitable time for all interested students

In accordance with the regulations of MBU, minor is delivered for groups of at least 8 students and is interrupted when the number of students becomes less than 5. Following this point of the regulation, minors in MBU are offered:

  • For free to all students of MBU
  • Against payment, to every interested student, who can approve through an official document that he/she is a university graduate or that he/she is attending the respective semester or is a senior.

Students can attend several minors at the same time.

The minor makes the diploma more successful:

  • Because it offers qualifications in new directions, in information technology, communication – mass media, business law, social psychology, marketing …, which are almost lacking in the job market.
  • Because of needs for qualified specialists at this stage of organization of private and public companies and administration, additional qualification through minors becomes a priority in comparison to classic diplomas. Instead of the classic diploma “financier-accountant” MBU offers “financier-accountant” with minor in “business law”, or instead of classic diploma “political scientist” MBU offers “political scientist” with minor in “public administration”, or instead of classic diploma “jurist” MBU offers “jurist” with minor in “social psychology”, etc.
  • Because successful attendance and completion of minors makes possible the postgraduate qualification of the students in other development directions too.


To register at “Marin Barleti” University for attending the academic year, summer courses or specialized courses, the student pays special tuition fees which are obligatory and are applied according to a schedule approved by university administration. Changes can be made only in special cases in conformity with university regulation.

Marin Barleti University has a special program of scholarships, financial aid and employment for students with excellent performance and those in financial need, as well as to promote students with special vocations in art, culture, sports and journalism.

Career and employment services

Marin Barleti University graduates are highly preferred in the job market because their university qualification is integrated with an in-depth of knowledge of elected minors, tailor-made for the requirements of economy, business, law, sociology, psychology and political sciences. Besides, for all students of MBU, the English language is incorporated into their university studies up to the advanced level of ESL (English as a Second Language) and ESP (English for Special Purposes) accompanied by other modern languages training.

Knowledge consolidation, diploma + minor, opens the possibility for the students to easily implement contemporary techniques and methods in entrepreneurship planning, information and management, efficient administration, financial and accounting services in conformity with fiscal legislation.

MBU students have the advantage to attend more than one minor with the same annual payment of his/her studies. Adhering this policy, the university intends to encourage full and diversified qualifications through minors, so that at the end of university studies the students can be endowed with a rich CV of experience (minors), whereby they become skilled and unrivaled counselors in big entrepreneurships, government, important private and public institutions, banks, stock exchange, insurance companies, politics, etc.

Career consulting

During studies at MBU students have the possibility to get a better idea on their future careers with help of the Career Consulting Office and books about careers in the library, as well as workshops organized by university. Likewise MBU offers possibilities to accomplish concrete, practical courses to help create direct connections with potential employers. Invitees from businesses, institutions, etc. operating in a field of study, will facilitate the provision of career information.

More about MBU

  • MBU visits you Admission Office Staff of MBU every year in spring is visiting most of the high schools of Albania. During these visits all senior high school students have the chance to get more detailed information about MBU and get answers for their queries.
  • Open days Every year MBU organizes two open days: on the second Saturday of April and on the second Saturday of September. These open days give the public the possibility to visit MBU, closely observe its infrastructure and services, make acquaintance with MBU academic staff (directly or through open lectures) and administrative staff.
  • Student tutors The MBU Admission Office regularly organizes meetings with high school students who have shown interest for MBU or other high schools in the country with which MBU has already established links. During such visits high school students can closely observe the MBU infrastructure and services, attend lectures or directly meet with the academic and administrative staff who can answer their questions.
  • Campus tours An MBU student can be at the disposal of every interested high school student who likes to get information about MBU, from someone already studying at MBU.
  • Summer schools MBU opens summer schools for its students and others.

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